Jeremie is giving us that “pain cave” face here mid WOD…..that is a result of feeling what I have learned to call “The Good Stuff” in the workout. Find it people.



How’d the “Slow motion” WOD go? Hopefully you enjoyed the change of pace and also noticed how unassuming it can be! It was tough! You guys all did great from what I saw, and seriously people……if you have a particular weakness like HSPU or OH Squats it would serve you very very well to add this style of movement in regularly! You will begin to find new strength in new places and also find a great range of motion and flexibility through your joints….the goal is to envision “pulling yourself down” and “driving yourself up” where much of our movement is only focused on the up portion and we go down at the dictation of gravity.

None the less, tomorrow is Coach’s choice and it is Friday! Go hard and get ready for an awesome weekend! Some you……you know who you are, really could get some value from showing up to yoga on Saturday morning at 9, I’ll be there myself! Gotta keep this body supple and healthy!



Coach’s Choice, include any “Clean” variation you choose.


When you need more strength on a barbell or on the rig……ADD MORE STRICT WORK. Do more holds, and do MORE NEGATIVES!


Alright, tomorrow we take a change of pace. As you are aware or most of you are, Thursday’s is our “low destruction” day or day of “working rest” if you will. My goal with tomorrow’s workout is to control the tempo of each movement almost pretending to find a grove of 3seconds up and 3 seconds down for each! The purpose is to control the intensity or govern it. This will not make it any less challenging and will actually introduce a unique stimulus all of its own. I think it will be fun for many of you and will surely act as a strengthing day for many as well. You will find it challenging to sustain such paces for some of the body weight movements and even harder for the weighted over head squats. released a workout with the same kind of purpose last week and I really liked the idea so I thought I’d try to it! Your goal is to keep everything unbroken! That means of course, scale accordingly! The loads are light, move as best as you can, today…..we “practice”.



Air squat x 8
Push up x 8
Front squat x 6
Strict press x 6
Oh squat x 4
Hspu x 4
3 rounds!

men: 75 women :55
All moves are to be at a tempo of 3″ up and 3″ down must be unbroken. Scale accordingly.



A look at the picture and you can see why the deadlift is so valuable in terms of power output and results. We are literally training more in your body than any other lift can and at the heaviest loads we can bear them!!

It has been a while since we have seen one of these. We surely have not avoided lifting heavy weights nor have we avoided our fair share of lung ripping conditioning. Lately we have been often seeing touch’s of both of these together. Today, we jump far and simply lift as heavy as you can! There is a lost beauty in the intensity of our strength training when we ALWAYS or even too OFTEN couple a heavy lift with something afterwards. I definitely consider the members of our gym and what you guy’s want and like to see come up with a fair dose of what I think you NEED. Because of that consideration we often do a strength lift, a skill or two and then a Metcon. Intensity however is why we do what we do, and we will find best results when focused on one task vs. many in any given training session. Tomorrow we warm up with some broad jumps and then we spend the remaining portion of the hour refining our dead lift positions and finding out how heavy we can go from the very first set to the last. Feel no need to save any ounce of potential energy for something “afterward” because that is the highlight of the day. When you begin to value and attack the strength movements in our program the same way you do the metabolic conditioning… will improve your fitness to where it should be. People like the “feeling” of sweaty, and out of breath and all of that is necessary as an element of fitness but it is far from the only important part. All that considered……come ready to crush heavy weights tomorrow!!!


Find max broad jump!

Dead lift (2inch deficit,standing on plates)
(Score is total volume of weight)



Cool skills like this……are why we do CrossFit. Sure we want to look good and be healthy, but there is nothing that can get us further from decrepetude and a old folks home than learning new awesome skills and putting them into practice!!


