Most people like to rest on Thursdays and with good reason, the rest of the week has begun to take its toll on your body. However, today would be a sad day to miss if you can choose not to! We will be throwing down in a popular, often requested, favorite of our former gym owner Damon Stewart. In fact, there was one point where he programmed this workout back to back days, it’s true……crazy right? But then the argument was, we should be ready for such a random occurrence, I couldn’t much argue that…..but variance isn’t random…..and due to that….we will throw down in Fight Gone Bad tomorrow! Don’t worry, you won’t have to do it again on Friday…..unless your sick coach chooses to put you through that, it will be coach’s choice after all. Tomorrow, have fun, this is a great class workout and a worthy bench mark workout to track results for!


A little back story, Coach Glassman designed this workout in order to help prepare an athlete for a fight style of conditioning. Later BJ Penn would go on to do the workout and say it should be called “Fight Gone Bad”….hence where we get the title!

Keep up your guard tomorrow!!!


Wall Ball (20/14)

SDHP (75/55)

Box Jump (20′)

Push Press (75/55)

Row (Cals)


1:00 at each station

3 rounds

Well, they made their first appearance ever in the Open this year so let’s make sure we don’t forget about them. The OH lunge is back, this time a little a different. Today you will lunge with a barbell over head by stepping forward and then stepping back into place, so no walking.


Have Fun!



10 min. Emotm
1 power snatch + 1 oh squat
Build to heaviest possible in the window.


OH stationary lunge x 12 (6 each) (95/65)
KB swing x 16 (53/35) *vertical swing*
Jack knife x 20
5 rounds for time.

Hey guys! Fran went awesome we had many many many PR’s and for that I am proud!! It is not an easy workout to make yourself do, especially if you have done before…..when it’s brand new….let’s be honest ppl just don’t know any better! haha. Once you have felt that pain, you rarely want to go back to that place which is why I don’t program it often.

We have a sweater missing from the gym! One of our members Michelle, a morning athlete has lost her new WCF black Hoodie. She put her initials inside it in numerous places, so if you guys have a hoodie, please look inside it and be sure you did not accidentally take someone else’s! That is always a good idea before leaving with things that are easily confused and I’d encourage most of you to put initials or names on things that look a lot like others peoples things!

Tomorrow…..we fitness, again!!

Deadlift build to 3 rep max (15 min cap)


15 min amrap

5 power clean (185/125)
10 T2B
15 push up
20 box jump

Today is a day you should remember for a while. It is a day when you test where your fitness is currently at and where it has come. For some this will be a first, for many it will be a rendezvous with memorable foe. Today……we do FRAN. No additions, nothing fancy, just a simple couplet and a test of two movements. Let’s see where we’ve come in the last bit of time training. And we will revisit her at the end of the summer to see how our devout will fair with a consistent summer of gains!







Pull Ups

For time.


Today we visit the importance of reaching a max effort, in many ways.


1.Max effort strict chin up 3:00
Rest 1:00
2. Max effort single unders 3:00
Rest 1:00
3. Max effort T2B 2:00
Rest 1 min.
4. Max effort double under 2:00
Rest 1 min
5. Max distance HS walk 1 min.
Rest 1 min.
6. Max effort burpee to plate 1 min.
**athlete locks legs out on plate.**


I make the following post to follow up on a “soap box” moment I shared yesterday with the 4:30pm class. I don’t even know where the rant originated. I think it was because I asked everyone if “they had a good weekend” and no one was really thrilled to respond with something worth while. My rant to the class was simple, ” If you don’t like your life, do whatever you can immediately to change it.” That is a scary thing to fathom and may include much risk, and big changes but it will surely be worth it. Our time on this earth is very short, something I was taught at a pretty young age losing my Dad in an accident at 16 years old. It was something that changed the path of my life forever and to be where I am now I can honestly say it has surely worked out in the best possible outcome.

My purpose here isn’t to talk about tragedy, which is something we will all encounter in the time we have. The point is to remind you that due to the lack of a guaranteed tomorrow… must live with passion, chase your dreams, and surround yourself with people you love. For many of us life turns into showing up when and where we need to in order to get paid to make money to spend on things that impress people we don’t like, and repeat the same cycle. If you don’t have dreams to chase, even at age 95, I would encourage you to do some day dreaming and find some. Try to help others find passion and purpose if nothing else, it is more fulfilling than you may know, and you will in turn literally save lives.

