If we really want to be honest about our training, just test it. Like we did last week with the workout “Grace”, we test our fitness through repeatable workouts to see if we improve. However, as we delve back into “training” we must practice things that are uncommon even in our “benchmark” workouts. The hang power snatch is not often seen in many conditioning workouts. I’m not really sure why, but lately I am motivated to make sure it is something that our general athletes and competitive athletes are both prepared for. It will feel weird. Where should you cycle it from? Your hip? Mid thigh? Top of the knee? Your job tomorrow will be to figure it out. This is also one of the best things about CrossFit, just like life, when we hand you something you are unfamiliar with……you can’t just opt out and say its too hard or I don’t know how. You will still train it, scale it, and progress it until you succeed. At least……this is what I hope for you.



A:Back rack, back lunge
4×8 (4 each)
B: Weighted Push Up 4×8
C: Chin Up 4×4 (eccentric! 4-6 count lower!)


30 walking lunge (total)
10 hang power snatch (115/80)
15 bar facing burpee’s
3 rounds for time.

Here is where CrossFit is unique, unlike any other training regime. Most “traditional” methodologies of training believe in strength training like we do (functional movements) and they believe in cardio like we do (increase aerobic and anaerobic capacity). The difference is that in CrossFit we actually have learned how to attack the cardiovascular training through workouts that include functional movements. An example is what you did yesterday. “Grace” 30 x clean and jerks for time. It is merely a single modality workout, where you repetitively lift the same bar time and time again. On paper, or the modify system you may look at a workout  like that and think 2 things. 1. That looks pretty easy. 2. I wonder what we are doing for cardio?

The two things I would say to those are simple. 1. It is only easy if you go slow. A lot like anything else in life EACH AND EVERY WORKOUT we do in CrossFit is as hard as you make it. The reason I’m such a big advocate for scaling and doing it the right way is because if you don’t scale a workout like “Grace” appropriately it will turn into 10 minutes of clean and jerks, which….isn’t hard. The reason it isn’t “hard” is because if you go TOO heavy, you never sustain the cardiovascular deficit from going fast, which is our goal. The classes I got a chance to coach were given clear goals of everyone being finished in 6 minutes and most trying to be sub 4 minutes. This causes the athlete to be fast to the bar, a touch faster than most “would like to be” and still challenge your ability to move the weight not just from fatigue but also because the weight is challenging enough. 2. If this workout was not challenging your heart and your lungs you simply didn’t go fast enough! To me, these workouts are the most scary. They are scary because I know how they feel, like running 400 meters as fast as I can, and that hurts BAD. Also, the margin for error is very small. I’m unsure if many of you think about this, but anytime we do a benchmark workout you should be more nervous than others….why? It should get you fired up because this is HOW WE MEASURE OUR PROGRESS, there is more on the line, if you don’t improve, what does that say about how hard you’ve been training? I’m always afraid of this. If I don’t improve I’m disappointed, upset, I reflect, what could I have done better? Am I not as fit as Last year? The thoughts continue…….specifically though for a workout that is this fast, I could miss 1 rep or not lock my legs out on 1 jerk and get 1 no rep….and it will result in me getting a slower time. So, not only do I know I”ll be tired and trying to hold onto the bar for 30 in a row, but I have to think about hand placement, where do my feet move to? How close can I keep the bar? How can I balance moving as fast as I can but also making sure I don’t miss any reps? A lot of things pass through my mind, and then I”m free when the clock starts, its just time to execute…..let go of everything I “feel” or “think” and hold on for dear life. Not many workouts are like this, but “Grace”, “Isabel”, “Fran”, “Diane”, Elizabeth”, “Karen”….these are all workouts that last under 5 minutes for me and test me in every way….I would prefer do longer workouts like many of you so I can relate….the fact is….these short ones are the ones that test us the most. Watch the video below of Dan Bailey crush “Grace” in a very cool video shot by CrossFit HQ out at the Ranch in Aromas, Cali.

