Wow, I don’t know how ALL the classes went yesterday but I am extremely proud of the afternoon/ evening crew for the intensity that was shown during that conditioning. It was terrible. Mitch and I went through it together during the early afternoon and when truly trying to race another human through it at the end makes for a very potent stimulus. That being considered, its been a long challenging week folks. Think about what you put into your body over the next few days, I know hard work makes you feel like you need a “reward” and of course you do. But that doesn’t mean eating whatever you want all weekend, drinking whatever you want and staying up all late! You put time and effort into your body and health all week, enjoy the weekend and continue to do the same by fueling with great food, allowing like 2 cheat meals and getting lots of rest and sleep!



3x max reps of the following:
A1.Strict Pull Up
A2.Gymnastics Crunch
A3.Close grip push up (shoulder width hands, elbows along ribs)

Coach’s Choice:
Some kind of AMRAP.

This week has been challenging, if you haven’t rested any days yet then you are feeling it for sure. Tomorrow the intensity will not step down at all but the specificity of the training will be pretty dialed  in. We will avoid the arms and shoulders and focus more on the posterior and the legs. Get lots of sleep and good food this week (good means quality, not your favorite treats, because those probably cause inflammation and make soreness and recovery slower and worse).


Build to new max Dead lift (Off 2inch deficit) possible in 15 minutes.

Row 300 men/ 250 women
Back Squat x 21 reps (135/95)
Bar facing Burpee x 15 reps
Rest 3:00
3 rounds for time.

*Bar must come from the floor*

Yesterday was ROUGH. Not because of any kind of lack skill or flexibility unlike the previous day. Tuesday was simply a test of straight work capacity, and pain tolerance mixed with a bit of “are you crazy” due to the heat factor. Well done on every athletes part that took place in that thing. I”m not saying its for sure, but there is a good chance that workout will reappear……think about what could you do to improve upon your time?

Tomorrow the workout will not get any easier. BUT it will be very very different. Much more of a “pump” session, if you will. It will involve KB’s, single limb movement and also some isometric holds. Legs will get a break tomorrow……..not so much for the upper extremities. Then we reverse things for Thursday.



Wall Climb x 3
Hanging Arch Hollow x 15
Strict T2Ring x 10
4 rounds for quality

KB bent Row x 24 (1 in each hand, bent row position, alternate working arms each rep)
KB floor press x 24 (laying on floor legs flat, alternate working arms each rep, KB is to be on backside of forearm)
KB front Rack Hold 1:00 (KB’s must be in front of shoulders, not on top of shoulders resting, encourage clasped hands in the front)
7 rounds for time.

If you think it through, your overhead squat is not crappy due to a lack of leg drive or strength or even stamina. Most athletes struggle on the OH squat because of their inability to have an upright torso, keep their core engaged and still drive their knees out and stay in their heels. Yes, there is a lot going on each an every inch traveled during an OH Squat. So how do we improve it? Most of you would conclude, “Coach, I must get stronger!”. No. Your back squat is significantly heavier than your OH Squat right? So no you don’t need to get stronger, you need to get more functionally flexible, you need to be able to stay upright through a squat so you don’t “bow” forward as much, you need to work on keeping tension through your midline throughout a lift without ever letting up. (like a hollow hold!!!). One sure way to get better at OH Squatting is to do it more! You don’t need to go heavy but you do need to practice perfect movement with a PVC pipe, light barbell, work on controlling the tempo throughout the rep, get as deep as you can, never stop pressing into the bar and stay in your heels! Add some light practice in 1x a week no matter what is programmed, and if you are a real go getter spend 10 extra minutes simply building to a heavy 1 rep 1x a week as well. It will do wonders for your fitness. A few great goals are being able to squat 1.5 your body weight for 1 rep. And then being able to squat 100% of your body weight 15 times unbroken! It is a standard Coach Gassman set back in 2002 or so and said it was the best test for midline stability or core strength!



In 12 min. build to the heaviest complex of:
1xpower clean
1x hang squat clean
1x Power Jerk
1x Split Jerk

12 dead lifts
12 front Squats
12 S2Oh
Run 400m.
4 rounds for time.

