Mike and Bridger

Mike and Bridger

Coaches Corner: Mike McAnaul. In this new opportunity of mine to be writing the blog, I recently was giving some advice to add more humor. With that being said, I am grateful For Mike. There is never lack of humor with him around. In a time of need he is one you would turn to for a good laugh or help. He is the coach I go to first when I need a sub. I think he does an amazing job and I trust him with my classes. Here is what Mike has to say…

Recently I sat down with myself to interview, well… myself. And what I soon realized was that I was a horrible interviewer. I found myself dodging the tough questions I asked me. Between the unsolicited sexual advances and awkward pauses it got weird quick. Name calling ensued shortly after and now I can’t even make eye contact with me in passing. So instead, when Amy reminded me that it was “my week” tonight, I was cooking dinner and trying to decide what to say. I was cooking tacos for my boy and I.

Now bare with me here, this is where it gets deep. I was thinking of incorporating some ode to manliness as I try to do at least one thing manly every day . Whether it be go fishing, lift a heavy object, fix something, anything like that to turn back the wussification of modern society. As luck would have it, in preparation for dinner, I had just ground up meat from an animal that I had killed. I figure that has to register fairly high on the man­o­meter. This meat was from a Dall Sheep that I had the good fortune of harvesting this last year in the wilderness of Alaska. This trip had been a dream of mine for years. I decided to quit dreaming about it and make it happen. No one else was going to do it for me, it was up to me. Finances and other obligations were among the main excuses I made for not doing it sooner. But no more excuses, I was going, come hell or high water. Once the decision was made, it was time to prepare as this was most likely a once in a lifetime opportunity. I tailored my training specifically around the demands that would be required in the field. I was rucking at least weekly, biased my workouts towards endurance programming, and got down to my lowest body weight since I was a kid. The months of physical preparation allowed me to fulfill a dream and something I had thought I would never be able to do in my lifetime.

Why do I tell you all this? Because I want you to find something big, something you’ve always wanted to do, and make it happen. Whether it be doing your first 5k or running a full marathon; competing for the first time at a local CrossFit comp or to make it all the way to Carson. You’ll be amazed how much better your fitness will be when you dedicate yourself and have a motivator to train for. What excuses do you make right now for not chasing that goal? Squash them. One thing I’ve realized is that life never goes away. I don’t care if its work, kids, school, whatever, there will always be something. It’s ultimately up to you and as a Wasatch coach I’d love to help you catch that elusive rabbit. And then eat it of course.

3/April/2014 Thursday

Strength: In 10 mins build to heaviest hang squat snatch


21 snatch (95/65)
200 m run
15 snatch
400 m run
9 snatch
800 m run

* can be a power snatch


Sport: Airdyne 2:00 on 2:00 off for 5 rounds
Goal: 65/45 cals