Our next nutrition challenge will be starting in February.  However, there’s a pretty big movement online of people starting a January 1 Whole30.  If you’re interested be sure to check out Whole9Life.com.  They recently posted some interesting data on the success rates of radical change versus incremental.  Since nothing beats a public declaration of intentions, I’m going to eat nothing but Paleo Foods in the month of January.  With the Crossfit Open just around the corner I will continue to supplement with protein, creatine, fish oil, etc but in terms of food Paleo is it.  Anyone else want to make a public declaration?  Post it to comments.

Feel like it’s a compromise to supplement while eating a Paleo based lifestyle?  Crossfit Football’s owner and NFL veteran John Welbourne explains his point of view on this blog which I completely concur with:  http://talktomejohnnie.com/supplements/strong-awesome

As a reminder, there will be no Open Gym from 3-6pm on Friday, we’ll be prepping WCF for Saturday’s comp.  WE could use some volunteers to help out, let me know if you’re interested.  The first 5 volunteers to post to comments get a free shirt.

29/December/2011 Thursday WOD “Grow Some!”

3 Rounds for Time

500lbs GTO

1000lbs of Kettlebell Swings

You pick the loads.  Be safe, have fun, and get ready for Saturday’s Comp!


Burly:  Work up to a heavy single squat lockout with 7 reps. (24/20 box).  Then do 1×20 back squats with heaviest load possible.  Take 1 breath between each rep for the first 10, 3 breaths between each rep for 11-15, and 5 breaths for reps 16-20.  Tomorrow and Saturday are a rest from Burly and then we’ll be maxing your FS again on Monday.

Endurance:  Row 10 x 150m on :45 intervals @ 90% effort.

GamesLab:  3×7 Muscle-ups or assisted Muscle-ups.  25/25 on GHD.