Whoa, 5 rounds of fight gone bad may have been a bit much…..which is exactly what I wanted it to be. Great job to all of you who suffered through that, anyone that rested today should totally do it sometime, its fun…..kind of. Anyways, on to the next one. Tomorrow is coach’s choice. So ya know….be ready for anything! Also, even cooler than coach’s choice, we are having a BBQ at 6 PM Friday! So bring a side dish or  dessert and come hangout. There has already been a lot chatter about who is going to win the Spike Ball tournament, so if you know what that is….bring a friend to play, if you don’t know what that is come play anyways. Have a great time with good folks and curse me for how terrible this week has been, whatever makes you happy! See ya’ll there! Have a great weekend.



Reminder: Free Nutrition talk this Saturday at 11am. Come with questions for yourself or others. It will be very informal, mainly Q&A and I’ll Open with some general information we should all consider when fueling our bodies.



Coach’s Choice…..anyone coming at 9/10 can expect sore abs. : )

Long, sweaty, light weight, out of breath style programming……it at least seems to be the popular demand. And well I like to program them too, and personally that is my jam as well, the longer and more miserable the better, more burpee’s, more running, more thrusters and swimming, whatever most people dread or don’t like…..I like. But today you guys get what you seem to enjoy! Fight Gone Bad….but a little worse.


“Fight gone worse”
1:00 @ each station
Wall ball
Push press
Box jump




Remember folks, BBQ Friday Night at 6:00 pm and  partner workout before at 4:30 if you are interested, my wife and I will be present enjoying food and good times. Come out, bring the fam.



I will also be offering a free nutrition talk at 11:00 AM at the gym this weekend. I will be brushing up on my nutrition lecture prep for the seminars to come so would love to share some information with anyone who wants to learn or relearn good habits and some simple applicables as well as help guide some of our new athletes. If you know someone who may benefit feel free to bring them along.

Each day I am awarded a day better than yours. I don’t say this to gloat, because its really YOU that makes my day great. You see at my “work” I get to program, coach, interact, council, teach, listen to, celebrate with and morn with you amazing folks. Each of us that are blessed with opportunity to wear the “coaching” hat at some time in life get this enjoyment. Yesterday was amazing, which is where this heart filled gladness comes from, again, from nothing I did, but what I got to be a part. So many PR’s yesterday on a lift that we were doing 2 REPS OF! That is un-heard of and very infrequent. My favorite parts were when athletes filled with doubt approached the bar and due to some slight influence and encouragement from their peers absolutely smoked the set that they didn’t even think they could! Fires me up gang, no lie. Strength is one thing that most people don’t even seek as they enter the doors at Wasatch CrossFit and in fact some hate the idea of gaining size or becoming more bulky……over time, due to the influence of our great community everyone starts to see the light. Even people that come into CrossFit already “strong” are getting stronger, there is some magic behind what we do, and of course always “methods to my madness”. In short, proud of you guys, enjoy PR’s….celebrate, keep chasing performance, keep talking about CrossFit to your friends and family who don’t want to hear anymore about it and keep being an example to them of what health and wellness look like, eventually they’ll come around. Now….on to tomorrow, because you see it has a whole new test of things for you to improve on.



**practice muscle ups + progressions and scaling**

Hang squat clean x 2
Emotm x 10 (goal is to build to heaviest double without dropping bar)
Hang squat clean x 6 (245/165)
Muscle up x 12
3 rounds for time.
Scale muscle ups to 20 C2B/ pull up + 20 dip or push up

Haven’t seen many of these as of late. A day we just come in, warm up well…..and throw around some heavy weight. Sure we had the EMOTM last week that took a movement away each time you failed but you must admit that was a bit different. You will have as much rest as you need today, and the goal is to work our skills with Double Unders as well, if you are good at these, trust me 7x 1min of effort here will also add in plenty of “breathing” work. Plus those of you that were present for the first workout of the week know how much “breathing” took place already this week, on to quite a different stimulus!


Lift heavy.


Dead lift 2-2-2-2-2-2-2
Between each set max effort double unders 1:00.
Rest as needed.

