Matt L goes off on “Grace”

Next Wednesday evening we’re be doing a 30 minute presentation on the Whole30 with time for Q & A afterwards.  We’ll also be talking about some different options and recommendations based on your workout volume and goals, I highly recommend making the time to get to WCFHQ at 7:30pm, Wednesday the 18th.  The cost of the challenge will be $20 and you’ll get a Whole30 guide plus body composition testing before and after the challenge.  Body comp testing will be offered Friday the 20th at WCF-North from 3-6pm and Saturday at WCFHQ from 9-11am for all participants in the challenge.  The Whole30 will officially start on Monday, Sept 23rd.  We’ll be posting and emailing out a link to register.  There will be weekly prizes and a grand prize drawing but most important is how much 30 days of strict eating can change your life.  Get ready!

12/Sept/2013 Thursday WOD

Skill Work:  Muscle-up practice then 3 x 5 strict chinups.

WOD:  Every minute on the minute for 24 minutes

Odd Minutes:  Max Kettlebell Swings in :30

Even Minutes:  Max Muscle-ups in :30

Gold:  1.5/1, Rx Muscle-ups  Silver:  44#/35#, Scaled Muscle-ups  Bronze:  35#/26#, 5 scaled pullups + 5 pushups