Mike M will be coaching our 7am Christmas Eve WOD, Thank you Mike!

Here’s our Holiday schedule, it’s starts on Friday the 23rd and runs through Friday December 30th.

6am, 9am*, 11am, 4pm*, 6pm.

* – Will have child care

Merry Christmas and I hope your Holidays are filled with abundance, love, and a minimum of junk food.


20/Dec/2011 Tuesday WOD

Build to 1RM Power Clean then:

6 Power Cleans/Minute for 10 minutes.  Try for 70% of 1RM

Then:  50 Hand-Release Pushups

Post 1RM & Interval load to whiteboard.


Burly:  3×10 ATG Back Squats @ 60% of 1RM FS

Endurance:  Run 5K.  If pollution too bad, row 5K.

GamesLab:  Do Pushups, then 20 Weighted Pullups, 25/25 on GHD