Several people will be wearing costumes today, bring your A-game!

In November we’ll be doing a simple strength cycle:  We’ll bench on Mondays, squat on Tuesdays, and work strength-endurance on Fridays.  Increased strength will help your Crossfit in several ways – Rx loads will feel lighter, you’ll perform better, and heading in to snowboarding and ski season (plus Crossfit comp season) you’ll decrease your likelihood of injury and see your strength skyrocket.  In addition, I’ll be posting some simple gymnastics strengthening for people interested in competing in Crossfit.

Here are a couple highlights from our Oly comp:  Carson broke several state records, Coach Chiu won best Masters lifter of the meet and narrowly missed a new state record Snatch, Priscilla power cleaned 165lbs then jerked it, Steve PR’ed his clean and jerk, Anthony posted a huge total that will qualify him for Nationals at our next meet, Erin had a decent meet but will now be competing a her lowest bodyweight since High School, and I set new competition PR’s in both lifts and narrowly missed a 225lb snatch which I’m sure will be coming son.   There’s another meet coming up in January and I highly recommend you commit, train, and compete!

31/Oct/2011 Halloween WOD

Bench Press 10, 10, 10 (Start at 65% of your 1RM) then:

AMRAP 12 Minutes

6 HSPU’s

12 CTB Pullups

6 Thrusters (135/93)


Endurance:  6x400m, ME’s.  Rest 1:2