**Even in this video Dan a “pro” CrossFitter does a great job of showing what threshold training is. He is literally moving as fast as he can, and some of his reps are questionable and in a competition he would receive a small dose of no reps from a judge, but he does a fine balance of toeing the line in order to go the hardest place he can find. Dan is also very short, had I done this with him side by side…and still unbroken….he would beat me by at least 10-12 seconds due to the difference in how far the bar must travel, he kills it…..watch it.**


Row 700
Run 600
200 double unders
Burpee broad jump x 50 yards
For time.

So to follow up on the post from yesterday, this is more on the subject of maintenance.

In CrossFit we do a ton of hanging from the bar, and also holding onto to objects like a  Kettlebell or DB or barbell that we cycle and have slight movement in our hands causing friction. The friction causes some shedding of skin and our body adapts by hardening it with multiple layers. This is obviously a good thing and a part of natural adaptation. The downside to that is if we let the skin build too much it will create cracked, dried, rough scaly hands that are actually more brittle than we’d like. When this happens, no one wants to hold our hands (sad) and we are more likely to split our hands open on a barbell lift or even tear them much worse when doing Pull ups or T2B or Muscle ups than we would we smoother hands.


So what should we do?

Well my first suggestion is to always wash your hands very well when leaving the gym. Chalk residue can linger in your hands and make them very very dry. Also even for you masculine studs out there, LOTION up. You should apply lotion 2-3 times a day if you train a lot it will help. As far as getting rid of the calluses you can shave them down with a blade, use sand paper, use a pumice stone (what ladies commonly use on their feet). The trick to taming those calluses is to not sand or cut them down too much to make your hands tender. You simply want to remove the top layer or two of each callus to keep control and not to let them raise too much. I tend to my hands about twice a week with the tool we have at the gym which is like sand paper around a stick. Most of you all would do well just doing it once a week or so. I would suggest not doing this the night before a ton of pull ups or t2b but the night before that. So, to be safe, on days we do a ton of hanging from the rig, do it that night. It will result in less painful gripping and smooth hands!



A: back squat 4×5
B: weighted pull up 4×4
C: Ghd 4×15 or weighted sit up 4×15


30 clean and jerks for time.

Today’s workout was very grip intensive and some of you may have even torn your hands. I actually think about this when I program workouts believe it or not, how do their hands feel? When was the last time we hung from a bar? Ect. However, I have bad news, due to our training needing to be constantly varied, you’ll be hanging again tomorrow…..don’t worry not for pull ups, but this time Toes to Bar. If you are an athlete that constantly tears their hands, I don’t know why you don’t quit CrossFit, because it is not way to live your life. haha. Kidding, but seriously, CHANGE SOMETHING. Most athletes have a tendency to put TOO MUCH of their hand on top of the bar, this is compensation for a weak grip. I will provide a few pictures below on how we “should” be holding on to avoid such tearing issues. Check them out!


ed7354a22b91c53b8a2dd2835f9a9cd4 this is the grip I most often see in our gym, which is why we see so many tears. When we do this, our hands grind and mash and slide on the bar due to our body weight and movement through our kip.


good_pullup_grip1This is the grip you want to use for both Toes to bar and pull ups. It will limit you at first because you actually have to have and develop a stronger grip to hold on for a long time this way. However, you will be able to drive, get dressed, wash your hair, hold hands ect……and YES EVEN ON DAYS WE DO LOTS OF PULL UPS AND TOES TO BAR!


Here is to a “no tear” future. And just so you guys know, even after learning and developing this grip there will times when we still get blood blisters and tear. So although we try a different or more smart technique, you’ll never be tear proof, but our goal is to make it happen much less!!

(Tomorrow I’ll talk about how to treat your hands for long term callous care and avoiding the rips from worn skin)




Hspu x 55
Box jump x 20 (24/20)
Power snatch x 55 (75/55)
Box jump x 20
T2B x55
Box jump x 20
Goblet squat x 55 (53/35)
For time.

