One does not simply get a stomach like Ronnie Coleman by doing endless amounts of sit ups, crunches, planks or other hold variations. Mr.Coleman can deadlift over 600lb. for literaly sets of 10 reps, Front Squat 500lb. for sets of 10 reps and just look at the size of those arms and chest… telling what he is capable of pressing. In the sport of body building working out and getting strong is surely a focus and very important, but do you know what takes precedent to both of those? NUTRITION. And the same goes for CrossFit for you as an athlete. What goes inside your body eventually becomes you, literally. You should put more thought into the food you eat. The reason I bring up this topic today is because I often get the “how do I get rid of my bellly?” or “how do I get a six pack?” questions. The answer is simple….you get it in the kitchen. You get it from yes, hardwork…..but not just in the weight room or the box but by dilligently setting yourself up for success outside the gym while you are in the kitchen or out to eat with friends.

So how does Ron look like that? Well there may have been an illegal supplement or two…..not sure, but it’s possible. He gets under and picks up the heaviest weights he can find! The role of your “core” is to resist trunk flexion, and undue hyperextension of the spine. To make it simple the role of your abs and erectors is to keep you from snapping in half, the best way to train that is to expose those muscles to a strong stimulus they must fight against, nothing better than being able to move large amunts of weight! If you can successfully couple that with great nutrition, watch out….turtle shell in the making. Get strong, Eat well.

Now can we build the muscles under that belly? You betcha….and guess what? Today, we work on the turtle shell!! Just make sure when you go home, you do your part!



GHD Sit Up x 90
Turkish Get Up x 60 (53/35) (total)
1 round not for time.

3x 250 M. all out effort sprints. (make sure rowers are set and counting down for this drill, they may rest as long as they want! Score all 3 times they post.


*Today you will learn how to properly use the GHD if you have never had the chance. Please note that it can be a dangerous tool if not used properly, please respect the proper set up and follow with your coaches instruction. Modification will take place for many of you today on the reps, especially if you have never had exposure to this apparatus previously. Walking away from today only doing 30 of the 90 prescribed reps will not be bad idea for most. Due to the strong isometric and eccentric contractions that take place during today’s workout it can have an influence of rhabdomyolysis, which you learn more about soon from Danny E. story from last week. Be smart and have fun.*

Spend 10 minutes of sled work! Your choice!
Abmat Sit ups
Super mans
*10 HR push ups between each round.*


Remember to drink your water! It is one of the most, if not the most important things you ought to be doing throughout the day! You should consume somewhere between 8-13 glasses of water per day. The more active you are, the more you need. The warmer the weather the more you need, the more you sweat….the more you need. It will not only keep you cool, and help your internal organs function better but you will notice a difference in the gym! Not all of you care about your health as much as I care about your health, but I know all of you want to crush the WOD better! More hydration will allow your body to control its tempurature better and help you avoid the “puky” feeling, leads to better sweat angles on the floor, less headaches, less grogginess at work (mid day lull), better mood,  aides in weight loss, and even can help prevent cancer! Yep, helps keep the body flushed and the colon working smoothly, less gunk, less risk. It will also help JOINT PAIN, it helps keep connective tissue soft and durable and could lead to increases in ROM and flexibility (cough, most of our athletes need this one!).


How to get more water?


Take a water bottle with you everywhere you go! I know most of you have a protein shaker, just use that! Saves you some money and also saves the planet from you wasting all that plastic from purchased water bottles that aren’t re used. Another way is to EAT MORE RAW FRUITS AND VEGGIES! In the uncooked state they continue to carry their natura water content which is realy high until we cook it out! Summer is almost over, go get the good stuff while it is in season, and remember even as the weather cools off, you still need that water bottle every day.

Bottoms UP!



Tuesday WOD
A: DB Or KB Lunge 3×30 (15 each leg)
B: Strict Pull Up 3x max reps (6 reps minimum or use band)
C: Half T2B (bottom to half way up) 3 x max (strict)

9 wall ball (20/14)
6 power Snatch (95/65)
12 rounds for time.