Try to live such a way that you are doing what you WANT to be doing. When someone asks how your weekend was, especially if you weren’t working……please be able to say it was great. Literally set out this Friday night and pursue something that will leave you no choice in knowing you’ve loved every moment of your weekend. Now, life is much more than those two days of the week, so if you can find a career that suits this, chase it. If it doesn’t make much money, or chances are slim you can attain it….I’d encourage you to die trying. Life happens, and not everyones story is the same. You can always find a way to make the best of EVERYDAY by conscious effort of being in the moment and finding gratitude if nothing else than for the air you are taking in and out of your body.


What can you change today? Right now? That will lead to a more fulfilled life tomorrow. If it isn’t right now, then when? And how can you do it? Time is short here, we have to enjoy it. Watch less TV, type less, sit less……learn more, talk/listen more face to face with humans, and MOVE because that is one of the most overlooked keys to leading a happy life.

As for tomorrow, crush this workout.


Row 12/9 cals
18 push ups
24 wall balls (20/14)
Rest 1:00
4 rounds for time.

Rest as needed

Emotm x 8
1 full clean and split jerk (heaviest sustainable load
Can go up. (Encourage starting at 75% minimum)


Yesterday was heavy breathing light weight and lots of distance traveled. Today will be a different stimulus. Different effect but just as potent and necessary for you to continue to pursue your “look good naked” physique, is lifting heavy weights. When selecting the load let the percentage suggested be just that, a suggestion. If you can go heavier than 77% of your 1 rep for those reps and still make them touch and go and maintain a flat back, then go for it!


then…..we do abs! Yay.




Odd: Deadlift x 5 (77% 1rm)
Even : broad jump x 3 (singles, as far as possible each rep)
14 minutes


10 weighted sit ups (abmat) (20/14MB)
20 abmat sit ups
Rest 1:00 3 rounds for time.

MetCon Monday has an evil twist this week. There is no rest between the experiences this time. Have fun!


Run 200 m
Thruster x 10 (75/55)
Push press x 20 **no jerks**
3 rounds


C2B pull up x 30
Ring dip x 25
T2B x 20
Hspu x 15 (strict)
Burpee box jump x 10


Farmer Carry x 400m (70/53) each arm

All for time. No rest within workout.

Friday should be fun to you no matter how sore you are. For most of us it means the end of a long week and getting to look forward to the weekend of more free time and fun times. For me, it means I get to travel somewhere to work two more days of the week, but that’s ok bills don’t pay themselves and I love my job. Come in this Friday with positive attitude and crush whatever workout the Coach’s prepare for you! Have fun and have a great weekend. Normal weekend schedule this weekend, bring a friend to the gym and let them try CrossFit this Saturday, spread the love!



Coach’s Choice. (Some kind of clean and jerks are coming your way.)

When your lower body is trashed like it should be after a workout like today, what does that leave us? Well let’s do the same thing to your upper body! Haha. Jokes aside today will be a unique hero workout.


In honor of Navy Petty Officer 1st Class Jeff Taylor, 30, of Little Creek, VA who was killed in Afghanistan last week.

“My husband was a warrior and a man who believed his purpose in life was to defend the freedoms that each of us enjoy today.” –Erin Taylor


Ya’ll know how we attack these, give them the respect they are due. Not that we ever justify how we lose people but it is surely and ode or a nod to their life and remembering the sacrifice they made for us. Today however you can’t attack this workout with full force intensity and ever expect to finish it. Many people will need to scale it, and there is surely a pacing element to it. In CrossFit we often put movements together the compliment each other to keep the power output high. An example of this is a workout like “Cindy” you do pull ups then you do push ups then you do air squats, non of these movements makes the other unlikely to be done. But today, in “JT” we will experience what is known as movement redundancy. The movement type is literally a vertical press, a downward press and a horizontal press. It will be very likely that before ever “getting out of breath” you will actually fail from local muscle fatigue. So my advice is break up the reps! And do so early and often.



**”J.T.” **

21-15-9 reps of:
Handstand push-ups
Ring dips



SideNote: I question the intensity of those that finished the wallball/ run/ wallball workout and did another workout? 1. Ya’ll are crazy. 2. If you dropped the ball during the workout that means you couldn’t potential have energy left to workout again after right? “You don’t need harder workouts, you need to go harder in your workouts.” Intensity is where the magic happens. Remember.