Lately I have had this desire to really want to get things back to how they used to be in CrossFit. What I mean is that I miss the old times when people didn’t really know what they were getting into, times when people just showed up to workout, before the CF Games were something everyone thought they could achieve or even cared to. Back then it was simple, who could suffer the most, and who was sick enough to come back and do it again. Those people got really fit and learned some sweet new skills. But the coolest thing was that people started doing CrossFit not to look like a Cyborg or win cash money or free protein powder, they did it to actually go live life better. They used CrossFit as a fulcrum to increase their ability to ski, surf, swim, hunt, pack, climb and all the other fun stuff that people do with their free time and hobbies. Many times now people spend a ton of time in the gym just trying to be better at stuff in the gym. Never lose sight of why we do this, the main purpose is to improve our quality of life and to do so AS LONG AS WE CAN. I and a few others at our gym are still in the pursuit of something else, nothing greater, just something different. What we do on a daily basis to our bodies is actually un-healthy. Some of you may think thats not true or wonder how that is possible, but ANY sport like CrossFit i.e. running marathons, rowing at a high level, olympic lifting at a high level, swimming, gymnastics ect……are all unhealthy when you try to be the best in the world at it. Obsessive mental focus, sacrifice of time and relationships and yes a ton of wear and tear on joints from over use and movement redundancy and unfortunately even some acute serve injuries due to the constant intensity of the training. I wouldn’t encourage this style of CrossFit for anyone unless it lines up according to a life long pursuit of competition.


So this week as we enter into some tough workouts and fun times in the gym. Go fast, take chances, worry less about butterfly pull ups and more about how they actually help you with NOTHING else in your life except working out faster. And see the bigger picture of skills like the kipping pull up that actually apply to any maneuver that involves you getting over or on top of an apparatus of any kind. Use the skills we learn and gain in the gym and go crush life with them, be outside more…..on rest days be in the gym less. Use the gym as more of a relationship builder and less of a place where you try to pulverize the competition. Have a beer or two, and try to stop having your phone out at each meal to count your macros…….enjoy the process. This week…..HAVE FUN.


A: Sumo Dead Lift 4×3 @80-85% (reset each rep, no TnG, no dropping)
B: Box Jump x 3 at high jump
C: Clapping Push Up 4×6 (onto plates or box’s or benches)


Pull Up x 36
OH Squat x 8 (205/125)
2 rounds for time.

Well we arrive at another very challenging week in the gym. I hope you guys kicked your home and work life in the teeth like you did the workouts. Everyone did a very good job, cheers. Here is to the final day of the week and coach’s choice! I know, it was a rough week, maybe your coaches will shed some grace on you and not beat you up to much…..BUUUUUUT, you definitely shouldn’t count on that. Have fun, enjoy the weekend and per coach’s advice…..GET OUTSIDE AND PLAY! Our time of beautiful weather will surely be coming to a stand still sooner than later so relish in the opportunity we now have and enjoy it.




I get to have many conversations throughout the day with athletes about what to do, or what not to do in a particular workout. I really appreciate the athletes willingness to ask for advice here. The reason it is so important is because choosing to do a workout Rx’d is a big deal, and it shouldn’t only be a decision you make. Why? Well simple, the same reason you pay to come in and have us provide workouts and warm ups and nutrition advice and have a community of other experienced exercisers to surround you by, it is by all means a part of the package. I know, I know, but coach……..Look, everyone wants to Rx a workout and there are even times when you CAN and you still SHOULD NOT. Well why scale then if I CAN? Because there are other questions you must ask yourself, how long should this workout take me? Should I be able to do a particular number of reps unbroken? What you are strong enough to do the weight, but there are 30 particular reps for time of this movement? That surely doesn’t mean you should still go Rx’d. So asking advice often allows you to understand more of the purpose of the whole workout. I really try to make it a very clear point when teaching a class to emphasize the stimulus or the goal for the workout, but if myself or another coach doesn’t provide that kind of knowledge, please ask us! It is always a conversation worth having.