I know everyone is so happy that the weekend is finally over and we can get back to some quality working out! Just kidding, but seriously, let’s get it! Some more strength super sets and fun METCON’s. Remember go hard in the strength portion and leave it all on the floor during the conditioning, the magic of any good program is in the hardwork YOU put into it!


I want to congratulate everyone who took part in the Retro Games 6 this past weekend, I was not able to be present but it looked like a blast! A special shoutout is due to everyone who had a part in setting up, judging and also just showing up to route on their fellow Wasatch CrossFit friends. I hope everyone had a great time and enjoyed throwing down together. A special shout out to Damon for taking the time to throw this thing together with his crazy travel schedule and also through the transition of the gym!



A: Squat Clean 4-4-4-4-4 (can drop reps)
B: HSPU (Slow descend tempo) kip up OK. 6-6-6-6-6 *scale to box is best sub*

Burpee x 5
Hang Clean x 10 (135/95)
Double Under x 20
13 min. amrap


Pwr. Clean + Front Squat 4-4-4
HSPU 3xmax strict (box, or wall)

Burpee x 5
Hang Clean x 10
Single Under x 50

13 min amrap

Apologies for the delay in the posts. Since given access to the blog I have countlessly put the wrong password in and blocked myself from getting back on. Problem solved. Ha. Apparently I am better at fitness then making posts to a blog, let’s hope that means that I can only get better as we go forward.

For those that have been consistent throughout the week, you are feeling the effects of the programing! Sore muscles is a good thing, make sure you are drinking plenty of water, getting as much sleep as you can squeeze into your schedule and also eating quality foods!

This weekend Damon is hosting his last local comp as an affiliate owner here at OUR gym!! The Retro Games start Friday afternoon and will run through Saturday afternoon. If you are not a competing athlete, come on out and cheer your loudest for your peers, or even offer your services as a volunteer. Those of you that have had the opportunity to be a part of our gym for a while, you know that the community is what makes this whole thing worth a darn! Come out, make new friends, cheer them on as they suffer to test their fitness!


Attention: Due to us hosting the retro games we will not have afternoon classes on FRIDAY and no classes at all on SATURDAY!! Please remind your peers.

Friday’s Training


A: Back Squat 4×10 (60% or above)

B: Weighted Pull Up 4×2 (Strict)


Coach’s Choice!!!




KB Swing Russian

Step Up (20′)

Sit Up

Push Up (HR)

:30 on/ :30 off

20 minutes.




Superset ABC

A: Negative Chin Up 3×5 (lower your body as slow as possible, strict pull up)

B: DB Step Up 3×20 (10 each leg, 20′ for ALL. Keep foot on box for 10 straight reps then switch)

C: Weighted Sit up 3×15 (DB behind head, anchor feet with friend or weights)


Lunge x 20 steps

Run 200 m.

Burpee Pull up x 10 ( Must hang at full extension before pulling up)

3 rounds for time.

back to school meme

Regular schedule is back starting today Aug 24th!
After our early morning classes Banu usually arrive at the gym at 8:40am. We will do our best to have a staff member here for those of you who do extra programming on your own from 8:40am – 7:30pm M-F, 8-11am Sat unless a coach is there before or after those hours.  In an effort to comply with our insurance policy (liability & safety) please adjust your schedule to come between those hours as a WCF staff member (any coach on the schedule + JB, Michaela, John, & Mike) must be in the bldg while you are here. As of Sept 1st the bldg will be inaccessible outside those hours.
We have dropped the 11:45am class and added CFUL(crossfit unloaded) fri @ 6pm and BBC (barbell club) sat 8am
Saturdays! WCF members are welcome to be in the bldg for class and do ancillary work as long as a WCF staff member is in the bldg. We would love to see our non member weekend warriors progress even more with a full membership at WCF. Effective Sept 1 non members may attend 2 classes (class only) then must be referred to Banu for membership.
-Now is the time to encourage membership with our back to school promo (Basically its: sign a contract and dont pay until sept 15th)
-What do you get as a member for signing up a referral? Your next gym Tshirt is Free
Drop in policy: With limited free saturdays our official drop in policy will be posted as follows:
From out of town? Buy a shirt or $20 gets you 3 classes then $15/class
Local? 2 free classes the $15/class…but we hope you’ll just join our awesome CF community
-A safety reminder: Your kids are NOT covered under the insurance policy on the equipment or gym floor/turf. Please keep them in the daycare room or older kids on the couches must stay put!  Kids love the equipment so if you are well away from class you may QUICKLY assist them with a pull up, box jump, etc ONLY if you stay right by their side.