This is a hard time. Not for you, not for me, for everyone. We have a lot of crazy things going on in this country that we ought to be well above. There is nothing that we can do by “posts” on social media, support in real life happens from action. Not standing in lines, yelling, chanting, rioting, violent type of actions. The actions I speak about that make real change are commitment to truth, justice, equality, rationale, friendships, service, relationships, and love. There are a lot of choice words we could all share about any perspective in regards to what is taking place right now, but save them. I say this not to quiet, or hush any existing problem or to make you think I’m ok with ANY innocent or even guilty life being taken.( You see I am not God, and I don’t even want to take the life of a man that “I” might deem to deserve to die)


I say this because the only thing we can do that is positive is take the HIGH ROAD. How do you know which road is the right one? Or which road is the highest? I’ll be honest, I don’t know it all and many of our members, my friends and my family could argue with me on this one but I think it is the one the “hurts the most”. I don’t mean hurts feelings, but like hurts your natural urge. Right now, I hear things and get angry, I want to make posts, I want to lash out. Taking the high road for me means, stepping back, looking at what I can potentially do with my life that could EVER make difference on this world for this given circumstance. When I come to that and think about a lot of things in the big picture, it leaves me wanting to support anyone who is losing a loved one, a friend, a brother from any perspective in the many tragedies we’ve seen recently. And as a proactive action is to find a way to be a “brother, leader, role model……” to any young man I can find. The fact is that on either side of the race barrier, we are finding that more and more young men are left to being raised in the absence of a father and are most likely to be the ones “in harms way”, “against the odds”, “public enemy number 1″….however you want to describe it, these are our AT RISK YOUTH.

I’m not sure what this really means I should do, but I’m posting here so you guys can one day hold me accountable. Maybe I’ll start being a big brother to someone or volunteering at a Boys and Girls club, not sure. But I think in my heart of hearts that this is where real change can happen, spend time with someone serve them, lead them, teach them, teach tolerance, patience, kindness, self control, hard work, humility, manners ect….. I may just be annoyed and get my feelings hurt a bunch, lose a ton of free time or time I could be spending doing things “I WANT TO DO” and find that I’ll never make a difference, or MAYBE NOT. Maybe I can impact a few lives and each of them can impact a few more, maybe 1 or 2 of them could be really special and impact hundreds and maybe thousands. I don’t know that it will make a difference for the right here right now place we live in, but I do know it could change things for children, and their children.

This could look very different for each of us. If anyone wants to discuss some ideas or if anyone is already volunteering at a place like this or knows of one I can get involved with please let me know. I’d love for everyone to take a moment or two to just think about what this could look like for you specifically. We ought to put more time into others, serve them, this is one aspect of society we’ve grown away from, building something for someone else instead of ourselves. We should invest in those that don’t have what we have, and can learn from our mistakes, help all young men and women to be inspired in some way……they grow up to be both American Citizens and Our Police that serve and protect us.


“Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that. Hate cannot Drive out Hate, only Love can do that.”- MLK


-Coach AC



Each station is :30 seconds of max reps.
1. Gymnastics Crunch (basically a jack knife, toes pointed, hollow position to start then fold to hands touch feet, back to hollow)
2. Push Up (chest nor thighs never touch, but get as close as possible to floor)
3. Candle Stick
4. Rest
3 rounds
6 minute circuit. Goal is quality, no need to record amount of work done athletes are trying to build a bigger base not compete through it.

OH Squat x 30 (95/65)
BMU x 10
Oh Squat x 20 (135/95)
C2B Pull up x 20
Oh Squat x 10 (165/105)
Pull Up x 30
For time.