Tomorrow we work on our ninja skills! We will learn and develop proper scales for the bar muscle up. You may not get it much but for me, people always ask (mainly family and friends that don’t have a real grasp of CrossFit Games or American Ninja Warrior), “Adrian, when are we going to see on American Ninja Warrior?”….my response, never. And if I were to get on it I would lose 20lb first and not touch a heavy barbell for 6 months. Even though I learn and am now capable of a lot of cool skills thanks to CrossFit I could not hang with those dudes!! They have grip strength that is unbelievable, they are light and they are fast! Even though we may not be training for that competition, the bar muscle could surely be a sweet party trick at least!



Bar muscle up skill work 10 min.

Bar muscle ups for time.


KB swing x 15 (games standard) 70/53
Air squat x 30
Sit up x 15 (abmat)
10 min amrap

More intervals today. Let the goal be to go unbroken and fast….as long as possible.

Take a few minutes of rest and then let’s set a squat snatch PR!!


15 box jump overs (24/20) *can touch*
12 T2B
9 shoulder to OH (135/95)
1:00 rest
4 rounds for time.

Rest 5 min.

Find max snatch in 10 min. *must be squat snatch*


Chris was giving the camera his “blue steel” look here I believe. It is how he feels inside on Coach’s Choice day……happy or nah?


Well with one week under our belt of a drastically increased number of athletes in and out of our doors I think things ran very very smoothly! Thanks to all whom this was a bit of a change for at first mainly the early AM athletes and the later PM athletes. Your ability to adapt to less parking and more bodies in the gym is much appreciated. Aside from the influx of bodies, you can clearly see Jeremie has put many hands to work around the gym to help put new changes/improvements into action. The new entrance/greeting area are coming along quickly and we are finished off the north and west wall with some paint finally.  There will be a transition in where the rig that used to reside on the West side of the gym will be once painting has finished up and it will have a new home toward the fron the gym south of the turf. All things considered, thank you guys for being willing to deal with some extra dust, or plastic over the cubby’s to progress with the changes! Many people have mentioned how nice it is to see things getting done and changes happening period so they don’t mind at all, so I’m hoping many of you feel the same way!

Let’s end the week right!!



Coach’s Choice

*Include some kind of Snatch*



Tomorrow we hit up some skills! Isometric contractions is something the CrossFit contends to be some of the most powerful in our fitness regime. It is something that is grossly over looked because you don’t “suffer” or “sweat” “get out of breath” from, but the fact is that if you are strong in all positions and not just move through them, but hold them, you are suprerior. Tomorrow we will stretch, hold, squeeze, shake, have success and have failure…….then we you’ve had enough we row.



20 min. Of static gymnastics work. (Coach’s can get creative!) Think about equipping them with a series of drills to try or follow and just having them move through it. Like over bar hold, push up hold, L sit, false grip hang, L hang, HS Hold, head stand hold, Parallete tuck hold, Crow pose, Ring Support, straddle, splits…..things that we don’t get to focus on a ton! TEACH!

2. Row 4K at 80% max effort.


Jimbo being patient in his snatch and brushing the bar through his hi-thigh/hip while still being in his heels. This makes my heart smile. Perfect example of why we drill dip and stand so much when warming up the snatch in my classes. If you moved the bar from his hip to his shoulders, brought his hands in it would look just like a push press position. Bravo my friend. (You can tell Jimbo likes to close his eyes and imagine he is elsewhere while in the gym, that’s ok by me. Ha.)


I sent out an email to our trainers yesterday that explained the importance of a curious mind when leading others. It is important to take “hear say” or opinion as gold. In fact I don’t even want anything I tell our trainers to go uninvestigated. I feel the same way about our athletes. What baffles me is that people are quick to jump on any bandwagon of a diet, or workout regime because they “heard” something or a lot of people are doing it, or the person that came up with it is really ripped… name the reason and people have come up with it to blindly follow anyone for anything. As a human, that is what you are, you should know as much about your body as possible. I’m not suggesting everyone go out and get a 4 year degree in kinesiology and then a master’s in exercise physiology but…..I am kind of. It should be important to you to know exactly why sleep is important, what foods are ideal for fuel, longevity and nutrients. I personally think we should all know how to supply our own food whether it be hunting or growing…..if no other reason than it is how we would have to function alone. All this considered I believe you need to question everything we do in the gym, especially if it is important to you.

