Happy Birthday Michaela! 

Michaela is a former collegiate sprinter who will be coming to WCF as a coach this January and will also be in charge of our new nutrition and food journal program.

Have fun with today’s WOD, we’ve seen some pretty epic Halloween costumes over the years at WCF, I don’t know if anyone can top CW’s glam rock outfit or Evan’s stunning rendition of the construction worker from YMCA last year.  We’ll see what today holds!

Good luck to Amy C this weekend, she’s headed up to Park City for the Crossfit Trainer cert.  Good luck Amy, you’re going to rock it!

28/Oct/2011 Friday WOD

Deadlift 3, 3, 3, 3, 3

Muscle-ups or MU Pull-throughs 4-4-4-4

Farmers carry 2 KB’s for 400m.

There is a 20 calorie penalty every time you let the KB’s touch the ground.  Record both time and number of penalties to whiteboard.

Increase weight each set on deadlifts.  Kettlebell Rx is 1.5/1


Strength:  Rest.  We’re starting a gym-wide bench press and 20RM squat cycle in November.

Endurance:  Row 2k the immediately run 1mi.