18/Dec/2014 Thursday WOD

Strength:  Push press 4×5 (find 5 rep max)

WOD:  4 rounds for time.

Farmer carry 200 m (2/1.5)
Rope climb x 1 (15ft)
HSPU x 12



2 great things are happening at WCF this week:  First and foremost, the fundraiser for the Hooper family is coming together.  Starting tomorrow we’ll have an account posted you can directly donate to or you can buy a shirt via Square at the the gym.  We’re only getting 100 shirts and I expect them all to sell out Saturday so get it while you can!  You’re welcome to reserve one in advance.  The fundraiser workout will be Saturday at 10am but starting tomorrow you’ll be able to donate any time or to reserve a shirt.

Second, we’re doing our first social media contest at WCF.  Here are the details:  Take a picture in front of your Christmas tree of you doing a handstand.  If you fall into the tree, take it out, and ruin Christmas please send me the video.  Once you have the picture post it to Facebook and tag it “@WasatchCrossFit.”  On Friday we’ll select one lucky person as the winner of a $50 gift card.

17/Dec/2014  “Lift big/Jump high”
2-2-2-2-2-2-2  DEADLIFT

**build to heaviest 2, goal is to get heavier each set. First set should start around 75% of 1 rep max**
Between each set do 2 HIGH box jumps.
Post heaviest set and highest set of jumps!!

Wednesday CrossFit Unloaded WOD

1 Minute Dumbbell Snatch

1 Minute Kettlebell Swings

1 Minute Abmat Situps

1 Minute Wallball

1 Minute Rest

3 Rounds for maximum Points

Gold:  1 minute  Silver:  :45 work/:15 rest  Bronze:  :30/30


While we’re proud to have some of the best athletes in the world at WCF it’s stories like these that inspire – beating back osteoporosis, doubts, and making it happen!  Who says CrossFit is too hard?  Not these two amazing ladies!

FUNDRAISER UPDATE:  We’ll have all details posted late Tuesday to the blog and social media on how you can donate and get involved.

16/Dec/2014 Tuesday WOD

1 min max effort HR push up
1 min max effort row for calories
2 min push up
2 min row
3 min push up
3 min row
2 min push up
2 min row
1 min push up
1 min row
Score is total push ups + total cals rowed

extra midline work
**accumulate 2 min each side as lateral bridge**



Here’s the mockup for the WCF fundraiser WOD shirt for this Saturday.  Shirts will cost $25 and 100% of the proceeds will go to AJ’s family to assist with his medical bills.  John & Kathy Stout have generously provided the screen printing and I’ll be donating the shirt blanks along with 2 or 3 other kind people.  Here’s the full blog post detailing why we’re doing what we’re doing right here:


On Saturday at 10am we’ll be doing this partner workout, come join in the Holiday fun!

15/Dec/2014 Monday WOD

Back squat 15-12-10-8 *build up to heavy 8!
Between each set max effort pull up (strict)

Then 12 min amrap

Wall ball x 12
Russian twist x 24
Double under x 36

Monday CrossFit Unloaded

Strength:  Front Squat 5, 5, 5, 5, 5 with 10 ring rows in between each set

Skill:  Handstand hold on wall 3 x :30

WOD:  21-15-9

Calories Rowed


Air Squats



12/Dec/2014 Friday WOD

Strength:  KB front Squat 4×8 (1 kb in each hand, ahap)

Condition:  24 min EMOTM
1: max push ups (hand release)
2: max sit ups
3: max air squats
4: max double unders
Repeat for 6 rounds.
Score is total reps.

Friday CrossFit Unloaded

Strength: Push Press 8, 8, 8 then:

Run 800m

70 Air Squats

60 Double Unders

50 Situps

40 Box Jumps

30 Pushups

20 Pullups or Ring Rows

10 yard sled pull AHAP





Happy Birthday to Amy D!  There are so many things to appreciate about Amy D.  First and foremost I admire her integrity.  If you know Amy you know she’s the kind of person who walks the talk in whatever she’s doing in life.  If she believes it she lives it.  Amy inspires others through her actions…the best way to lead!  Next up – if Amy says she’s going to do something it’s getting done!  This woman knows how to be her word.  Every single thing I’ve ever asked her to do has been done with excellence.  I also appreciate her character – Amy is loyal, hardworking, and awesome.  The best part of the last few years has also been seeing her fun side come out and shine too.  From collegiate volleyball player to Mom to competitive athlete to rockstar CrossFit trainer it’s been an amazing journey.  Happy Birthday Amy, we’re lucky to have you at WCF!

11/Dec/2014 Thursday WOD

Strength:  Deadlift 4×6 (all working sets) superset with strict chinup 4x Max reps

Conditioning:  21-15-9-6-3

Hang Snatch
Lateral jump over bar
Gold:  115/75  Silver:  95/55  Bronze:  Scale as needed
Lateral jumps are x2 snatch reps. Each jump is 1 rep. 42-30-18-12-6



We recently congratulated Dan and Joanie on getting married.  Dan (Hoop) immediately became Dad to twin girls and AJ.  Dan’s been working hard to provide for his family, he recently purchased a home, he’s getting CrossFit (sort of) and all in all life was going quite well.  Unfortunately bad things happen to good people and AJ just spent a week in the hospital with life-threatening pneumonia.  Dan has great insurance but in one of those inevitable twists of fate this happened just one month before his new family became eligible to share in his health insurance and as newlyweds they’re now left facing a hospital bill which could reach $10,000.


