Jax N Jill tearing it up en route to a 3rd place finish at the Retro Games

28/Sept/2011 Wednesday WOD

Part 1:  2 snatches/minute for as many minutes as possible.  Guys add 10lbs each minute, women add 5lbs each minute.  You get a total of 3 attempts each minute, 2 of which must be successful to move on.

Starting Weights:  Gold:  115/65  Silver:  115/55  Bronze:  Scale as needed.

Part 2:  2 Box jumps/min for as many minutes as possible.  Add a plate to your box each minute to increase the height.

Starting:  Men 24″, Women 20″.

Part 3:  50 Pushups for time

Strength:  Hang Power Clean Doubles – Build to max.  Strict Pullups – 2x ME

Endurance:  Run 400m.  Then 8×200 using 400m time as interval.