**score is total weight moved + total number of double unders.

If scaling to single unders divide reps by 3!

For some reason people really enjoy these style of workouts, well…..as long as they aren’t too gruesome. Face is they were designed in order to really test the work that you could sustain in each minute over time not to necessarily water down the usual intense stimulus we get from other workouts. Today you’ll get a good dose of intensity if you can keep the weight and reps Rx’d the whole time. Give it a try, have a game plan for what you will scale to when the work is no longer bearable within each minute. Have fun!!



Emotm x 21
1. 15 power snatch (75/55)
2. 15/12 calorie row
3. 20 wall ball (20/14)
7 rounds through. Scale accordingly…..how long can you stay RX’d?

Almost there folks! Enjoy your Friday workout! Great job this week.





8 minutes of Cindy
5 pull ups
10 push ups
15 air squats

Coach’s choice.

Isn’t that a crazy concept? What if we never needed an alarm clock to wake up. We would still wake early enough to get JUST  as much done as if we did. Could you do this? If you open your eyes in the morning can you get up with excitement to pursuit it as if the alarm was telling you it is TIME TO GET UP NOW. Most of us can’t fathom this because you can’t even wake up correctly to your alarm clock. You hit the snooze button, who invented that anyway? Most people probably think some “amazing being, something like an Angel.” (because we love the snooze button). I would disagree, I think it was some awful person who has bad intent for your life and your future, they want you to stay content snuggled in bed just a touch longer, so you delay your day and pursuit of self improvement a bit longer, in hopes you will eventually just enjoy you momentary comfort enough to stay in bed all together. I”m weird in how I”m wired and choose to see most situations so I know most of you will disagree. But the snooze button is bad. As a CrossFitter you know change, progress, adaption doesn’t happen in your comfort zone, it happens outside of your comfort zone. This is the same with even the small daily decisions we make from our food choices (fuel vs. pleasure), the words we use (slander, gossip vs. thought driven, purposeful, upright) to yes, even if we choose moments of comfort by hitting the snooze button vs. the challenge to get out of bed “on time” when we intended to. And for those of you who “choose” or “plan” to hit snooze, please be more thoughtful to your spouse, I beg you, AND the sleep you even get in 5-10 min increments longer is actually more detrimental to your bodies rest than helpful. Each time you are awakened by that alarm it sends tremendous amounts stress hormones oozing through your body. Look, I need to say this to myself more than anyone, I am just as guilty as any. But let’s be better. And in fact lets take a step back again and just ask what if we didn’t need an alarm clock to be awoken? What if we pursued something so important each day that our passion woke us up? Hmmmmm. What do you say? Shall we find it? Why not now?





EMOTM until failure.
1x Snatch (Any variation)
1x Clean (Squat clean)
1x Dead Lift

**Execute 1 of each movement on the minute, once you fail the snatch you continue with only the clean and deadlift, once you fail the clean, you continue on with only the Dead lift until failure.**

95/65 is starting weight. Bars increase by 10 lb. each minute. This is a LONG EMOTM, people should pick a weight and increases that will allow them to last a minimum of 15 minutes.

If you have never heard this title before, it is a great book. You should read it. If you guys absolutely dread running, what do you think you should do more of? In fact there is not one other thing that I can think of as a fitness/CrossFit/Performance/ Life coach that will leave more generally prepared for anything than running. I’m not saying you need to do it ALL the time but if you can’t run 2 miles without stopping, I strongly encourage you to set the goal of being able to run 3 miles without stopping. It doesn’t need to be fast, you don’t need to be able to break records, but to be able to move your body for that distance at a steady pace could provide you with a lot of other abilities both bringing general stamina to your legs and feet but also to your heart and lungs. Many athletes also want to be a couple pounds lighter or leaner and running is one of the best modalities to help this. Try to put down 30-40 minutes a week of easy jogging. See what it can do for you. The trick here is also learning how to run properly, until you actually understand how to make your body move through space efficiently by literally leaning and falling forward and learning proper foot strike, running itself can be one of the most dangerous things a human can do. As we see many runners develop terrible knee, hip, back injuries due to both over use and improper mechanics. My point of todays post is this, run more, more often, you will begin to hate it less. And try this, no music. Super hard at first but if you can find a place with little traffic, no people, maybe a trail somewhere or a quiet neighborhood or bike path, it can be a majestic thing. We are bipedal and with the ability to sweat through our skin through a reason……..you were born to run.



