On Saturday Tiffany will be lifting in the American Open.  The American Open is one of two national level meets for Olympic weightlifting in the USA.  This year’s meet has over 450 lifters which makes it the largest meet ever held in the world.  In order to qualify to lift at the American Open you have to be able to lift a certain amount in the snatch and the clean & jerk.  Tiffany’s starting total is ranked 6th in the country out of over 40 lifters in her class and this is in a sport that she does only as a supplement to CrossFit.  We have several female athletes who could qualify to lift and Adrian could also post a qualifying total.  To get an idea of how difficult it is, in my weight class I’d have to clean and jerk 310lbs and snatch 250lbs while weighing 170lbs just to be the lowest ranked lifter out of around 30.  So good luck to Tiffany, if everything goes right she has a chance of finishing up on the podium.

6/Dec/2013 Friday WOD

Coach’s Choice

Short, heavy, nasty.  Then row.