We had 3 athletes at the CrossFit Games this weekend:  Bruce Clark who placed 7th worldwide in the 60+ category, Adrian Conway who was on the repeat Hack’s Pack Ute Affiliate champion team, and Tiffany Hendrickson who placed 31st overall as an individual competitor.

Tiffany had a tough competition.  I was proud of her indomitable will.  The biggest thing we learned is there’s a reason that 9 of  the top 10 female athletes were repeat Games Qualifiers and the 10th was an Olympic gold medalist.  The CrossFit Games isn’t a heavier/harder Regionals, it’s a whole different level.  Everyone is good and the programming is designed to test every facet of your fitness – not just the ability to move a barbell.  Experience matters and I’m proud of Tiffany’s finish and know that next year she’ll be a Games veteran and ready to make a run at the top 10 herself.

Adrian and the Ute crew wrapped up a 2nd victory and the first every team repeat.  Adrian was a monster this weekend, I don’t think I ever saw him fatigued or redlined during an event, he just kept rolling.  We’re proud of you and lucky to have you as a coach, great job!

29/July/2013 Monday WOD

Max Effort Snatch in 10 Minutes followed by CrossFit Game Sprint triplet:

21 Situps with med ball (20/14)*

15 Snatch (165/100)

9 Burpee Pullups**

*Situps can be done on floor, medball must touch floor behind you then in between your feet.

**We don’t have a wall so the closest sub to burpees over the wall is burpee pullups.