An educated or aware athlete is a valuable and healthy athlete. We as coaches tell you guys a lot of stuff like, “get your butt down lower”, “push the bar back and your head through”, “squeeze your butt”, “eat less bread”, “or eat no pasta”, “don’t eat sugar”. Do you ever ask why? If not you should, the main reason is because how do you know that we even know why? Maybe we are simply saying what we’ve heard else where, which would then deem us unfit to even teach. That is our role as your coach: Teacher, Educator, therapist, nutritionist, cheerleader, judge, critic, peer, superior (in the gym), comedian, dictator, friend. We wear many hats as a coach but I feel that the most important is the first one, we teach you. When you come to learn, you are empowered you aren’t just some robot that does the WOD and goes home. The movements gain deeper meaning when you understand the why, you uphold a more strict standard, you are inspired to really get better at what you suck at because you see and know how and why it will help you reach whatever goals you have.

I’ve had a conversation with an athlete from another gym saying that,”I feel like if I always ask my coach why, they get annoyed and don’t coach me as much.” If you ever experience this I would encourage you to leave that gym immediately, because honestly that individual doesn’t even understand what they are doing in the big picture and how privileged they are to be called “Coach”. Should the coach know the answer to every question? Well I’ll be honest, I don’t. But if you come to me or anyone on our staff and ask something I would trust that they will FIND the answer. To lead you don’t need to pretend you know everything, but be willing learn anything. As an athlete ask questions about CrossFit you don’t understand, it will help you enjoy it more. Even something as simple as,”Why is it important for me to learn this?”. Or, “It really bothers me when I look at the blog and I feel like I won’t be able to do any of the movements the next day, what should I do?”. People at our gym have these questions and concerns and as your coaches it is our job to help educate and equip you with ALL of that information. Sometimes it may not be what you WANT to hear, but we will all help you understand and fill the void of your curiosity. Take this through life, ask more, seek more, never be blindly lead, take full understanding for anything you choose to pursue with your whole heart. Why don’t more people do this? Because it actually takes more work.


1. Barbell Single Leg Dead Lift 5×5 each leg. (High quality movement, goal is to be as heavy as controllable) Rest 2:00 between sets.
2. Dead Lift’s and Dubs
Dead Lift @95lb./65lb.
Double Under X 2 reps (100/80/60/40/20/10)
For time.

*Optional: 20 Push Up/ 10 Strict Chin up 3 rounds for time.







Don’t worry, today you won’t be running fast! But you will be exercising with haste. There is a lot of rest programmed in today’s workout so the goal is for you to suffer through the work and make it happen literally as fast and as unbroken as possible! Have fun and don’t hold back!


1a. Push Jerk 5-4-3-2-1
*accumulate as much weight as possible each set.
1b. Strict T2B X 6 each set.

2. MB Squat Clean X 16 (20/14)
Box Jump X 12 (24/20)
Burpee X 10(normal burpee’s demand upright torso and jump a clap, chest to ground)
2:00 Rest
5 rounds for time.



Ok all you people who have had big goals or resolutions it is now week 2….how are you doing? Each week is a good time to look back on the days before and decide how well you did in order to be working toward or achieving your desired goals. Some people set goals, then a year passes them by and then at the end of the year they try to look back to see if they were successful or not. This is not a good way to go about actually accomplishing ANYTHING. It is necessary for us to take a look back at a previous day, week or even month in order to see if we’ve made progress. If not then why? If it was a very good week then why? How can we keep that going forward? Did we do ANYTHING AT ALL to help ourselves work toward that goal? If not, then does it even mean that much to us? And if not then when did we actually intend to start? Ask these questions often and it will keep you on task! Seeing as how it is only week two, many of you are probably crushing it at this point! So onward my friends! As for tomorrow………it shall be fun.

