This says it all…

I remember when I first started coaching I was very intimidated.  I had been crossfitting at WCF for just over a year and had been coached by some amazing coaches.  I thought, how in the world am I going to fill those shoes.  It wasn’t until someone very wise told me that I wasn’t filling anyone’s shoes, I was making my own.  I would be my own kind of coach and have my own “Amy” style of coaching.  Over 2 years later now that has shown to be true.  Here I am again intimidated by the standard that has been set by Damon, the personal stories from far more years of experience than I have and the mass amount of knowledge he somehow finds to store in that head of his.  So here’s to a new blogger and a new experience for us all.  Don’t fret too much, Damon will have a weekly appearance every Monday. Cheers!

25/Feb/2014 Tuesday WOD

single arm KB OH lunge
3×10 each arm (light weight)


7 min AMRAP
Reverse Burpees (video below)

Rest 3 mins

3 min AMRAP
Hand release push ups
SPORT: 50 strict C2B pull ups/ 4×5 each leg, single RDL with barbell
AM/PM: 10x500m row or 10x400m run (1:00 rest)…Keep pace manageable in order to negative split final 5