Ring Support swings (Top) 2×10
Rung Support swings (Bottom) 2×10
Ring L raise 2x max reps

“Rowing” Helen
500 m row
21 KB swing (53/35) (Russian)
12 Pull Up
3 rounds for time.

This is not just a flat figure on top of level ground. This can also be a flat line of your training or your “GAINZ” or even for some of you your “Loss’s”. People all have different goals coming into CrossFit and the beauty about it is that it can help each of us acquire those goals. If you have run into a plateau where you aren’t seeing the change you wish for, then first off you are just normal. Training and success are is not a linear pursuit as many of you as adults should know about success in general. Our journey to becoming our fittest selves actually looks a lot like a heart rate monitor screen at the hospital. It has some steady spikes of increase and sudden set backs, obviously we know this is rhythmic with the heart but in our lives and training it isn’t quite the case. While you are new to our training regime CrossFit breeds many different kinds of results, men tend to lose weight immediately and some lose some strength but get lean and faster where women tend to retain weight at first and have obvious strength increases as well as body weight strength. I couldn’t tell you exactly why this is the case but I do know that the consistent pursuit of trying to chase performance and your specific goals with your nutrition is what dictates where the goals go from your 6 month + beyond journey. Often men wish to get bigger and stronger and of course most women wish to shed pounds of fat and get “toned” (that isn’t even a thing nor a term that is real to refer to muscles of any sort but any who…), but with that not happening right away it tends to be a discouraging start to the process. My advice for any athlete in our gym or in the world experiencing “undesired” results or no results at all that you are seeking, is to be more of a student. When I refer to this I really mean to do things as if you are learning about your body, your fitness like you plan on mastering it. That means, know exactly what you do on a day to day basis with your training, YES THAT MEANS KEEP A LOG (A PERSONAL ONE), maybe even diary type of entries about how you felt and how you did in the workout from your view. Also logging EXACTLY what you put in your body, that means writing it down, you can keep it in the same log as your training if you want or a separate one. The fact is that this is unattractive to most athletes, and it isn’t something you HAVE to do all your life, but if you want to really KNOW why certain things are happening and certain things aren’t well then you must first measure or quantify what you are doing. Another key component worth tracking is your sleep, how much do you get each night? Whats the total number of hours you log per week? Is it different day to day? Do you have a nightly routine? Do you wake up in the middle of the night to pee or just become restless? Do you go to bed but just lay there and can’t FALL asleep? These things matter folks, they dictate much of what happens in your body hormonally which is our guide to everything else like lean body mass production, fat loss, stress levels, hunger, happiness, horniness (yes), ect…………


What is the big take away from this blog post? Measure and track more. Know what you do, how often, what are all your PR’s? What are you eating? How much of each macronutrient? (Carbs, Fat, Protein) How many meals and snacks in a day and even your sleep and rest. Once we know this stuff or are consistent with it, things in our training or results don’t become such a mystery…..i.e. “I only slept 5 hours last night and I didn’t PR my dead lift today”, or on a bigger scale “I’ve been only averaging 5-6 hours of sleep for the last month, I’ve gained 5 lb’s, but I’ve eaten less than normal, and I”m not hitting PR’s in the gym”. This should be a cry for more consistent nutrition, and obviously a change in the sleep patterns we see. Become a student of fitness, you are the master of your body, if you don’t know it better than you know your profession, you have a priority problem.



Build to heaviest OH Squat Double with 4’’ Pause in the bottom of each squat!
12-15 minutes.


Run 2 miles
Plate Burpee x 50 (25/15)
For time.

