Possibly the most famous slogan of our time is Nike’s “Just Do It.”  Two little words added to to this slogan can be lifechanging:  “Right Now.”  Here’s what you already know as a CrossFit athlete:  You need to train.  You need to eat right.  You need to pay attention to sleep.  These aren’t just things to make you faster at CrossFit WODs.  The original CrossFit maxim:  Train to not suck at life.  The best way I know of to suck at life is to procrastinate.  Tomorrow I’ll start training consistently.  Tomorrow I’ll start eating right.  Tomorrow I’ll get to bed in time to get adequate sleep.  Trade out the word tomorrow for right now.  Just do it (right now).

We are hosting a CrossFit Level I certification this weekend.  All Friday PM classes and Saturday classes will be at WCF North.  On Monday (Labor Day) we will have a 6:30am and 9am class only here at WCFHQ.  There will be child care at 9am.

26/Aug/2013 Monday WOD

WOD1:  Every minute on the minute for 8 minutes

10 Heavy KB Swings (2/1.5)

3 Muscle-Ups

Rest 2 Minutes

WOD2:  5 Rounds for time

20 lightweight KB Swings (1/.75)

6 Pullups

KB swings are russian (arms must break parallel to the ground).