Remember if you are an early AM athlete be prepared for a lot more bodies and cars at the gym. We can utilize parking along the road, and across the street for extra’s. As coach’s we will be cramming in the back to create more space for athletes. Please be mindful that if you park somewhere other than a designed parking spot you need to do so in such a way that others aren’t trapped and can get around you! Let’s start this new week right!


1. Squat Clean
3×3 @80% 1 rep max clean. (Can drop each rep)
2. 21-15-9
Hang clean (135/95)
Pull Up
Air squat
HSPU (kipping allowed)

Optional: 100 abmat sit ups for time.

Where are all the new people that want to start CrossFit in 2016? Well you are about to see a large push of new athletes enter our gym next week. We are hosting a female only challenge group for 6 weeks. We will have 3 classes 6am, 10am, 6pm and they are Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Some of you are wondering why you haven’t been informed about this and how can you sign up? Well you can’t sign up. This is for non members who are usually intimidated by what CrossFit is and what it entails! Our goal is to expose them to our awesome coache’s, community and help them see they can come to love this stuff as much as you all do. The point of informing everyone on this post is because when you yourself are seeing new faces around, welcome them, say hi, be awesome like you always are. Talk about your experience, how CrossFit has changed your life and how you hate burpee’s and thrusters and stuff, ya kno…..the norm. We will have detials for you all on extra parking and stuff for the more lively time slots before Monday so just keep your eye’s peeled on the blog, and also be patient and not frustrated with not getting to park in your “normal” spot or just show up earlier.



With even better news…….Angel Larsen did her first MUSCLE UP today! She is a testament to consistent hard work, willingness to fail and continue to try and now persevere! The woman did literally like 4 after her first one, so I will go ahead and say she will not nearly have the same hate in her heart for Dave Castro when he announces that movement in 7 weeks. Hahaha. Last year, she literally was sooo ticked….I remember…..I was scared. But congrats Angel! If you see her around, have her show you a muscle up or maybe even how to do one, she could probably run her own clinic on them if you want her to!



1. Weighted Pull Up 5-5-5-5-5 1:00 rest.

2.Coach’s Choice include Box Jumps and sleds somehow.

Today can still be as intense and “hard” and beneficial as you want! So if today is the first day you’ve been in the gym, hit it hard. However, if you’ve been each day this week you can rest assure that you’ll challenged but not broken. Move with high quality and keep the load manageable on the get ups, and focus on on great form…..get sweaty and out of breath on the row intervals. Then get some quality core work done. There is enough volume to challenge you but I want you to be able to train hard Friday if you so desire!


It fits the term……active rest. Remember, motion is lotion people, when you sore…..sweat, move and stretch!




1. Turkish Get up x 20 @ Challenging weight!
*Not for time, but load*

2. Row 500/400/300/200/100
**1 min. bridge between each set!
For time.

3. 50 hip extension
20 back extension
*Not for time.


I recommend this for everyone. Especially parents… may make you want to wake up your kids before school for a morning run and some calisthenics.



On my Christmas list there were a few books. A few spiritual based, a few fictional and a few for coaching development. The first book I dove into that was for coaching is called “Spark”. It is a book about what happens to the brain through exercise. It gives a very in detail view of what happens on a cellular level and how it can affect us on a broader scheme both emotionally and how we process and retain information. It is really really cool. The book starts by informing you on a testing group at a Jr. High School they started a few years ago. They implent “0” hour PE for the kids before school starts. They took testing scores, reading comprehension levels, and scores from Nation Wide Standardized tests. The stuents ALL improved in every aspect. There are a few things I’d like to share with you as I”m only like half way into this thing and there will probably be more as I go.