Alright gang, last day of the working week for most of you! We are hosting a BBQ this evening at 7pm, all are welcome! Come get a workout in at Open Gym and then stick around for some grub. If you get a chance, sign up on the sign in sheet with something you can bring as a side dish or dessert and then show up hungry and ready for a good time. If you are an early athlete come on in after work before you start your weekend! For all of you Pokemon heads out there you can come stand at the horse of our building and the front and collect whatever it is you are doing on your phones while wasting so much data and time. Something for everyone. ; )



3 rounds not for time.
10 hanging arch/ hollow (kip swings)
10 “lay backs” This is a more exaggerated kip swing where the athlete closes the shoulder and hip more aggressively, making them “lay back”
10 Lunge to Hand stand (look this up on youtube if you don’t know it. Basically a step to Hand stand position, the goal is no misses, so less is more here)
10 box supported HSPU (yes everyone does this version even if they CAN do a million HSPU)




Coach’s Choice!!

1 x clean
3 x front squat
EMOTM x 10
@70% of max clean you may increase if you’d like. But think first….mechanics, consistency, then intensity.

Walking lunge x 20 steps
SDHP x 20 (70/53)
Step up x 20 steps (24/20)
KB Swing x 20 (Over head, flat on top) (70/53)
Air squat x 20
3 rounds for time.

One of the subtle but large differences between how a competitive CrossFitter trains and one who trains for only 60 minutes a day with a class is the amount of “practice” that takes place. Due to the time constraint and nature of what we are trying to accomplish in CrossFit, we don’t get a ton of work on barbell “skills”. This is one of the reasons you as athletes should attend our barbell club it will do wonders for your olympic lifts and in turn make you more fit. You gain competency on body position, bar path and timing and it will enhance your ability to make large loads travel long distances quickly = go faster and heavier in workouts = look better with your clothes off and be stronger and fitter for life.

What we did yesterday with the EMOTM of snatches was “practice”, if you guys can’t make it to barbell club, drills like that are great ones to increase your olympic lifting skills. When we train for regionals or the CrossFit Games we accumulate many many many clean and jerks and snatches at light to moderate loads not in hopes to gain strength (down the road we will of course) but to gain a better skill set to execute the lifts at a higher level. This same application is what we are currently putting into practice with our body weight work! Which we get back to tomorrow!!


1. Hollow Rock x accumulate 50 reps

2. Superman Hold (feet together, biggest arch possible) Accumulate 2:00

3. Candle Stick accumulate x 25 reps

Row 1k
Shoulder 2 OH x 30 (145/100)
Amat sit up x 100
For time.

That workout was a nasty one, not very uncommon for a Monday. One thing that will help you guys constantly be recovering, getting your money’s worth from your gym membership and all in all making you happier is for you to get MORE SLEEP! I know many athletes don’t think about this, but it is so important that if you slept more, you could potentially lose more weight then working out or being on a healthy diet. Now, lets not get carried away, obviously the key to a healthy lifestyle is the inclusion consistently of all 3. But just think, sleep effects our mood, hormones (which directly effects metabolism, ability to regenerate muscle tissue, and burn fat), sex drive, and out ability to think more clearly throughout the day. If you are notoriously someone who stays up to watch “shows” or have more time for yourself……GO TO BED. Put an alarm on your phone that sends you to bed each night. Goal for 8 hours, if you can get more DO IT. If you are getting less than 8, then you MUST find time for a nap. Is it realistic for most of you? Maybe not since we have so many young mothers with small children and same with Dad’s, but I will say…..that won’t last forever and when it is an option…..get on that sleep schedule!!



Muscle Snatch x 1
Power snatch x 1
Squat Snatch x 1
EMOTM x 10 min.

Start at 40% max snatch, building is an option. Goal is “practice”. Mechanics, consistency, then intensity.


1:00 burpee box jump
1:00 DBL KB DL 70/53
1:00 T2B
4 rounds.
Score is total reps.

New skills and new focus, same goal…..get more fit. We will now be looking at just getting more body weight aware over the next few weeks. We will incorporate skills and drills that will hopefully give you more control and coordination and lead to better body weight performances. We won’t be neglecting any of our new found strength of the back squat don’t worry, hopefully you will have the chance to see how much strength you’ve gained and also how it can carry over and apply to the olympic lifts and also your ability to move heavy loads during workouts!!



Here we go!



