High level coaching 3 days a week.  Get your butt to Olympic weightlifting class!

Fitness is important.  We all love the feeling of a PR, getting our first muscle-up, getting faster/stronger/better but there’s more to this CrossFit thing than results inside the gym.  Many of you know Miranda Oldroyd, formerly owner at CrossFit 801 and now full time with CFHQ.  Recently she was in a car accident, broke her hand, and spent a week or so training with a broken neck!  Here’s her story of how her fitness saved her life:

Miranda’s Story

Olympic Weightlifting 2-6pm today

CrossFit Endurance 9am

31/July/2012 Tuesday WOD

21, 15, 9

Wall Ball 20/14

Double Unders

Rest 3 Minutes

50 Pullups

There is one time for today’s WOD…the time it takes you to complete all the work above plus the pullups.


Strength:  Back Squat 5, 5, 5 AHAP then 3×10 box loaded box stepups per leg

Endurance:  CFE of 10x100m and/or Row 5 x 1K @ Max 500 + :40 pace