Congrats to Zach B for some great lifts in his first national meet!  Both him and Michaela lifted this weekend.  Zach PR’ed his clean and jerk on his final attempt but was called for a press-out (straightening his elbows after the lift).  400lbs will be here before you know it.  Michaela had a great meet, she finally broke the 200lb mark on the clean & jerk with her twins still less than 1 years old.  Great job you two!


21/Jul/2014 Monday WOD  “Hurry up!”

Cleans @60-65%1 rm
Run 200 m.
Sit up (abmat)
Run 200m.
*30 min amrap
**with a partner 1 athlete runs, while they run, their partner does as many cleans as possible. When athlete running returns, they switch. On the next round they do the same but with sit ups. For 30 min continue this. Score is total reps for each athlete. The faster you run the less reps your partner gets.