1a. Superman x 10
1b. Hollow rock x 10
3 rounds

2a. Hanging Arch/Hollow x 10 (kipping swing, easy smooth, feet together, legs long, squeeze heels and knees)
2b. Head stand Hold x :30
3 rounds

3a. Bottom Push Up hold x :20
3b. Top Pull Up hold x :10
3 rounds

Squat clean x 6
Run 200m.
Pull Up x 20
Run 200m.
Rest 2:00
3 rounds for time.


Hey guys, great week! I hope you all enjoyed this onslaught of workouts as much as we did coaching you through them. There are some things you need to know about this weekend if you haven’t already noticed the signs around the gym. This weekend THE GYM WILL BE CLOSED. NO SATURDAY CLASSES! We are hosting an L1 seminar and must close the doors to our members. Get outside and enjoy your fitness! Go for a hike, hit up Wasastch CrossFit Race, I know there will be yoga there at 10am!


Also on the 4th of July we will only have 2 classes 8am and 10 am. Come on out and get your fitness on before you get out and enjoy the Holiday.


Tomorrow we coaches choice!


After your back squats of course. We will be maxing out on Wednesday! Practice getting your butt down and being low so your PR’s count on Wednesday!


Back squat 3×3 (92.5/95/97.5)

No tricks to it, nothing “extra” just good old Cindy. This is a big body weight benchmark workout folks, go hard and establish a great score for yourself to reference! For those of you that have been around a while, track the results, be sure to put them into wodify and then we will know them the next time we hit this workout. For anyone new to CrossFit these “benchmark” workouts are how we track our progress. This is how you know you getting your money’s worth folks. Can you do more reps then you did last time? Can you do RX? Can you modify a little less ect…..we thrive on being able to do MORE with our bodies than we once could. This is something to take much more pride in than your body weight, body fat or lean body tissue. Do more, and all of a sudden you will be more, and you will start to feel and look exactly how you were molded to.




5 Pull Ups

10 Push Ups

15 Air Squats

20 minute AMRAP


Now that we are at the peak of effort and tail end of the overall squat cycle people are starting to get the idea of how HARD you must work to get strong. I know many people may be tired of back squatting by now, I have some information for you. Believe it or not, most people you look at and “want to look like” in magazines or at the top of any sport, including our own in CrossFit, train like this all year. This style of a linear progression is what I spent my life doing through High School, College and even after. The best athletes in our sport flow from 6 week cycles to a slightly different 12 week cycle to another 10 week cycle all year. They do this in order to see gains as small as 2lb. You guys will go through this cycle and see gains as big as 50 lb’s! So worth it. The point is, while strength training like this isn’t as “sexy” as our conditioning which is Constantly varied and always different, this is where the gains are made. It takes heavy heavy lifting, with sets that will leave you failing reps at times and creating doubt in your mind if you can stand the weight up or not. That is the intensity it takes, that is the consistency it takes, and more importantly that is the fight it takes to get strong and meet goals the fastest.

*****We saw some athletes improve drastically upon their squat snatch on Monday with just 20 minutes of skills and drills work, athletes please take advantage of the barbell club with have at Wasatch! Ask about times and classes and show up 1x a week and get your Oly up! It will help you lift large loads, long distances quickly……(functional movement) and then you’ll move more weight in workouts, going faster, and get jacked and its summer so you can get tan too. You can be jacked and tan if you go to barbell club 1-2x a week and conditions with us 4-6 days a week. Who doesn’t want that?!******



Back squat 3×3 (90/92.5/95)

Deadlift x 3 @85%
Row 12/9 cals
Rest 2:00
6 rounds for time.

Some people really don’t realize what is happening to them when they come into this gym, and take care of their bodies when their outside of the gym through good nutrition and rest. Some folks literally come in day in and day out and don’t realize much through performance nor see visually the huge stride they’ve made. One thing that you have to realize is that we all have our own degree of distorted self image. I would encourage most of you to go back and look at some pictures of your “prior” to CrossFit self snap some current ones and see what you see. While the results you may WANT still aren’t there, they will never be. Well, at least to some extent, and I surely hope not…..I always want you to want more and to want to be better. But it is definitely necessary for us all to take time and moments in our journey to be well pleased with where we’ve come from and it will help us find success in our journey with where we are going!