1. Exercise in the morning sets you up for success. We always knew about the “feeling” and “clear thought process” that we felt and of course the endorphins, we love those things. But literally on a cellular level exercise in the morning gives your brain a higher capacity to retain new information, and it allows the information to be burned deeper into your memory. This is important for kids especially, so if you have young ones that have to show up early to school for practice or have “0 hour” PE (first thing in the morning) they literally will improve in school without changing anything else. So if you are taking classes, or you have a big interview or something out of the norm where you need to think more clearly…..wake up and put down 20 minutes of 70% of Max heart rate style exercise and get that blood pumping to your brain.


2. Survival of the fittest for a reason? There is a particular chapter in the book where they break down why our brain has to retain information in the first place. One that stood out to me is that early primitive humans had to move……move all the time, to hunt, to not be eaten, to gather, to build… live. As they moved so much they had to remember where to find food, how to identify proper food to consume, learn the habits of animals to track them, how to store food ect… get the idea. Essentially the more humans moved the more the brain had to remember, hasn’t changed much. It is almost as simple as being a survival instinct. So is it true that the more fit you are the smarter you are? It seems that this is the case, not across the board but in a relative stand point. So, if I was 240 lb. with 35% body fat at my same stature and couldn’t run a mile under 15:00……I would have a larger difference in my ability to learn and retain information. I actually found this crazy, but it makes a lot of sense especially as you get into the information in the chapter along with it that talks about pathways, and neurons and all the “good stuff” that I’m leaving out.

Conclusion: Are our early morning athletes experiencing an ability to perform higher at work than their afternoon counterparts? And if so….should we run a math test gym wide in order to prove this? I love experiments…….so don’t be surprised if after workouts a few times a week you have to do timed multiplication tables and charts…….survival of the fittest.




1a. Dead Lift 3-3-3-3 (80% or above goal)
1b. Strict Press 3-3-3-3 2:00 rest between.
1c. 6-8 T2B or practice between sets.

2. 20 Snatch @75/55
20 Snatch @95/65
20 Snatch @115/75
20 Snatch @ 135/ 95
Snatch @ 155/105 Amrap
10 min. amrap


Great hair and muscles…..they go together like peanutbutter and jelly.


Many of the athletes across the world were very upset when Dave Castro dropped muscle ups on us all AT THE BEGINNING OF A WORKOUT last year during the Open. Here is the bad news people, you’ve had a year to make changes in your muscle up ability. If you haven’t been practicing or getting stronger, you will be afraid this year again and sadly….probably upset when they drop in 2016. But the good news is that even if you haven’t you have another 8 weeks to improve! Today you get a chance to practice the skill component and then you can also hit up the “strengthening” component during the conditioning of today’s WOD. The good news is they are at the end of each round, not the beginning… today we will be tired by the time we get there, horay! Use the skill time wisely, get your coache’s eyes on you and figure out what it is you need to be doing in the mean time to improve. Is it the skill aspect of the transition? Is it learning to use a false grip? Is it just you are too heavy for your pound for pound strength….aka not strong enough to get through there? If we know what you need, we can help you.



1. Muscle up Practice (20 min.)

2. Wall Ball x 40
Double Under x 80
Muscle Up x 8
12 min. amrap

Optional: Scale as necessary; Ring Support Accumulate 3:00

A big Congrats to all who participated in the comp up in Iota this weekend! I wasn’t present but heard awesome things and saw the results. We had a great showing both in numbers and performance. I am really happy to see when people get out and put their fitness on the line and get a chance to test our hard work out. If you guys ever hear about local comps or you are participating in one, be sure to tell others at our gym so we can come support each other! We grind, suffer and train together all the time, it is really cool to watch and encourage people doing races, comps and even performances or whatever your passion is that puts our hard work to use!



These guys above are some of the studliest folks in the area when it comes to fitness. (I won’t ever tell them that though, just how much better they need to get, so shhhhhhh) But they are definitely at the top of the list when it comes to class and what it means to embody our strong community at Wasatch. If you see these guys around, ask them how the weekend went and also how they got so awesome.