We visit good ol’ Tabatta today, this is a staple of conditioning for CrossFit. The unique thing about doing it with Wall Balls is that throwing the ball gives you quite a bit of rest. With that said and all things considered, I strongly expect to see unbroken sets and you rest during your rest. The workout will be 2 scores…..1 for your total amount of wall balls on each end of the 800 m run, and the other the 800m. run itself. If you run fast you’ll get to rest more, the last tabatta will begin 5 min. after the last athlete walks in the door……as usual “it pays to be a winner.” Have fun and visit the dark place today, intensity is where the magic happens and that is outside of your comfort zone just FYI. MOST importantly……HAVE FUN!




Tabatta Wall Ball (20/14)

Run 800 m.

Tabatta Wall Ball

**2 scores…..Total number of Wall Balls and Tabatta score. Second Tabatta should start 5 min. after last athlete returns from run**

Fitness is your work capacity across broad time and modal domains. Our goal with CrossFit is to increase that and improve that. Some people come to our gym looking for the “Get Fit Quick” type of training regime and sadly that just isn’t what we offer. Our goal is to make those gains organically, in a way that leads to improved quality of life through new abilities gained in the gym. Our program isn’t specifically designed to get you in the best shape of your life in “30 days”, it isn’t to get you in “Swim suit shape” for the summer. Our training regime is to mold you into the best the physical and mental shape you have ever been in your life and help keep you there as long as possible. We will help you get into the “swim suit shape” but we don’t ever want you to be “out of swim suit shape”. You see, once you start CrossFit you should chase performance in such a way that you always want to improve and be more, or be capable of more. When you do this properly aligned with a conscious effort of what you put into your mouth and how much sleep/ rest you give your body away from the gym you give your body exactly what it has always desired to be “Human”. Coming into a CrossFit gym lends the ability to create new relationships, be physically active, pursuit hard things, have mental struggles, break mental/ physical barriers, help others through personal (emotional or physical) battles and learn how to take care of your body through the fuel you put into it. If you are looking for the “Get fit quick” program, you are probably better off signing up for a binge diet of some sort that won’t be sustainable for life, and also some kind of training program that calls for hours of slow steady cardio each week that is boring and isolating. But I’ll warn you with this……when you are done with diet and your awful training program and looked good for those two weeks, when you run into a friend that looks great, is happy and healthy, has the legs you wish you did or the abs you wish you did……they probably CrossFit and if they stick with it they will continue to look that way and even better as they continue to develop new capacities physically. Point is… patient. Your body wants to be active, wants to be healthy……don’t rush it, just do the right things, be consistent and be willing to make the hard right decisions vs. the easy wrong decisions.


Build to heaviest Muscle Snatch possible.

Build to heaviest Power Snatch possible.

Build to heaviest Squat Snatch Possible.

(10 min. cap on each element.)

Max Double Unders in 4 min.
Rest 2 min.
Max effort bridge (45/25) *plate on back, forearms on ground on toes*

It’s back by popular demand. Lot’s of heavy breathing and also coupled with some heavier loads this week, MetCon Monday will not disappoint. Scale the weights accordingly…..the deadlifts should be heavy, but not to the question of IF you can pick it up at all…..just if you really “feel” like it while your tired. Be smart and err on the side of moving too fast vs. too slow… will get heavy either way. If the weight you choose is over 80% of 1rm scale back a bit. Then make sure you get flex and are able execute the single arm over head squat……everybody wants to get really fit, but not enough of you are working on your mobility, this is a great movement to test it.


Dead Lift x 4
Barfacing Burpee x 8
Pull Up x 12
4 rounds for time.

Rest 6 min.

KB Oh Squat x 12 (6 each arm)
KB swing x 18 (Games Standard)
4 rounds for time.

Rest 3 min.

3. Row 50 cals.


**All one score**

Be ready to move some weight tomorrow. We have had a two day absence of any external load…..if I wrote up tomorrow’s workout you’d be surely get dosed up with some heavy workouts. Maybe someone will program King Kong? Dead lifts at 455 for rounds and reps? Maybe some quality time with a heavy KB in the modality of a leisurely OH walk or farmer Carry…..maybe even some heavy sled pushing or pulling? Ya just never know what to expect when it is up the imagination of each coach. : )


Have fun.


And remember, the gym is closed on Saturday. But we will have a class workout up the street at the Park in the neighborhood behind the gym at 10am! Come out and join in on the fun. The gym will also be Open from 6:30 am to 8:00am for an open gym format. All athletes must be done training and heading out by 8:00 AM for the seminar we are hosting this weekend.

