Could this woman pull a truck?  Hint:  See the new poster over the kettlebells

You’ll hear a lot about the Paleo Diet from CrossFitters.  I’ve been eating from a Paleo template for the last 5 + years and at age 36 have great bloodwork and am still getting healthier and stronger.  You’ll hear similar anecdotal evidence from others who have tried it.  During the Whole30 we just did the average participant cut their bodyfat by over 2% in just 30 days and most halved the fat on their stomachs!  Having said that I want to add this:  Eating strict Paleo can be a recipe for disaster if you’re training 5+ times a week or going long.  Aside from experiencing this myself, Lorel Cordain, the originator of the term Paleo Diet and a researcher, agrees.  Here’s  a great article on how he hacks the Paleo Diet for athletes:

8/Nov/2013 Friday WOD

Trainers Choice

Run & Carry with 21-15-9

21, 15, 9 of any 2 or 3 movements combined with a run and carry of kettlebells, sandbags, med-balls, bumper plates, or whatever our awesome trainers can dream up.