This weekend Crossfit HQ will announce the first workout of the online Sectional.  Everyone is encouraged to register, it’s only $10 for all 6 weeks.  Every week CFHQ will announce a WOD which we’ll do at WCF Thursday and/or Saturday.  You then submit your results online and we sign off on the range of motion and loading.  The Affiliate that registers the most athletes gets free tickets x 2 to the Crossfit Games.  We sent the most to Fitness Elevated, let’s do it again here.  You’ll be able to benchmark yourself against everyone in our Region and in the “Crossfit World.”  Full details can be found at

Beyond the Whiteboard is live!  Our workouts will be loaded every day and you can login and input your results.  BTW will track your results, weight, measurements, they’ve even got some tools around meal tracking.  Best of all it’s free to WCF members.

9/March/2011 Tuesday WOD

  • 21, 15, 9
  • Dumbbell Thrusters 30/20
  • Pullups
  • Run 400m after each couplet.

Log your results at BeyondTheWhiteboard.