Melissa is one of about 7 members left from our original crew in Kaysville.  If you’re an OG and can name everyone still at WCF from Kaysville you get a free shirt…3-2-1-GO!

Lots of big news lately.  In the midst of planning Regionals we’re also expanding in two directions.  South of us is an amazing CrossFit, CrossFit Race.  They’re our kind of box:  Great programming, coaching, and a culture where they both care about their athletes and care about their athletes moving well.  So they decided to join the Wasatch CrossFit family.  They’ll become Wasatch CrossFit Race and members from both boxes will be able to go back and forth just like they do now between WCF and North.  Second:  we have a great opportunity to expand WCF North into 11,000 square feet.  It’s not a done deal yet but if I’m able to obtain the necessary funding we’ll be growing again.  At WCF we took the building over section by section (hence the uneven floor.)  If you look at the ceiling you can see the remains of the 2 walls that were removed across our 3 expansions.  If I’d really known the direction our community would go I would have taken the whole building from the get-go.  This is the opportunity we have at North and we’re excited about serving you with world class coaching  and an amazing facility.  Check out the posters around the gym, we’re going to celebrate our growing family with 2 events in June:  A 5K with the Race family and a volleyball tournament/BBQ at WCF in the grass.

23/May/2013 Thursday WOD “Coach’s Choice”

Your class coach gets to pick the WOD today.  Enjoy!