Filthy 50
Box jumps
Jumping pull ups
KB swing 35/24
Walking lunge
Push press 45/33
Barbell good morning
Double under
50 of each for time.

Another productive week of your fitness journey. Let’s all take a second to remember this is what we are on, it is a long road to many goals and that is ok. You guys choose to be members here with us, at our gym because you understand that this is a life time sport and life long pursuit of new skills, capacity and of course and ideal health based lifestyle. I know that the CrossFit Games are sexy and cool and well everyone wants to be strong and ripped and have all those skills. The fact is though, the folks that make it there year in and year out and even to the regional level now today, are genetically gifted, sick in the head….and most of them are poor. Why poor? Well because they either own their own gym (which in case you didn’t know, doesn’t bring in a ton of marginal cash flow), or they are in school, or they literally only exercise. There is a very few number, like 10 people literally that make GOOD money off this sport. Most survive of hundreds a month from sponsors, there are a few making thousands and only 1 making millions: RFJ, AKA Rich Money, AKA Richard Froning Junior, AKA Rich “Fitness pays my bills, builds me a mansion, and supplies my kids a lifetime of money” Froning. In fact what you may find hard to believe, many CrossFitter’s at the highest level could barely scrape together the cash to actually pay a coach or own a real gym membership to a box. Crazy Right? But that is how much time they spend in the gym, the commitment level they give to recovery (massage, mobility, chiropractors, ice bath, dry needle, acupuncture ect…) and the time they invest in their sleep; 10 hours every night, no exceptions. Most at the top level dial in their life so tight they don’t even wake up to an alarm because they how bad that is on stress levels while waking.

My point here is, you are not a professional exerciser, it is going to take a long time to get as good as what you see on TV, and even longer if you want to do it and not make your arm fall off or lose a leg (I just really mean hurt yourself). So for those of you with big aspirations of making the CrossFit Games, you should quit your day job and start doing the list above, otherwise…..enjoy the process, train with friends, take care of your body, be humble and work hard. Then, as you’ve been around for a while, find new folks around the gym and in class and teach them a thing or two, nothing makes my heart more full then me seeing people teach others, not out of duty or job but just to help.


Tomorrow, we fitness, again.


3×3 back squat

Coaches choice!!

Many of you were sore coming into the gym today, well the workout didn’t help much. But for some of you the soreness may not set in badly until morning. None the less, you know my antidote……motion is lotion. Come into the gym, warm up, foam roll, stretch…..that does mean you may need to arrive a bit early, but it will be worth it. 10 minutes of proper preparation can help your performance tremendously even when you are sore.


Tomorrow you are in for a treat, you can thank my wife for this one.



KB swing (53/35)
pull up
power clean (75/55)
25 double unders between each round!!
I.e ( 50,25,25, 25 du…….40,20,20,25 du…..ect.)
**games standard swing **

Tomorrow we back squat, AND YOU KNOW THISSS….MAAAAAN! Keep grinding through the prescribed percentages and we will surely see some very big PR’s to come in the near future. We also will have guests at the mid morning classes and afternoon classes! Get Workt Knee Sleeves and owner Jason Garcia will be present to allow you guys to see some of their stuff first hand, test it out and decide if you want to make some purchases, they may even have special deals for you if you are interested.

The squats will feel heavy tomorrow from some of the DOMS that will take place from Monday’s training, get your mind right and come with an aggressive mindset to crush 3×3!!!



Back squat 3×3

Stationary Barbell OH lunge x 12
BFB x 9
Evil wheel x 6
12 min amrap



We train for many different reasons. Some of you come in because of the community, the great relationships that you’ve forged and the social aspect of the gym. Some of you want to look better, feel better, perform better. Some just like the sport of CrossFit and have dreams of competing better at local comps, making it to regionals and some the CrossFit Games. Any reason you choose to come into the gym and be a part of our family is a great one, and hold on to that. The bottom line and point I am making though is that what we do is much more than fitness. I hope that most of you still understand that the purpose, the reason, and what validates your training is still to help you become MORE.

