You’ve got to love any workout that starts with the words “Death By.”  As sinister as it sounds it’s actually not that bad.  Every minute on the minute you’ll do a rep.  Then you’ll increase the reps or the load each minute until you can’t go up any more.  If you’re still new and finish before 10 minutes then you can go back down the ladder so you get a decent amount of training volume.  These are the kinds of days that people tend to sandbag but actually need more of.  So have fun and get your butt in the gym!

Coach Chiu will be here today at 1045am, Noon, 3pm, 430pm, 530pm

Wondering about how much Protein you need?  Read this study or check comments to get the cliff notes version.

 31/May/2012 Thursday WOD

Do one pullup the first minute, two pullups the 2nd minute, 3 pullups the 3rd minute, and so on until you cannot do any more.


Do one deadlift the first minute.  Increase load by 20lbs and do another deadlift the 2nd minute.  20lb increase, another single on minute 3.  Continue until you cannot go up any more.

Men’s Starting Loads:  Gold 240lbs  Silver 200lbs  Bronze 160lbs

Women’s Starting Loads:  Gold 140lbs  Silver 100lbs Bronze 60lbs


Burly:  Do today’s WOD as deadlifts then pushups.  Do pushups as 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, etc.