Keep in mind as our gym evolves and athletes including you hit new PR’s and our GENERAL FITNESS level increases, the workouts will evolve as well. Why? Even the best athletes in our gym need a stimulus that will continue to allow them to develop and do so with as little plateaus or sticking points as possible. So for many of you who are just waiting for the day when you can RX all the workouts……..go find another gym. I mean that with all honesty, not to spite you but to let you know that my job is to challenge and push you. When someone in our gym can walk in any given day and RX the workout with no problem, thats my fault and again remember how the workouts are derived……program for the BEST scale for the rest.


Take heart, this is a hard pill for many to swallow, you are not alone. I personally really get ticked off when there are things I can’t do and others can and its in a workout and yes, that happens. My goal as an athlete is to pinpoint or create those things as often as I need to so that I improve them so they no longer exist for me. You too have that goal, I hope, rid yourself of all weakness and the things you struggle most with spend the most time DOING, this my friends is called practice.


The point is this post is to help people realize that when you put your score into Wodify and you can’t put the Rx by your name, NEVER FEEL ASHAMED, NEVER FEEL DISAPPOINTED. That day you took time to TRAIN and DEVELOP that skill, if you came in with the idea to push yourself and give your best then you got better. Those that put the RX by their should surely be proud and not just because they can do “better” at a particular workout but because they helps us all realize where we can potentially be. All of us human, some train more than others, some have busier lives, more children, blessed with different genes but we are all running the same race here…..and its against time and life….not each other. You write Rx by your name when you can hit each movement as prescribed on the screen or white board if you can’t you simply put what you scaled and how…..this educates YOU and ME on how we can improve you abilities. It gives me figures to compare and visions of ways to improve us all as a community. Remember we come into the gym to improve, each day is not a test. We train all year then we can do fun things like local comps, half marathons, spartan races, the CrossFit Team Series, the CrossFit Lift Off, the CrossFit Open in order for us to TEST ourselves.


And always remember……….

From the people like myself that teach people HOW TO TEACH this stuff…….

SCALE MORE, MORE OFTEN. The results follow at a faster rate.




KB swing x 100 (Russian) 70/53
Ring Dip x 50
Box Jump x 100 (MUST STEP DOWN EACH REP) (24/20)
Ring Muscle Up x 15
For time.

Yes, you will fear the toilet for the next few days if you were present on Monday and Tuesday this week. Your legs and bum will thank you later, but for now they hate you. What can you do? Well, don’t forget motion is lotion, which moves the more you move and the less you sit, the better you will feel. Blood flow to your extremities and stretching will make the process of healing speed a bit. Also, SLEEP and eat well, specifically drink lots of water. Don’t fear coming in to the gym when you’re sore. Many of you know this by now, but even if you choose not to do the class workout and wish to just row or bike for a while in order to get loose, I can provide you with some good stretches and ways to train in order to feel better. Staying home and sitting on the couch and doing nothing will actually prolong the tenderness. Move through it.

We have torn muscle fibers through our training, literally. And they will heal. Eat lots of protein, high qualities of it, not fast food crap. Chicken, Beef, Steak, Fish, egg whites or whole eggs, you get the idea, it helps rebuild you. The soreness has nothing to do with “lactic acid” or whatever else you hear someone say one time and you happened to just blindly trust them. You get sore from tearing tissue and it heals when you it grows back in greater volume and thicker which is where we get more lean body mass, less fat and nicer physiques. Here is to hump day tomorrow……..hopefully it is easy on your legs. : )


1. Row intervals:
Athletes must row 4x:30 on / :30 off for max meters, rest 4 minutes and repeat. Their score is their total meters traveled in all 8 efforts.

2. Bench Press (155/85) x max reps
Strict Pull Up x max reps
Rest as needed.
5 rounds

**Rule is the athlete must go from bench press to pull ups quickly!!**

Score is total reps!