*The run is to the top of the hill, barricade is to be touched and then run back down to gym. Be aware of scaling the run for people who may are newish/ deconditioned*
The plate burpee is done with chest to plate, pick up plate and press it over head, no jump needed.


There are many many ways to spice up a workout and make it seem very memorable. This Monday will oddly enough seem a bit like last Monday. The unique thing is that the workout is very very different. When I program I think about a lot of factors but the main factor that it comes down to when I program for our general gym members (which is much different than how I program for a specific sport athlete like CrossFit, Football, Basketball at competitive levels) is feel. I have done thousands and thousands of CrossFit workouts, and of course I do know what I intend on for the results. I make sure to have a plan on what physiological adaptation that I am goaling for, is it muscle stamina? Is it strength endurance? Speed? Power? Accuracy while fatigued? Strength while fresh? Strength while fatigued? Mental toughness? Lower body fast twitch emphasis? Total Power output? There are a million things that we can consider when writing up a workout and with our training regime the coolest part is that one particular workout can allow us to target upwards of 20-30 of these desired adaptions at once, really cool. Outside of those plans, I know exactly how I want you to feel once you are 2-3 minutes into the workout. Remember the best plan when you don’t know how to scale, is to create such a weight target or skill target for yourself that allows you to move too fast vs. too slow. That is where we get the highest multitude of adaptions taking place. Go fast, make it hurt.


“L” Sit Accumulate 2:00 (Paralletes)
HS Hold Accumulate 2:00 (Free or on Wall)

Box Jump 24/20
Dead Lift (225/145)
**Between each round 15 HSPU’s**

Another day gone by, sun has set. Did you do something you were proud of? Why not? Too afraid, too timid, not committed, too committed, too prideful, unmotivated? Whatever it is that is in the way of something you wish pursuit, destroy it, kill it, diminish it. Notice I didn’t say, set it aside nicely and move on, because frankly that doesn’t work. When you want to make change in your life, when you want to be great, when you want to make a radical difference…….you have to destroy things in your way or that slow you down. For some of you, coming to CrossFit, joining our family, losing weight, gaining muscle and finding a new passion was a BIG DEAL, in fact a life changer. But what now? Do you still pat yourself on the back because you showed up for a “hard workout” or because “I didn’t really want to come, but I showed up anyway”? Well, if so….then good for you, seriously….I’m in full support. But here is the way this works, growth must be constantly chased and craved. That means while at one point the gym was a big deal for you, like totally out of the norm and a challenge it now has become part of who you are and your “routine”. So realizing that, you can’t hide behind CrossFit as what you do for “excitement” or “purpose” or even your daily dose of risk taking. Use what we learn in the gym and apply it to life, chase your dreams, quit the job you hate, make changes in relationships to make them amazing and not so mediocre. Confront someone in your life that needs it, one thing you all learn from our training regime is that it is honest, probably the most lacking trait in our society today across the entire world. Bring it there. As stated above, another sun has set……what did you let slip through your hands today? Let’s not let it tomorrow.


Tomorrow’s coach’s choice……..goodluck. : )

Anyone that was present yesterday knows what I mean when I titled this post. Simply because we change the “perceived intensity” of a given workout doesn’t change that will still be very hard. The athletes that generally get outside of the gym and go on long runs and or hikes seemed to not mind the 50 minute grinder session as much as those that only confine their fitness within the walls of Wasatch CrossFit. Do yourself a favor folks and find your way to some fun physical activity at least 1x a week that doesn’t involve a clock or a DB or a Barbell and get out in nature. Learn how to swim for exercise, go find a new hike, run a course around your neighborhood, find something that is stimulating physically and also visually (outside of bedroom hanky panky of course…..BUT pursue this too, especially you married folks, if you lose sleep doing more of this, I won’t be mad. If you lose sleep watching TV, don’t tell me, I”ll be sad).

Tomorrow we will crank the intensity back up tremendously…..no rest for the weary here, so I hope you enjoyed at least telling yourself that yesterday was “easy”. From some good friends I’m very close with and look up to and taught me a lot about life, sport and hard work…..”The only easy day, was yesterday.” – hooyah.