For those of you that have no idea what the Open is….here ya go: It is essentially the beginning stages of the CrossFit Games. It is when CrossFit HQ Releases 1 workout a week for 5 weeks for the world to try and do. CrossFit has been doing this since 2011 and EVERYONE AND ANYONE CAN PARTICIPATE. It is very inclusive and even had the addition of a “scaling” group last year. There are age divisions starting at the teen level and again at 40 years old and above. The goal is for athletes to have the opportunity to compare themselves against eachother and others across the entire world, and at the end finding the fittest in each state and region to send the top to regionals. Those that don’t have hopes at regionals have plenty to look forward to when competing in the open. It is an opportunity to get the competitive juices flowing not just with others but more importantly with yourself. The same reason people sign up for benchmark runs and races like 5k’s or marathons are the same reason people participate in the Open. It acts as an opportunity for us to test our fitness! Then next year you can use it again, and our goal is simple improvement until we reach a certain age and then the battle simply becomes maintaining as long as we can! When you participate in the open you pay 20$ to CrossFit in order to sign up online and you are given a log in and a profile to use throughout the year, it gets fun. The workouts are historically released on Thursday night and we program for the gym on Friday, so if you sign up or not, you’ll be doing them! Might as well sign up! You come in, get a buddy to change you in order to verify you are upholding all the range of motion standards and following rules and then you get a score when it is all over. I hope to have EVERYONE from beginner to seasoned veteran to sign up for the open……we can all get nervous, and have success and failures together, it’s awesome. We generally try to get as many people to come to the gym Friday night that can and have a small audience and cheering section for those doing the workouts until lit is their turn and then we simply switch roles. In all honesty the coolest thing about the Open is that there are a ton of breakthroughs for people. People get more adrenaline knowing their score will be posted online, when there is a crowd, when you have your own personal judge, and it literally brings the best out of everyone…….don’t get me wrong… hurts, but only because you are able to move faster and produce that much more power in the workouts…..the good stuff.

The closer it gets I will post a link so people have a clear understanding on how to sign up for it and to answer any questions you may have about it. Ask around the gym and ask your coach’s if you are still confused! It is about 8 weeks out. So…..our training will be in a way that hits more skills, and touches on more aspects of strength development that will help facilitate high performance in the Open!



1a. Back Squat 3-3-3-3 (80% goal) 2:00 rest between.
1b. 6 kip or butterfly pull ups between each set (skill work) (during rest)

2. 9 min amrap
Hang Clean
3-6-9-12-15-18….ect……as deep into the set as possible in time cap.

Optional: Row 300 m. x 4 :30 rest…..for time.

Tomorrow doesn’t need much explanation or prefacing. So I’m just going to direct to the workout below and also remind you that we only have morning classes! 5:30, 6:30, 9 and 10 am! I hope to see you there, finish 2015 the right way people, get your butt to the gym!!


1. Amrap 5 min.
Push Press x 12
Front Squat x 8
Rest 2 min.

2. Amrap 5 min.
Evil wheel x 6
T2B x 8
Sit up x 10 (abmat)
Rest 2 min.

3. Amrap 5 min.
Box jump over x 4(24/20)
SDHP x 8 (75/55)


Did we just become best friends? YUP!


Ok gang. Find a buddy, have them meet you at the gym for the same class and lets go hard! We are going to bust it through hump day by doing a series of intervals that only last a total of 12 working minutes but if we do it right……will leave you wanting nothing extra. Our goal is to get as much work done as possible between you and the partner in the given time domain. Although partner or team work is certainly much more fun, isn’t it crazy how it becomes a harder effort? Suprisingly having your peer looking over your shoulder is a great reason to dig deeper, but that’s not all. The simple fact that there is rest involved makes you go that much harder, essentially allowing the results to be greater due to the greater intensity. In fact, this will be something you see appear often as we prepare our engines for the open. Not always in a partner style format, but many of our workouts in the next 4 weeks will involve a planned rest to work ratio that will encourage you to go hard and fast and reset and rest and attack it again. Some days your goal will be to go as fast as you can each round, some days it will be to get faster each round the closer you get to the end, and other days the goal will be to simply be as consistent as possible across all efforts! Tomorrow, enjoy suffering with a friend or even better yet team up with someone you don’t know very well in the gym and develop a new one!




