Aaron B – WCF 4 year veteran

I had mixed feelings taking the rig down tonight.  First of all I was grateful for the 15 people who showed up to help.  Thank you.  I also felt a little sad as I realized how much easier it is to take things apart than it is build them.  We’ve spent years of our life building, painting, flooring, and doing all the things that make a CrossFit box what it is.  I also realized that a CrossFit isn’t the equipment, the floor, the paint.  It’s the athletes, the culture, the friendships, the suffering and the love.  And these things are moving with us to our new 11,000 feet of CrossFit awesomeness.  Thank you to all of you who are making the move (so far something like 94%) and thank you to all of you have been loyal athletes and friends.  I can’t wait to make new memories with you on Hwy 193.

Today’s Schedule:  Normal classes at both locations

Tomorrow’s Schedule:  AM classes only at North

Saturday’s Schedule:  Track workout at 10am at Layton HS

14/Aug/2014 Thursday WOD

Build to a heavy deadlift double then:

7 Rounds for Time

10 Bodyweight Deadlifts or 60% of double, whichever is lighter

Run 200m

Rest :30