The New Years Eve couples comp is just a few days away.  Regardless of your fitness level you’re encouraged to come have fun with us on Saturday.  The first event is a Snatch max, the 2nd is a powerclean/row WOD, and event 3 is loosely based on “Angie” but will include movements anyone can RX or very easily scale.  This is a great way to meet people from all over, have fun, and get your feet wet with a low pressure competition.  Do it!

Sign up at

28/Dec/2011 Wednesday WOD


Front Squats (155/105)



Burly:  Rest Day.  We’re re-testing our max on Monday, are now starting to taper.

Endurance:  Run 4x1mile repeats.  Rest 1:1

GamesLab:  50 CTB Pullups/25 HSPU’s.  Partition as needed.