In CrossFit strength is one of 10 aspects of fitness but if I ranked all 10 it would be near the top.  How is it that some people are strong like a ManBearPig but can’t squat as well as the baby pictured above?  Mobility and flexibility are also critical aspects of moving well.  How flexible should you be on a scale of Cirque de Soleil performer to either me or Dean C at 5:30am?  The answer is you should be flexible enough to move well in both CrossFit and life and maintain correct posture.  That means no anterior pelvis tilt due to sitting at a desk all day or hamstrings tighter than piano wire leading to lower back issues.  Last words of advice:  Squat like a baby.  But a baby striving for a 200# minimum for female athletes and 300# minimum for males on your Front Squat.

14/Aug/2013 Wednesday WOD

AMRAP 10 Minutes

5 Push Jerks (Male Rx:  80% BW, Women 70% BW)

3 Bar Muscle-Ups

1 Deficit HSPU (men 2×45# plates, women 2×25# plates)

Rest 3 Min

Run 800m For Time