Coach Chiu gets ready to jerk 275lbs which for him is a fairly light lift.  Did I mention that’s he’s over 40?

Today is one of those good news/bad news days.  The good news is Coach Chiu will now be at WCF 3 days per week.  We’re finishing up 2 and 3 day per week lifting plans for intermediate and advanced lifters.  The way it will work is you’ll have a folder with lifts based on percentages of your maxes.  You can select a 2 or 3 day/week plan which is designed to be done after the CrossFit WOD and shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes, faster if you hustle.  Or if you’re like me take your time and enjoy the lifts.  For novices and beginners you haven’t actually established a true max so Coach Chiu will work with you first on technique and then on progressive loading.  We are the first and only CrossFit in Utah to have a full-time Olympic weightlifting coach and we’re blessed to have one who is especially talented at working with beginners.  We’ll be pushing out details all week on our new program.  The best news?  There’s no additional cost for members.

The bad news is we’ve lost Caleb, our Saturday coach, but on the best of terms.  He has been selected to be a sponsored athlete with Glenn Pendlay in California at California Strength.  This means he’ll basically be a professional athlete and have the resources to dedicate 100% of his time and energy to weightlifting.  Congratulations to Caleb and we’ll miss your excellent coaching.

1/May/2012 Tuesday WOD

Regionals Individual WOD #5

Every 50 seconds perform 20 double unders and one Snatch.  You then have 10 seconds to add 10lbs to the bar.

Full details on the WOD are here.  Have fun with this…get as far as you can within the time constraints and then try to keep going minus the double unders at your own pace until you reach a true max.  Record both loads to the whiteboard.