The CrossFit Open is just a couple of months away and our programming is going to start shifting to reflect the upcoming comp season.  For the uninitiated The CrossFit Open is an online qualifier for Regionals and eventually the CrossFit Games.  This year it’s likely 50,000+ will participate.  CFHQ will release one workout a week for 5-6 weeks and we’ll act as judges for each other and then enter our results into the worldwide standings.

What’s different about comp season?  Realistically we’re looking at two things:  AMRAP’s for the Open and heavier loading for Regionals.  For the Open this means you’ll see bigger works sets (10, 15, 20, reps) and time domains from 5-20 minutes.  If you’re really nerdy like myself you can read this statistical analysis of the CF comp programming and assess frequency of movements programmed versus where your strengths and weaknesses fall.  What if you don’t care about competing in CrossFit at all?  Then enjoy the fruits of being stronger, faster, and better in every way.

26/Nov/2012 Monday WOD

Establish a heavy clean (daily max, not 1RM)* then:

AMRAP 6 Minutes

15 Cleans (full squat)

15 Pullups

Rest 3 Minutes

50 Burpees for Time


Gold:  115/83  Silver:  95/63  Bronze:  Scale as needed

*What is a daily max?  On rare occasions it can be a new 1RM but it’s typically going to be 90-95% of your 1RM.  We want to train success so rather than going to failure:  Stop at the last heavy challenging load that you make rather than going all the way to a missed attempt.