At WCF we’re a generous community and that’s true of CrossFitters in general.  We’ve raised money for the Wounded Warrior foundation, Breast Cancer awareness, veterans, done food bank drives, and more.  We’ll even be doing a Koins for Kenya fundraiser later this year to help fund a school in Africa.  But for this Christmas season we’d like to help a family a little bit closer to home.  We’re going to be doing a fundraiser WOD next Saturday (December 20th) for AJ, Dan, and Joanie.  We’re printing awesome shirts designed by Ashley Conway and with the help of a few benefactors we’ll donate them to the fundraiser.  You were probably dying to get a sweet new WCF shirt anyway so for $25 you can help a worthy cause this Holiday season and get of course get a a great Adrian Conway designed signature WOD in.

If you’re like Priscilla and I, you’ll reach into your pockets and donate a little more than the cost of a t-shirt.  We’re looking into setting up an account or going through a site that will allow people to donate anonymously and generously if they choose.  Or you can just grab a cool t-shirt and know that the money is going to a great cause close to home.  As always, thank you for your support and we’re proud to be members of a community that cares about it’s own.  We’ll be posting more details throughout the week about how you can get involved.

10/Dec/2014 Wednesday WOD  “Partner Rowing Tosh”

For time row:
3 rounds each.
Rest as 1 person works. If no partner then simply rest 1 to 1.

Wednesday CrossFit Unloaded

Warmup:  3 Minutes of single unders

Strength:  Deadlift 5, 5, 5.  Practice Toes to bar progression in between sets.

WOD:  “The Animal:

150 Kettlebell Swings for Time

If you finish faster than 4 minutes your kettlebell was too light.

Cashout:  50 Zercher Good Mornings & 50 Rubber band pulldowns (abs)



The weather is beautiful outside so we’re going to run!  Enjoy your 400’s today.

Barbell Club!  Today at 10am and 430pm, free for all WCF members.  Come get some great coaching on your snatch and clean & jerk.

9/Dec/2014 Tuesday WOD

Skill:  Ring support (top of dip) – Accumulate 3:00 of hold
Scale time to 2:00 or 1:00 depending strength level. Give as much time as you’d like to accumulate the time.

Conditioning: 4 Rounds for Time
Run 400m
Wall ball sit up x 15 (20/14)
Thruster x 30 (45/33)
4 rounds for time.



Popeye looking strong!

When you walk in today you’ll notice a new addition to WCF:  “Treadzilla.”  First and foremost, thank you to John Stout, Danny E, Adrian, Zach, Carson, and Nelson for unselfishly helping move this monster on Saturday.  We have to run 220amp wire to it and we’ll be ready to fire it up.  We’ll also have another one coming that goes up to a 30% incline so all of you who want to keep running when it gets icy or the inversion is bad this winter can keep up with your training.  Last but not least, we have some great running coaches if you want to improve your stride and gait.

8/Dec/2014 Monday WOD

Strength:  Push press 4×6 superset with Russian Kb swing (HEAVY) 4×15

Conditioning:  3 Rounds for Time
20 Box jump (24/20)
20 C2B Pull up x 10
20 Weighted Burpee
Lunge jump x 10 (5L/5R) (w/ MB 20/14)
Step up x 20 (20′; 20/14 MB)

CrossFit Unloaded Monday WOD

Strength:  Overhead Squat 5 x 10, 10 ring rows + ring pushups after each set (same height on rings, 3 sets total on accessory work)

WOD:  For time:
Row 1,000 meters
30 Thrusters 45/33
Row 750 meters
20 Thrusters (45/33)
Row 500 meters
10 Thrusters (45/33)


Erin Schiavone:
We are so thankful for our day care providers for keeping our kids out of harms way while we throw around the weight. Please take a minute to give them a special thanks!
Erin is one of our long time providers. She is reliable and frequently goes the extra mile to make the daycare better in any way she can.
We’re fortunate to have 3 hours a day of free child care at WCF and the credit is due to our awesome Mom’s brigade who work hard to make sure the kids are safe, happy, and entertained.  We’re going to recognize one of the monthly and this month we’re starting with Erin S.  Erin is also a military spouse in addition to being hardworking athlete.  We asked some of our regulars for a cool one liner about Erin and here’s what we got:
“Always greets you with a smile”
“she’s the queen of Sox WODs cuz her feet get hot in shoes”
“is from the foreign nation of Canadia but mastered great English unlike GSP or Camille LeBlanc;) “
“can shake that boody like no other”
“we have more crazy hair pics of her than anyone in the gym”
Erin, thank your for your hard work, great attitude, and for everything you do to provide a great environment for kids!
5/Dec/2014 Friday WOD
Bar muscle up
Gold:  315/225  Silver:  255/183  Bronze:  205/143**scale muscle ups with a burpee+ chest to bar pull up(arms must be straight before doing pull up,No jumping their chest to the bar)= 1 bar muscle up. If athletes need bands have them do all their burpees then their pull ups to save them time from getting in and out of bands.**
CrossFit Unloaded 5am, 6am, 930am, Open Gym 3-6pm
Technique:  Practice deadlift + hang power cleans x 10 Minutes
Gymnastics:  Practice Rolling Candlesticks to pistol, work between power clean sets
WOD:  21-15-9