Today is a benchmark workout. A day for you to log some all out effort scores and build upon it the next time we visit this one. This benchmark includes some high skills that will leave many of you scaling in a variety of ways! There is nothing wrong with scaling these just like you would any other workout, the goal is that when you log your results in Wodify, making sure you put notes down on exactly how you scaled it. Our ultimate goal the next time we see this workout appear is to “scale” it less, eventually making our way to Rx’ing it then eventually working on shaving down time once all the movements are met. Have fun, and go hard!


10 Pistols
15 Pull Ups
20 minute amrap

The statement above may not be true, but its a cool Drake line at least. Sorry for the late post as most of you know the workout for today already and many of already experienced it. Today we run, but not like your track style workouts, we run really fast, with limited rest……take a long rest, then repeat it again and again and again. I wanted us to get some quality running in, but at a high intensity. Although today is barbell free and somewhat an “easier” day of training, many of you will be sore from the sprints. So spend some time stretching and putting down some rowing or biking as a solid cool down today. Tomorrow we will do a barbell free benchmark workout…….any guess’s?



1. Broad jump 40 yards in as few jumps as possible. Lower score is better.

2. Sprint 20yards and back, 15 and back, 10 and back 5 and back…..for time. Rest 1:00 x 3
Rest 3 minutes x 4
**Athletes will run a total of 12 shuttle runs! Must cross line with foot not touch with hand.

Yesterday was a long workout! Really, really, really long for some of you! That’s ok, that was the motivation, we will hit a couple longer workouts this week, don’t worry you love them. Seriously an overall gym consensus shows that you prefer longer workouts. But tomorrow isn’t one of them, it is right in the CrossFit sweet spot, 12 minutes long. Not too long that the results get blunted due to you standing around too much and not quite short enough to be a sprint, which most of you dread….sub 6 minute workouts (even though that is really where you get most fit due to the intensity).

Here is what is on the agenda:


1a. Bench Press 4×5 AHAP
1b. Chin Up 4x max (minimum of 5 per set, use band if necessary)
Rest 2:00 each.

2. Power Clean x 6 (165/115)
Box Jump x 12 (24/20)
Sit Up x 18
12 minute amrap

You know what time it is……kicking this week in the teeth time. You’ve had a restful weekend, or at leas I hope so……and now it is time to get back to some solid training. We will be starting to see some consistency of themes and patterns not in movements and it may not be as noticeable to some as others, but we will be training with purpose. Our goal again this year, just like after each open is not to settle into a “lull” but to hit head on our weakness’s as individuals and as a gym so that when they are tested again, we will be better! Have a great week, and……have fun. This one will be a doozy!


MetCon Monday:

1. T2B x 40
Bar facing Burpee x 30
Lunge Jump x 20 each! (40 total)
Rest 3 min.

2. Run 400 m.
20 Thrusters
Run 200 m.
20 Shoulder to OH
Run 400 m.
20 Front squats

Rest 3 min.

3. KB Swing x 10 (Russian Swing) (70/53)
Goblet Squat x 10
4 rounds for time.

**Workout scored as 1 workout. 1 time.

Yes, this workout is literally random… I think it is really cool. It came from no ones mind, but just simply a few rolls of a pair of WOD Dice… is that for variance? Now, if we did workouts like this all the time we may not see the same kind of physical benefits to our training as purpose driven variance, but it is very fun to do from time to time.

Maybe I’ll even let some of the athlete roll them this week for next week’s WOD Dice workout? Then you can be really upset with them, not me. : )


12 hang clean (Pwr.)
15 hang squat clean
50 double unders
3 rft (95/65)


Spend 10 min. Or so doing GHD sit ups/ Hip extensions/ back extensions as cool down. Your choice…..but get some core work in!

Life. And skills we never imagined we’d thought we’d be able to do. Our goal with this whole program is to continue to push out the margins of your experience. Well why learn to walk on my hands in order to get more fit? Well, why not? And if you are truly….”fit”, which thanks to Greg Glassman we actually have a definition for that is measurable, observable and repeatable……then you ought to have the largest amount of skill sets, no matter how weird or random they may seem….as possible. With all of that said, today we walk on our hands, well practice/try.


HS walk practice (10 min)
Run 200 m
HS walk 50 ft.
5 rounds for time.

Rest as needed.

Turkish get up x 20 for time. 53/35