I don’t know about you guys, but I love to learn. I get a chance to learn a lot about humans simply from interacting with you all. I get to talk with, coach, council, and just hang out with a large diverse group of humans every day……lessons are learned even though I’m not taking notes. For me, when I’m learning I feel most fulfilled. Learning simply brings me a joy and satisfaction that can’t be replaced. It is weird to even write that, but the older I get the more I realize it to be essential for me, I love to be taught. Now, it does matter what I’m learning. I’m still not interested in learning things that don’t particularly apply to my life, but if I can find even the smallest use for something I want to learn it. I would encourage you all to keep learning, I know many of you are at a place in life and in your career’s where you are at high levels and for many maybe even the “cream of the crop”. Don’t let that stop you. Find new passions, read new books, learn a new sport or skill, it doesn’t have to be like “school” it can be for fun and be just as life changing.

I write all of this to mention the latest book I just read. “Why we get fat and what to do about it.” by Gary Taubes. The book walks the reader through many studies and scientific presentations that have come forward that cause our traditional ways of thinking about storing body fat. Most of the book talks about the misconceptions and why they are that. The most popular ones that you may be able to relate to are our view of “Calories in Calories out” which would lead you to be believe that if you eat too much  you get fat, or if you eat less calories you will lose body fat, another one is to simply cut back on the amount of “fat” that you eat and that will lead to fat loss….which both of these are false. All in all the book is extremely beneficial and educational, if you care about your health and the health of those around you it is one I’d suggest. It basically leads to the understanding that we gain and hold onto fat primarily because of our consumption of carbohydrates/sugars. If we eliminate most of these from our diet we lose weight and our biomarkers of health improve even while still consuming high amounts of fat and protein.

This book has even spurred my latest read which is “Tripping over the Truth” written by Travis Christofferson which delves into Cancer being identified as a metabolic disorder, and how we can treat it and prevent through our food consumption. The details of that I’ll share as I finish it, but so far…..great book. Mind blowing in fact.


Keep learning, keep reading….stay young.




Power Clean 5×3 @78% 1rm (all sets across)


Sumo Dead Lift High Pull x 20 (115/80)
Air Squat x 40
5 rounds for time.

Sorry folks, left the blog pretty bare during my stint in Hawaii. The good news is our team got a W and the weather and island was beautiful! And we had no shortage of “physical activity” either. Feel free to ask myself, Tiff or Michaela about the countless hours at the beach, snorkeling, paddle boarding, eating Poke and also lots of Acai bowls and snow cones. Look, its not fair but someone has to do it right? We took one for the team on this trip I suppose. ; )


In honesty, great trip, love the island but missed the gym. Sounds weird to most, but I love the gym and training and also the community we have there. I am pumped to be back and excited to see the turn in season as the Fall months are upon us. A few things you guys can count on are the combo of lifting and gymnastics aka “Body Work” sessions we’ve been having a few days a week and eventually…..less running. Now that we will start to see less than ideal weather in the next two months, running will take a step back a touch or two. So, be sure if it is a weakness of yours to come in before class and hop on that treadmill or go out on your own and put down some miles on your “active rest” day.


Tomorrow…..we go with a benchmark with a twist.



A:Back Squat 3×6 @75% 1rm
B: Strict HSPU 3×8-15
C: Chin Up (strict) 3 x8-15

“Burpee Annie”

Double Under x 50/40/30/20/10
Abmat Sit up x 50/40/30/20/10
Burpee x 15 after each round!

For time.

**Must open hip, jump and be upright with clap at the top of burpee**

Today’s test is a bit different. We don’t ALWAYS incorporate ones Body Weight into the workout but from time to time it makes an appearance. In life and in CrossFit it pays to be as light and as strong as physically possible. Why carry extra weight that you can’t have mastery over? But in the same token does your body weight dictate your overall strength level? i.e. lack of mass. The bottom line is that there is a balance in order to be ready for truly anything it is a constant push/ pull battle or give and take. When trying to gain strength the goal should NEVER to be “gain weight” which isn’t what I was taught as a young man, but the only focus should be on eating WELL and GETTING STRONG. Then, your body weight will take care of itself!