In 10 minutes build to Max Squat Snatch

Every 1:30 for x 5
3 squat snatches @70% of above.

100 OH Squats for time. 95/65

Today we change the pace or intensity of our training. For some of you this will be hard to do and for others this will be more like a “FINALLY!” type of experience. It is very important to train at high intensity for the results that you all are searching and training for, however it is equally important to vary our training intensity like it is the movements and styles of workouts that we choose. Today will do a workout categorized as a “flow” style workout. The ultimate goal is for you to “pace” this so that you are never in a dark place. Live in the 7-8 range on a scale from 1-10 effort wise. Your goal is to get the work done, but without the purpose to be winning the race or going for time. In fact I prefer the clock not run at all, but if your coach decides to turn it on, it is better to ignore this as a gauge for your performance or you’ll be tempted into the “fast style or compete style workout”. This workout will take a while, but get the work done and move with flow through it, breath and sweat but never “suffer”. Have fun, these days come few and far between in our training regime but can have great effects on your training!



“Flow Day”
Row 500 m.
Sled Drag 400m. (70/45)
Turkish Get Up x 20 (53/35)
Lateral Bridge 1:00 (R)
Lateral Bridge 1:00 (L)
3 rounds for quality.
On a scale from 1-10 this should be a 7 for intensity.

Gymnastics should be done after:
Ring Support 2:00 (accumulate)
L-sit 1:00 accumulate
Split (Each way) 2:00 each side.

Ok, shout out to the 6:30pm class for letting me jump in the workout and join them with Coach Zach N. pushing us through the workout. The workout was fun, however, those med ball runs were miserable, wow!

On to the next one we go, lots of pulling tomorrow, wear your hand protection if you need it no tears, or tears! ; )


EMOTM x 12
1 x squat clean + 2 Front Squats + 1 split jerk
**Start around 50% and build as possible**

Russian twist x 200
Pull Up x 25
Lunge x 50
Pull Up x 25
Lunge x 50
Pull Up x 25
Lunge x 50
Russian twist x 200
25/15lb. for russian twist (feet must be elevated off floor for reps to count as RX and each time plate touches the ground is 1 rep. **
For time.

Such a cool thing to watch, the Olympics. I often get caught up in the yearly schedule of CrossFit and more specifically the CrossFit Games. “It is so unfair that we train so hard and fight tooth and nail all day, each week, all year to showcase our fitness for only 3 days (at regionals) in order to be Top 40 in the world and make it to the Games.” This is of course my thought process only on years when we don’t have the summer olympics, because then I am put right in my place and I shut my mouth. At least each year our sport gets a chance to reset and you get a new opportunity, only being 365 days older and not having to wait too long for redemption or a repeat. In the olympics it is 4 YEARS! Holy cow, humbling to say the least, and not to mention that the window of opportunity is so small that it isn’t even a 4 year cycle for many but a lifetime that leads to one chance to qualify and if it isn’t seized at that one point in time it won’t happen. So many things can be obstacles just like in any sport, life, injury, circumstance. One thing that you know for sure as we sit back and watch the olympics play out this summer is that each athlete you are watching “deserves” it. Are there others who also “deserve” it but won’t get the chance? You bet. But you don’t ever have to wonder if the people you are watching “put in the time”, because yes folks, they all did. So let this time be something you can tune into, let it inspire you, watch the behind the scenes, become fans of sport you may have never watched before, learn something new. These young and older athletes (41 year old gymnast competing in her 7th…..yes 7th olympics) all have something to teach us in our daily lives. Usually the theme is quite the same, put your all in the things you love, enjoy the moment and always give the very best you have in everything you do. You may not be representing a country each day, but you surely are representing your last name, which believe it or not….based on how you live, love and work will be left as your legacy on this earth. Here is to a new week, let’s get it.



:30 @ each station/:30 rest between
P.HSPU from box
2 rounds


Run 400m. w/medbacll (20/14)
Dead Lift (275/195) x 15
HR Push Up x 30
3 rounds for time.

