August 4th, 2012.  The four year anniversary of the accident, (or Explosiversary – copyright Trish)
and the two year anniversary of the day I started Crossfit.  The two are similar in that they both showed me that pain is temporary, and if you can survive and even embrace the pain you’ll come away a stronger and better person. Thanks to everyone who help me make it through the pain. — Danny E

I lifted this from Danny’s Facebook page.  If you know Danny you know he’s always quick to smile, help out, or give you an encouraging word.  Despite that fact that only 50% of his sweat glands work he busts his butt to be the best he can and was a critical competitor on our 2013 Regionals Team.  I’m grateful for Danny’s selflessness and am inspired by his indomitable spirit.  Thank you for being a huge part of our community.
9/Aug/2013 Friday WOD
1 Clean & Jerk
3 Burpees
Rest :30
2 Clean & Jerks
6 Burpees
Rest :30
3 Clean & Jerks
9 Burpees
Rest :30
4 Clean & Jerks
12 Burpees
Rest :30
5 Clean & Jerks
15 Burpees
Gold:  225/153  Silver:  185/133  Bronze:  Scale as needed