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Today Priscilla and I were fortunate to lift with 3x World Team member and US Olympian Kevin Winter at CrossFit Shifted.  Whenever we travel if I’ll seek out private lessons with the best coach in the area.  From a technical standpoint Kevin’s cues were simple:  He simply emphasized timing by making sure that your feet hit the platform aggressively in sync with your lockout.  That part was good.  The next part was a huge breakthrough for me:  I was snatching 135lbs like it was 135, 185 like it was 185, etc.  He wasn’t having that.  He said:  I want you to hit every single snatch with the same intensity you would a PR.  Throw that damn bar through the roof if you can!  Next thing you know I was PR’ing.  His point was that in WODs we often regulate our intensity to be as efficient as possible.  Weightlifting is different:  Rather than being efficient we want to be as explosive as possible.  It made me wonder if there were other areas that I had gotten in the habit of doing just enough rather than killing it!  I think so and if you’re the same way then I encourage you to PR today on your snatch and your row.

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28/Dec/2012 Friday WOD

Take 10 Minutes to establish a 1RM Hang Power Snatch then:

Rest as needed

Row 500 meters for time

Rest as needed

Do 30 Ring Dips for time