Here’s the link to part 1 and part 2:

What is active recovery?  Active recovery is low intensity activity designed to flush your sore muscles with blood thereby accelerating the healing process for sore muscles.  If you’ve never done it before you’ll surprised to see how much it accelerates recovery compared to doing nothing.  If you’re doing the challenge and today is day #4 in a row resist the urge to come in and go hard.  Instead take it easy.  Go for 30 straight minutes and then do one or two of the sessions from like the one above.

25/April/2013 Thursday WOD

In 15 Minutes establish a max effort deadlift then:

2 Deadlifts at 80% & 5 Jumping Lunges per minute x 15 Minutes

Optional Gymnastics:  Accumulate 3 Minutes of total handstand time/2 minutes of L-Sit time/1 min of ring support time

Optional Active Recovery in Lieu of WOD:  30 minutes of any modality (run, row, ski-erg, Airdyne) followed by 2 Mobility WODs