Happy Father’s day to all the dads at WCF.  I know Father’s day was yesterday but the Father’s role in the family is hugely important and I wanted to honor the Dads at WCF.  While I appreciate all things manly being a Father isn’t about machisimo.  It’s about being an example for our children:  how to love, how to work, moral strength, strength of character, and physical strength too.  Most boys learn how to treat women from watching how their Dad treats their Mom and daughters set an expectation of how they’re going to be treated based on how Dad treats them.  I learned work ethic, honesty, unconditional love, and courage from my Dad and I’m grateful every day for the example he is in my life.  Happy Father’s day, this WOD’s for you guys!

17/June/2013 Monday WOD

Warmup:  Build to heavy barbell complex of 1 deadlift*1 hang power clean*1 TNG power clean then:

3 Power Cleans

6 Pushups

6 Power Cleans

12 Pushups

9 Power Cleans

18 Pushups

12 Power Cleans

24 Pushups


Rx:  185/133  Silver:  150/103  Bronze:  115/73

Optional:  100 reps, any core movement