Jesse goes “Nutts”

Fitness Elevated, the largest local Crossfit comp in Utah, is coming up soon.  This year will mark the first ever 2 day event.  Last year over 180 athletes competed.  You should do FE and here’s why:  It will be fun!  There will be Crossfitters of all talent levels from all over Utah and the surrounding states.  Doing comps puts your training to the test.  You’ll never approach a WOD quite the same way again…competing is the difference between “working out” and “training.”  At last years competition we had over 30 athletes.  Every one was glad they did it.  There’s only 1 workout with pullups and it’s the one we’re doing today.  The FE workouts are designed to test fitness but to be inclusive to all levels.  If you can Rx our WODs most days you can definitely do theirs.

Some people develop a wishbone where their back-bone should be.
– Anonymous

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28/Nov/2011 Monday WOD “FE WOD 5”
As Many Rounds/Reps in 10 minutes of:

  • 10 Pull-ups
  • 10 KB Swings (24/16kg, Overhead)
  • Run 200m


Strength:  Tomorrow we’re testing our front squat and bench max then we’ll be resetting for a new strength cycle

Endurance:  Row 3x400m with 1:30 rest, pace + :15 of PR 500m.  Do  10 burpees immed following each 400m.

GamesLab:  Endurance WOD plus 20 HSPU’s/10 MU’s