Happy Birthday Ling!

In honor of Ling’s birthday we have created a new position at WCF:  Ling-i-dent.  It’s kind of like being President but requires a few more special qualities than the ability to throw trillions of dollars at imaginary problems.  First and foremost, to be Ling-i-dent you have to be caring.  Ling is one of those people who literally gets out of bed at 4am because she cares about her athletes and seeing them achieve their best.  Next you have to have strength of character and unassailable integrity.  If that’s not enough to get you elected then the cherry on top is a great attitude and the ability to make a mean spicy cucumber kimchi.  So Happy Birthday Ling and enjoy your new position!  New positions involve new traditions and I propose that any time someone yells out Happy Birthday to Ling she do 10 burpees whether it’s in public or the gym.  You know, for traditions sake?

Our schedule will change next week with the advent of the CrossFit Open.  Currently we have both Olympic Weightlifting and CrossFit Endurance on Thursdays.  This will change as we’ll be doing the Open WOD on either Thurs or Saturday.  I recommend structuring your training so that you’re doing Mon, Tues, Off-Wed, Thurs, Off-Fri, then Saturday if you’re planning on competing in the Open this year.

1/March/2013 Friday WOD “Happy Birthday Ling”

1 Muscle-up

10 Deadlifts

20 Pullups

30 Kettlebell Swings

40 Knees to Elbow

50 Lunges (25L/25R) with 45/25 plate Overhead

60 Double Unders