The CrossFit Games wrapped up this weekend and several of us attended.  Tiffany competed and finished up 11th worldwide including a 1st place finish in the Muscle-Up biathlon.  Adrian attended and represented his sponsor Progenex.  I worked the CrossFit Games as a volunteer from Saturday through Thursday on what was called the “Special Assignments Team” and got to be a big part of setting up the beach workout then coached Tiffany on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Last of all, several of us attended as fans of what feels like a huge CrossFit festival.

While the Games are about finding the fittest what I took away from it is that CrossFit is about changing lives.  There were kids there who have never known anything but parents living healthy lifestyles, people freed from addiction and obesity, and literally ten’s of thousands who are healthier and more fit.  While the fitness of side of CrossFit is important the palpable sense of community is what it’s really all about.  Studies show that we live longer when we’re an active part of a community and tend to be happier and healthier.  So CrossFit hard, make friends, and have fun this week doing the 2014 CrossFit Games workouts.

30/July/2014 Wednesday WOD

Row 1000m

100 Double Unders 0r 300 Singles

Run the Loop