Balance – One of the 10 aspects of Fitness that’s most often overlooked.

Great work to everybody who did the Crossfit Open WOD yesterday.  We’ll be going again at 9am and 11am on Saturday.  Be sure to get some good stretching in today, especially your hamstrings and low back.  Need some ideas?  Go to the Mobiilty WOD blog and check out the 4-6 minute mobility workouts.

1/April/2011 Friday WOD

Teams of 2 will perform 10,000 Burpees for time.  If you’re in the morning classes bring lunch, if you’re in the evening classes bring dinner.  We expect this WOD to last 4-6 hours.

GamesLab:  3 Rounds – 10 HSPU’s, 20 CTB Pullups, 30 GHD Situps.  Then spend 5 minutes practicing OHS with empty bar.

GL WOD:  Run a 10K

Think this WOD may be an April’s Fools Day joke?  Check out for the “real” WOD