With a partner 4:00 @ each station for max distance/ 2:00 rest between stations
Sled push (empty) *each length of turf is 1 rep*
Row (cals)
Run (20 yards out and back) *not on turf, each length is 1 rep*
Athletes may rotate however they would like or see fit throughout the entire workout, the goal is to get as much work done as possible with the total working time of 12 minutes.


A lot of people are going to be throwing around the cheesy new year resolutions, goals, life changing decisions and they will be lead by the “New year, New me….” slogan. The fact is folks that if you want to change, you can do it any day of the year. Don’t be limited by the turn of a new calendar year to limit when you can start to change for the better. I am in  no way discouraging you from setting new goals this year on the way to a better version of yourself, I have some too. What I am discouraging is the mindset that you will be in fact changing who you are or becoming a new person. By all means folks, we are who we are. We have been shaped and molded by time, circumstance, genetics, relationships, failures, victories, jobs, career’s, education, spiritual upbringing or lack there of…..the list goes on. When we associate new goals or resolutions with becoming a new person, we automatically view set backs or bumps along the road as complete failures due to the associate of that being our “old selves”, which turns into “I”ll never change”, “I can’t do this”.  When it comes to your goal setting and resolutions throughout this next year, don’t worry about changing who you are or re-inventing yourself, just TRY to be better. Try as hard as you can and put all of your focus and effort into meeting those goals, the worst that can happen is that you won’t succeed. That doesn’t mean the year will be a failure, surely not if you put ALL you have into it. You will learn new things about yourself, meet new people, see small victories and end up a better version of yourself whether win, lose or drawl. There is only one thing I can guarantee about goals and resolutions: The journey won’t be perfect and you will blow it along the way. Big deal. Dust off, do a burpee (cuz that is how us CrossFitter’s get up off the ground naturally nowadays) and get back to it! Oh and don’t be shy, shoot for the starts and at least you can land on the moon.



Dead Lift (body weight)
Burpee over bar (x 2) (20, 18, 16….ect…)
Pull Up
For time.

With the last week of the year upon us…..and less than ideal nurtition taking hold of our lives, there is only 1 way to workout……..pain. And since we all know, “pain don’t hurt”…..we will have fun. Here is the beginning of a “fun” week indeed.





“Max effort Monday”
Max unbroken reps of Thruster 135/95 lb.
Rest 5 min.
Max unbroken reps of Snatch (any variation) 135/95 *reps must be TnG*
Rest 5 min.
Max unbroken reps HSPU *kipping allowed*
Rest 5 min.
100 Jack knife’s for time. (Hollow position, legs stay stright as they rise to meet hands over hips, arms and heels are not to touch the ground but simply return to hollow position)




Ok gang, today we only have AM classes! If you don’t come to workout on Christmas Eve and you HAVE THE TIME, you automatically get put on Santa’s Naughty List……don’t let that happen. Get your butt in the gym and workout. It will be a fun one, a Wasatch CrossFit version of the 12 days of Christmas….should be challenging for the best and also a great workout for the rest. I’m expecting some pretty big classes tomorrow around 9 and 10 so it should be a lively bunch! If you have never done a workout like this before, it goes just like the song. Start at 1, then 2,1, then 3,2,1….all the way through the round starting with 12. The reps for each movement are the day that it appears.


The schedule for tomorrow is as follows:

5:30 AM


9:00 AM

10:00 AM






“12 Days of Wasatch CrossFit Christmas”
1. Dead Lift (275/185)
2. Bar Muscle Up
3. Snatch (135/95)
4. Pistol
5. Burpee
6. Pull up
7. Push Press (135/95)
8. T2B
9. Box Jump (24/20)
10. Step up
11. Sit up
12. Lunge Jumps