Today’s workout is a Fran variation.  Fran is the quintessential CrossFit benchmark workout.  Asking someone their Fran time is like asking them what their sign is.  It’s one of the those workouts that look so innocent on the whiteboard then when you’re flat on your back wondering where all the oxygen in the room went you understand how it gained it’s notoriety.

Tomorrow I’ll be posting a form for you to select your “Personal coach” from our staff.  If you don’t respond by Wednesday then we’ll assign you one and you’re always welcome to change.

4/Aug/2014 Monday WOD “Straight Through Fran”

45 Thrusters (95/63)

45 Pullups

10 Minute Time Cap

Suggested Cool-Down:  Partner row – One person rows 100m while the other practices jumping rope.  10 rounds.