Day 2 went much better for Bruce at the CrossFit Games.  On the first day his strategy of going as hard as he could out of the gates didn’t turn out to be optimal.  On Day 2 he was smart and his fitness and strengths shined through.  Both events today were considered to be “big guy” events but Bruce came out strong.  On the the push press/sled/burpee/sled/SDLHP/sled workout Bruce broke the work up into small sets and continually gathered momentum en route to a 4th place finish.  Next up were deadlifts and box jumps.  Bruce appeared to finish 4th but was clocked in at 7th which moved him up 5 places for the day up to 8th place.  Only the top 10 Masters move on to the final day and Bruce is one of them!  Thursday is a max clean and jerk followed by a rope climb chipper and I expect Bruce to continue to move up.  He’s having fun and is already plotting his return to the Games in 2014.

For Tiffany today was a day that being 5’1 wasn’t fun.  Alongside former Games champion Kristin Clever and the other diminutive athletes she PR’ed her 2K and pulled a strong half-marathon but that just wasn’t enough against the field.  We knew today wasn’t going to be great and thankfully the Games is 15 events across 4 days.  1 day and 3 events are down and a lot can happen.  Friday’s events have been announced and they look strong for Tiffany.

25/July/2013 Thursday WOD

100 Deadlifts

100 Hang Power Cleans

100 Front Squats

100 SDLHP’s

Men’s Rx:  45#  Women’s Rx:  33#

An empty bar can smoke you even worse than a heavy load.  Have fun!  You can’t partition, you must finish all reps of one movement before moving on to the next.