Hump day is here. This is literally the half way mark of the work week for many of you, not all, but for each of you that has been present each day of the week so far in the gym, it is definitely a grind. Your body has been pushed hard through some running, lifting, gymnastics, rowing, dead lifts ect…..Remember when you train to build a strong, fit body it is important to take rest days. I know many of you go 5 days straight through and rest the weekends. It is worth it to each athlete to experiment with what works best with your body if your life schedule will permit it. I most weeks go Monday, Tuesday very hard, Wednesday is a training day but more active rest, could mean running, skill practice, sled dragging or pushing ect, Thursday, Friday, Saturday all hard training days and then Sunday complete rest. The point is to have some time in the middle of the week for your body to rest, it will ensure that you finish strong and keep the intensity high throughout each training session.


Lunge to HS x 20
T2B (strict) x 20
Straddle Hold x 1:00
Split Rt/Lt x 1:00 each
2 rounds NFT


Bent Row x 20
Box Jump x 20 (24/20)
Push Press x 20
Front Squat x 20
Double Under x 120
Rest 2:00
3 rounds for time.

I saw about 16 people yesterday potentially curse at the barbell, slam it, a few kick it and yell uncontrollably all due to missed reps in the ladder part of yesterdays workout. This was amusing to me as a coach of course but it also fired me up. I actually enjoy not seeing people struggle or fail, but CARE. It is a really hard movement to master, ya’ll that have been around a while know this, but also put into consideration that it was at the end of long workout and a relatively heavy stimulus. My point is that I’m proud of the effort regardless of how you scaled it or your time. Keep fighting, hope for progress because perfection will never come. Now, some direction from your coach…..I say you should spend more time in the barbell club, and practice. We can only snatch so much in a regular WOD, we have a lot of movements to hit and we are to keep them constantly varied to get fit, be functional and avoid injury. BUT at our gym, we have great coaches that run a great barbell club, and this is like a “cheat code” for the olympic lifts. If you can make it there 1x a week and then still make it to our regular classes your skills and fitness will both rise. If all else fails and you can’t make those classes, you know you can just spend time with PVC, empty barbell, light loads and practice quality reps!

But…..on to the next one we go!


Row 300 meters for time.


Dead Lift from @knee
(bars can be set on plates at that height or taken from the rack set to that height)
**Score is heaviest volume of weight moved across the board, so warm up then start heavy!**

Alright gang, today is one of those workouts that you start the week off to set the tone. Scale appropriately and get AFTER IT! Kick monday in the teeth!


2:00 Amrap @ each
Candle Stick Pistols
Gymnastics Crunch
(Rest 1:00 between each)


30 Chest to Bar pull ups
Run 400m
20 Clean and Jerks @205/135
Run 400m
10 Squat Snatch @185/115
Run 400m
For time.

One of my old football coaches (George Martinez) used to have us sit at the end of each practice and look at the sun setting, just for a moment. He would say, that is the last time you’ll ever see the sunset on this day, stating we’d never be back in the this moment or in this time ever again. He would say to the sophomores playing varsity that before they’d know it, they’d be seniors and cherishing each hellish practice a bit more than they were now. And to all the juniors and seniors he’d tell them (they already started to realize of course) that time passes fast, and even the moments you choose to wish through, or hope are over fast are the moments you often look back on and wish you still had. High school football was something special, I think to most who play it. Just like any sport we often look past or daily duties like work, school, practice and onto things like weekends, trips, rewards, game days, pay days ect. The fact is, we have to enjoy the process of every aspect of our lives. Once you get to “where you want to be” or you attain “your goal” the most memorable and proud part will be the journey no matter how rough, hard, painful, ugly it may be. Enjoy the process, and enjoy this Friday and the rest of your weekend!!


Ring Dip x max reps
Chin Up x max reps
lying to standing rope x 5 or 2 legless Rope climbs
3 rounds through, NFT

Coaches Choice.
Get dem’ sleds out!

Here is a little article Coach Amy U. sent me one day. It seemed only suiting to post it, it is a great read. Click the link here and it will take you to an interesting article.







Power Clean x 6
BMU x 3
8 rounds for time.