While most of the results we seek in the gym are physical, the biggest difference I see in many of you is in your attitude, your bravery, your willingness to suffer more, to stay more composed, to live more “outside of your comfort zone”. These changes happen between your ears, in your mind. Today was a challenging day in the gym, heavy lifts and a long, tedious workout with movements many athletes despise. The ones that made true strides today are the ones that held onto the bar longer than they wanted to on both the squat clean thrusters and the T2B, the ones that ventured outside of where they “wanted” to go. You see, you can have physical benefits in CrossFit and play it safe in the workouts. You can break things up so you get sweaty, out of breath, but suffer very little. You’ll still get fitter doing this. However, the real change, the change I hope and pray for each of you won’t happen. The one between the ears is a choice that is very very hard to make each day. Are you willing to toe the line with losing control of your body due to the physical capacity you push to? Are you willing to be outside of your comfort zone? Are you willing to let your sacrifice and risk in the gym transform you as a husband, wife, son, daughter, employee, friend? Because I can tell you, those of you that take that chance daily, and die to yourself in the gym…..become more in every other aspect of your life.



Now I say all this because I struggle with it myself. I’ve logged thousands of CrossFit workouts over the past few years of my life and have gotten very good at finding my comfortable pace. But it is at the times where I go faster than I want, go bigger sets than I want, fail more than I want, that I learn the most about myself as an athlete and as a man. When do I break? Why do I break? Is it because I’m tired and failing or because I”m simply uncomfortable? The answers to these questions take brutal honesty and many times the answer isn’t what we want to hear. You don’t want to think of yourself as a “quitter” but the fact is you probably are and so am I. Not because you didn’t finish a workout but because you backed down from something in the middle of a workout that just scared you instead of taking it on, just like you probably do in life. If that offends you, it should, humble out. I am quitter myself, I finish what I start, but I’ve backed down and it hurts to say that. The real diagnosis here is this, be real, be honest, assess what you do in everything you do, and go on to be better. Next time, tomorrow, Wednesday, whenever it is and however it presents itself…..don’t back down. Go fast, take chances. Be more.



Bench press 10-8-6-4-2
Between each set 12 heavy Russian KB swings.
(Each bench set should be AHAP, each set will have a score!)


Run 400 m.
Bear crawl x 120 yrd.
Run 400 m.
Bear crawl x 80 yards
Run 400n
Bear crawl x 40 yard.
For time.

Ok, we are entering week 4 of our squat cycle! Some of you can look, see, feel and know that you are getting much stronger. Some of you these percentages are taking out back and around the corner and giving a good whipping to. That is ok, either way. Our goal is in the big picture to see improvement, so if you are feeling strong right now that is very normal. You will rarely if ever, feel strong amidst any particle strength training cycle. The reason is because in order to make your body stronger and muscles to grow, destruction must first take place and just like the word looks and sounds it is not good. We must tear down muscles to allow them to heal back stronger and more durable, this what strength training is all about. Which, is why many of our athletes legs are starting to feel heavy and tired, completely expected don’t worry. This week is the same 5-4-3-2-1 rep scheme with adjusted percentages and no gymnastics in between. The reason there is nothing in between is because this week will take much of every ounce of energy and focus for most people to hit the percentages. Friday will be a slight reload day to give you from Wednesday to next Monday with no heavy loading for squats. Keep up the strong work and lets get to chipping away at a new week!!!



Back Squat: 5-4-3-2-1 (78%, 82%, 87%, 92%, 97%)
3 min. Max burpee
Rest 1 min.
2 min. Max pull up
Rest 1 min.
1 min. Max HR push up

Score is total reps.

Tomorrow is another countdown squat day. HIT THOSE PERCENTAGES PEOPLE! Come ready to crush it each day, we have one more week of the count downs, then the hardest part yet.


After the squats, you know what you get……who knows!? Coach’s choice!



Back Squat 5-4-3-2-1 (75, 80, 85, 90, 95)
*just rest between sets*

Coaches choice.