CrossFit is still relatively in it’s infancy compared to sports like triathlons or marathons.  7 years ago it was a counterculture fitness movement that was storming out of people’s garages into the world.  Everyone still trained in board shorts and the 21-15-9 were just 3 random numbers to most folks.  Fast forward to now:  We have more athletes at WCF than even did CrossFit in the state of Utah in 2007.  Most of our coaches have been with us since were in a dirty little warehouse in Kaysville and are still going strong.  We still have at least 10 people from our original 50 that made the move from Kaysville to Layton.  Over 125,000 people did the Open this year and next year it’s expected to top 200,000.  The CrossFit Games sold out in less than 10 minutes this year and there are over 6,000 CrossFit affiliates worldwide.  What does this mean to you?  Have fun, enjoy the ride, and know that you’re part of a fitness movement that is changing the world!

26/June/2013 Wednesday WOD

Every minute on the minute for 24 Minutes

Minute 1:  10 Push Press

Minute 2:  10 Front Squats

Minute 3:  10 Pullups

Gold:  135/93  Silver:  95/63  Bronze:  75/45