Murph1Last year’s Memorial Day “Murph”

One of the Wasatch CrossFit traditions is to do the CrossFit Hero workout “Murph” on Memorial day every year.  If you haven’t read “Lone Survivor” by Travis Luttrell I highly recommend it.  At a minimum please take a moment to read Lt Michael P. Murphy’s wikipedia post.  In what has also become a WCF tradition we will have our oldest surviving veteran, Bob A,  read the posthumous Medal of Honor citation awarded to Lt Murphy.

On Tuesday at 8:30 am we’ll be gathering prior to the WOD to talk, share, cry, and grieve as a community.  Then at 9am we’ll be doing a fundraiser WOD for Vinidahar family.  Yvette has given me some direction and we’ll be incorporating both of her deceased son’s favorite movements into Tuesday’s WOD.

27/May/2013 Monday WOD

5:30am & 6:30am at WCF North (See for details)

10am – “Murph”