Christy P, 49th overall.  Regional Qualifier.  Jackie B, 36th overall, Regional Qualifier.

The Crossfit Open has wrapped up and we did great!  WCF placed 36th overall out of over 600 teams and 4th in our Region.  1 rep was literally the difference for us as we were only 1 point ahead of the 5th place team in our Region.  It bears mentioning that the teams ahead of us all placed in the top 15 worldwide and are stacked with former collegiate athletes.  I’m proud of the work ethic our whole gym showed and the outstanding effort put forth by all.  On top our team doing well several athletes Rx’ed loads and workouts that were huge PR’s for them.

From here we’re sending 8 athletes to Regionals.  1 male & female individual qualifier and a team of 3 men and 3 women.  The top 3 individuals and top 3 teams will move on to The Crossfit Games in California this July.

3/May/2011 Tuesday WOD “Double Tabata”

Tabata Deadlifts (135/93)

Tabata DB Push Press (30/20)

Alternate each movement.  DL/PP/DL/PP, etc for a total of 16 Tabata intervals.  Your score is the sum of your lowest round of each.

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