We don’t teach people how to work out – we’re in the business of changing lives!  Thank you to every one of you who has called, texted, or emailed us to let us know how great your last doctor’s visit was, how you feel better about yourself than you ever have, how great your last PR made you feel, and how much you love our community!  Wasatch CrossFit is about you getting the best out of life and we’re grateful for every single day that we get to coach, inspire, and serve our community!

I should be getting back from the High Uintah’s today assuming nobody got eaten by a bear.  If you you’ve called, texted, or emailed me I’ll get caught back up by close of business today. – Damon

12/Aug/2013 Monday WOD – Courtesy of Shoreline CrossFit

7 Min AMRAP of:
Toes to Bar
Push Press 95/65
7 Min AMRAP of:
OH Plated Lunges 45/25
Plated Burpee Hops*

*Do a burpee, jump on plate.  No clap required.

Rest 3 mins in between AMRAPs.

Your scores are your total number of rounds + partials for each workout.

– See more at: http://www.shorelinecrossfit.com/wod/#sthash.hkvRpa3D.dpuf