We had some great costumes today, please tag us in to your pictures on Facebook!

Fitness Elevated is going to sell out this year.  There are less than 40 men and 40 women’s slots left in the Open division.  You can see most of the workouts at FitnessElevated.com.  If you’ve been thinking about registering don’t wait until the last minute, you may not get a slot.

Please take a moment to read yesterday’s blog post if you haven’t already.

Last but not least, what was your stance on Halloween candy?  I had one piece and it really wasn’t that good.  Maybe if someone would hand out high quality dark chocolate instead of corn syrup crap I’d be more into it.  What’s your policy with your kids?  We’ll give ours until the end of the week and then it’s the trash can for the rest of it.

1/Nov/2012 Thursday WOD

6 Rounds for Time

5 Clean Extensions*

10 Evil Wheels

Run 200m

*Focus on vertical extension on clean pulls.  This means you do not lean back at the top…shoulders stay in line with hips and mid-foot.  Focus on smooth technique rather than fast.