There’s training hard and training smart and they aren’t always the same thing.  Today’s WOD is about sustained effort versus short maximal sprints.  Your goal should be to pick a pace that lets you work through the whole minute without resting.  You may have noticed that we’ve been throwing in WODs lately with “motivational consequences” for breaking up the reps.  While you may curse me under your breath there’s some science behind what we’re doing.  There was a study done which showed the benefits of longer duration efforts in comparing interval training.  The link to a synopsis is below but here’s the conclusion we’re concerned with:  Within different high-intensity protocols (utilizing at least 100% VVO2max), the duration of work at high-intensity appears to have a greater impact on LT than relative intensity of the work. The study also points to the possibility that LT simply improves more effectively/significantly at lower ranges of high-intensity..  Put  simply, going at a slightly lower intensity level for a longer duration is more beneficial than higher intensity for shorter duration intervals. – Esfarjani and Laursen (2007): Lactate Threshold Response to High-Intensity Intervals

30/Nov/2011 Wednesday WOD “Deadlift Gone Bad”

With a continuously running clock do 1 minute at each of the following stations.  1 rep is 1 point.  Start at a different station each round.
Deadlift 155/103
Lunge Steps (45/33lb bar on shoulders)
Toes to Bars
Calories (Damper 0)