OlyTeamCFUtah1OlyBruce1OlyJackie1OlyTiff1OlyMike1OlyZully1OlyDannyOlyDamonIt’s a good meet when your team breaks so many records and awards that you can’t begin to remember them all.  This weekend was a blast.  WCF lifters won 10 of 15 awards with best % on the snatch, clean and jerk, and total going to Bruce Clark, best female Sinclair going to Tiffany and many more.  Thanks to Steve for taking the great pics above and generously donating a Saturday afternoon.  Thank you to Coach Chiu for supporting our lifters as amidst the managed chaos of a 2 platform meet.

We also had a few athletes competing in the Festivus Games this weekend and I’m anxiously awaiting full details and pics.

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21/Oct/2013 Monday WOD “JT”



Ring Dips