The new GHD’s are ordered.  Next up we’ll be repairing our plyo-boxes and replacing several of them as well as installing wall mounted squat racks on the Oly Platforms.  This Fall we’ll sell all of our rowers and replace them with new ones.  While it’s good to update our equipment it’s also fun to get some new stuff.  What would you put on the WCF wishlist?  First and foremost for me would be a wall to practice going up and over if I could put it outside in that small grassy section in the northwest corner of our property.  Let me know if there’s anything on your wishlist, exotic or otherwise.  If we can get it we will.

29/June/2011 Wednesday WOD

Run 800m

30 Snatches

Run 800m

Gold:  135/95  Silver:  95/75  Bronze:  75/45.  Power Snatches are fine.