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Today’s guest blog post is from Dave K, SERE instructor and former WCF coach, who is now deployed to Korea.  It’s long but worthwhile read about a different motivating factor.

The internet is full of fluffy happy thoughts about motivation, determination, bad grammar, and selling t-shirts. (cough, rxstar,cough cough) Usually I don’t care to add to the flood. However, I just read Adrian’s article about increasing an athlete’s performance. He has technical examples to back up his hypothesis. He believes that analysis and correction of subtle nuances in form will have an immediate impact on performance. I believe he is correct. I also believe there is another factor that will also have am immediate impact on performance.


Many of you may think I’m full of myself (true), or I’m different than the average person. The only difference is that I have had choices presented to me in a format with more contrast. I’m not trying to puff my own chest. The examples I’m using are only that, examples. Scientific methodology has a huge place in the world of sport.  Particularly in a time when winning can be measured in tenths of seconds.

My pool of experience does not draw from that. I have been trained in a world where the outcome is determined solely by the depth of your determination. Most people will hit their mental limit long before their body gives out. I have been driven to the edges of my capability, and I have been the driver as well. I have been to the place where the only thing pushing you to succeed is your fear of failure. Whether that emotion is derived from fear of judgement, loss, pride, or determination, everyone has some kind of motivation buried inside of them. You need to go to “The Bad Place” to find your fear. And when you find it, you may be surprised.

 I have pushed others to those limits as well. My students had to pass my course to get their job. For some, it was just another course it get through, but others had never been exposed to the rigors of the outdoors, or been hunted by another person with a penalty more severe than “Tag, you’re IT” When a person is confronted with a life changing pass/fail choice, they will dig in and do what they need to, or they will crumple. You learn a lot when you see them in that dark place, and see the thing that drives them.

Once you have found your Fear, you don’t have to go to the depths of your soul to use The Fear. But at some point you do have to find it. Everyone has it. Some people won’t admit their fear to themselves. But it’s there. Fear can drive you beyond what should be possible. Fear taps the reserves that allow you to keep going, no matter the cost. Fear can also cripple you. It can show you the things you know, but don’t want to admit, that you’re ashamed of.

It takes time to be comfortable with your terror. The first time you see it, you will rightfully fill your pants, curl up in a ball, and suck your thumb until someone pulls you out of it. Once you have seen your fear you have a choice. Bow to it, or beat it. Come back and visit. Learn it. Get comfortable with it. You will never get rid of it, but you can use it. The better you know it, the faster you can choose to use it.
Know your Fear. Master it. Use that power to drive you.

Two Announcements:  O-lifting today with Coach Chiu 1045am, Noon, 3pm, 4:30, 5:30.  Also we’ll be doing a going-away party for Evan Friday night at Roosters in Layton at 7pm.  See you there!

26/July/2012 Thursday WOD

Take 15 Minutes to establish a max 3 Position Power Snatch (High Hip, Knee, Floor) then

Run the loop for time (1.2 Mile)