Tomorrow is our annual New Year’s Day fun comp!  You can register online or just show up with $10 and do it solo or with a friend.  It’s all about a great vibe, fun with friends, and raising some money for a great cause.  Here are the details on the workouts:

$10 per person, can compete as a team of any gender mix or individually. The WCF New Year’s comp is about getting together with friends, having some fun, getting in a few hard workouts and maybe even a new PR, and raising money for a good cause.

When: New Year’s Day 10am – 2pm (ish)
Where: Wasatch CrossFit
Who: Any one who wants to come compete, have fun, and soak up the old school CrossFit vibe
How Much: $10 per person

What is it: 2 workouts that can be done as a team or individually. The judging standards will probably be lax and that’s ok, it’s about having some fun with friends and the CrossFit family. We’re also introducing something new this year – the PR platform. Starting at noon we’ll have two platforms going, one for the deadlift and one for the clean and jerk. For $1/attempt (all of which is going to a great cause) you can take as many attempts as you want at PR’ing.

What we will have: A great crowd, possibly some post wod beers, good music, and a great vibe.

What we won’t have: online scoring, big egos, nifty t-shirts, and a CrossFit Games style atmosphere. Good times with good friends is what we’re going for.

WOD #1: “Christine” 3 Rounds for time
500m Row
12 Deadlifts @ BW
21 Box Jumps

Partner version: Deadlifts done at the weight of the lighter partner. Work can be divided any way you want, rep scheme is 3 rounds of 750m row, 24 deadlifts, 42 box jumps.

WOD @ 2: “Nasty Girls” 3 Rounds for time
10 Hang Power Cleans 135/93
7 Muscle-Ups
50 Air Squats

Partner Version: Ok to hold partners feet on muscle ups and assist. Work can be divided up any way you want. Rep scheme: 3 rounds for time 20/10/75.

31/Dec/2013 Tuesday WOD – 6am and 9am only

1 rep max your choice of Overhead squat, front squat, or box squat then:

6 cleans & max burpeees in :30 every 1:30 x 6 rounds

Rest 3 Minutes

6 front squats & max Double unders in :30 every 1:30 x 6 rounds


Interval explanation:  On a 1:30 clock complete 6 reps of the prescribed movement and then as many cleans or front squats as possible in 30 seconds.  Your rest is the remaining time in the interval.  Your score is your total number of burpees and your total number of double unders.