There really is something to jumping high, more than having natural spring in your leg, or being tall and so on. If you watch the last jump Ryan does on this video, you will see most of the work is done by lifting his legs up high and quickly under his chest. His whole body does rise, but not even half as much as his feet do. Also, in an interview Ryan talks about how he prepares mentally. He said, 1st tell your mind to shut up ,2nd see white in front of you, meaning your mind is a blank, 3rd see your task at hand and 4th perform your task. Sounds simple right? Alright lets put it to use tomorrow, good luck 🙂

16 / July / 2014 Wednesday


Build to high box jump (10 min)


Deficit deadlift (stand on plates, each set is a working)

Rest 2 mins between each set record all 5 sets on whiteboard

Run the loop at 70%