Monday WOD:


Superset A and B

A:Dead Lift 4×5 (As heavy as possible goal is to have first set @70% or higher and go up or stay.)

B: Ring Dip 3×4 (lower each rep as slow as possible, no kip. Band if necessary.) 1x max reps (no tempo, strict)


Sumo Dead Lift High Pull x 30

Push Press x 30

3 rounds for time.



Teach Dead Lift + Sumo Dead Lift High Pull


3×5 Dead Lift

3x max Push up


Same as Class workout!



20/Aug/2015 Thursday WOD

50 power snatch for time 135/95lb

Shoulder to over x 100 reps for timeEMOTM 6 dead lifts with bar



17/Aug/2015 Monday WOD

Strength:  Front Squat 3-3-3-3-3 (82.5%) & Strict Pullups 5x Max reps then

WOD: No Time for Rest

3 Min Max Burpees

2 Min Max Box Jump 24/20

1 Min Max push ups *hand release

Can’t feel your legs?  Thank your coach tomorrow!

14/Aug/2015 Friday WOD

coaches choice

Strength Day

Power clean 3-2-1

Squat clean 3-2-1

Clean pull 4×3 @100% of Max clean

Weighted bridge 3×1:00 (weight across back)

Push jerk @80% or better!2-2-2-2-2

Then For Time:

Pull ups 25-20-15-10-5

Abmat sit ups 50-40-30-20-10


Wall climb 5-4-3-2-1

KB swing (Russian) 20-18-16-15-12 (53/35)

10/Aug/2015 Monday WOD


Emotm x12: 2 power snatch (build weight, start at 50%)

*dont have to be touch and go*



Power snatch (115/85)

Squat box jump(24/20)

For time.

**squat box jump: air squat then box jump, can be one movement smoothly, must stand tall on box**

Cash out:

*2x Max reps push up 2:00 rest*

5/Aug/2015 Wed WOD

100 Hand release push ups

100 sit ups (abmat)

100 singles (right)

100 singles (left)

100 double unders

100 ring rows

For time.

*partition anyway you want!!**

** Rxd ring rows will be legs straight, heels on ground,

Body as parallel to floor as possible**

Adrian has issued a simple challenge for today’s WOD:  Don’t drop the med-ball.  Go unbroken all 3 rounds.  If you do it underline your name on the whiteboard.  Good luck!

4/Aug/2015 Tues WOD

Snatch grip dead lift

5-5-5-5-5-5-5 *all unbroken*

Rest 2 min after final set then begin:

WOD:  3 Rounds for Time

35 Medball cleans (20/14)

Run 400 meters

3/Aug/2015 Monday WOD

Strength test: Find max thruster (12 min)

Conditioning:  Death by EMOTM 

Thruster (75/55)


Pull up

Gold: 7/7/7

Silver: 6/6/6

Bronze: 5/5/5

*time cap is 20 min.*

Score is number of successful minutes meeting the standard of all 3, plus how deep you get into your unsuccessful minute.

AMRAP 10 Min

5 Burpees + 15 KBS

Rest 5 min

AMRAP 10 Min

5 C2B pull-ups + 20 Double Unders

Rest 5 Min

AMRAP 10 Min

5 HSPU + KB SDLHP (1.5/1)