Pistol progressions – On the road to Rx’ed!

How’s your Whole30 going?  Are you suffering from sugar withdrawal?  Feeling like a million bucks?  Down a couple pounds already?  Or starving like a ravenous wolf?  It’s important to differentiate between the discomfort of food cravings and the feared “DoingItWrong” syndrome.  There are really only two ways to do the Whole30 wrong besides not following the rules:  Not eating enough calories, especially good fats and starch.  If you feel like you haven’t been full all week then this is you.  Add in more olive oil, avocados, eggs with yolks, coconut oil, and nuts and seeds.  The 2nd way to go it wrong is to get so focused on your protein intake that you forget that the bottom of the Paleo food pyramid is veggies!  By now, if this is your first Whole30, you should be thinking to yourself:  I’ve never eaten this many vegetables in my life!  Check out our Facebook page (friend Wasatch CrossFit, then join the Whole30 group) for daily tips, foodpics, and recipes and make sure you connect with someone else doing this challenge.

27/Sept/2013 Friday WOD

3 Rounds for Load and Time

Push Jerk x 10

Max Handstand hold on wall

Rest as needed

2 Rounds for Load and Time

Strict Press x 10

Max Chin-over-bar hold (top of pullup)

1 Round for Load and Time

Strict press x 10

Farmers Carry 2 Kettlebells 200m (.1.5/1)


Your score is your 3 loads (PJ, PP, SP) and your best time on each challenge.