“Pound for pound it’s going down”
**All weights should be at 85% of women body weight as Rx’d**

1.Sled drag 400m (2 laps around building @ body weight for time.)
Rest as needed.
2. Max Body weight Back squat in 2:00
Rest as needed.
3. Max Body Weight dead lifts in 2:00
Rest as needed.
4. Max pull ups in 2:00

There was a time in our community circa 2002-2012 where if you did CrossFit you KNEW who Greg Glassman was. It was very clear he was the leader of the community, the creator of the workout regime and the face of the global network of gyms and people. Journal.crossfit.com was a place that all coaches and athletes regularly browsed, EVERYONE that was doing CrossFit was checking the daily WOD on CrossFit.com and were in accordance with and very aware of what was happening all over the community. Fast forward to now and people have no idea who this man is, or that CrossFit originated in Santa Cruz, California or that it simply spread like wild fire as a free resource to ANYONE who stumbled upon CrossFit.com.

This both saddens me and fires me up. The speedy, even exponential growth of our community has made it so that people are starting CrossFit without ever going to CrossFit.com or even understanding what it is other than what they see on TV. The CrossFit Games is the best/worst marketing in the world. It catches peoples attention, its sexy, its flashy, its impressive but it isn’t a clear depiction of what we do. It does show some of the fittest in the world and give an example of what a body figure may look like at its peak and being furthest away from pathological disease (the more fit you are, the further from chronic disease and death you become, the faster you recover from tragedy, surgery, and further you will be from decrepitude as you age). So, it does have its value as a marketing tool, I don’t think the community would be where it is today without the CrossFit Games BUT THERE IS SO MUCH MORE, THIS IS SO MUCH BIGGER. The point of this post will be evident if you choose to listen to the podcast below, or watch it. A friend and Co-worker on L1 staff and former Games Competitor, Julie Foucher has a Podcast and she recently hosted Greg Glassman himself. If you choose to watch or listen you will get a great idea of the origin of CrossFit, what it really is in the big picture, what we are currently working on at CrossFit HQ and the goals of the community with creating awareness to over hydration, over sugar consumption, fighting big soda and much more. Coach is a straight shooter, very smart and can be wordy at times. If you like to geek out on health, fitness, and even politics take a listen to get a clear look at the creator of what we get to put to practice in our gym.



Julie asks, “What are the 3 most important things that help change someones health?”

Coach replies, ” Enthusiasm for activity, carbohydrate restriction and fasting…..”





Strength Work:
A: DB Box Jump AHAP 3×8
B: Ring Row x max reps (feet on box for highest level)
C: Bench Press 3×12 AHAP

9/6 calorie row
9 burpee box jumps (24/20)
12 T2B
9 burpee box jumps
9/6 calorie row
For time.
Rest as needed.
3 rounds.
Score is total time for sum of 3 rounds.

Tomorrow get the barbell involved. No where to hide in this workout folks, you and 1 barbell and 3 movements all on that 1 barbell. It is a hero workout called “DT”. You know there are always stories behind a hero workout and it is important to read them and take into consideration the simple fact that the workout is named after this man because he died serving our country. We aren’t changing lives tomorrow by how hard we do this workout but we are paying respect to the fallen, what a better way to do so then in a great community like ours. Go hard, handle business.

“In honor of USAF SSgt Timothy P. Davis, 28, who was killed on Feburary, 20 2009, supporting operations in OEF when his vehicle was struck by an IED. Timothy is survived by his wife Megan and son T.J.”



12 Dead lifts
9 Hang Clean
6 Shoulder to Over head
5 rounds for time.


Walk 200m. w/ 1 KB farmer carry and 1 OH waiter carry. Switch after 200m. 1 round each way.
35/25 lb kb

Whoa, 5 rounds of fight gone bad may have been a bit much…..which is exactly what I wanted it to be. Great job to all of you who suffered through that, anyone that rested today should totally do it sometime, its fun…..kind of. Anyways, on to the next one. Tomorrow is coach’s choice. So ya know….be ready for anything! Also, even cooler than coach’s choice, we are having a BBQ at 6 PM Friday! So bring a side dish or  dessert and come hangout. There has already been a lot chatter about who is going to win the Spike Ball tournament, so if you know what that is….bring a friend to play, if you don’t know what that is come play anyways. Have a great time with good folks and curse me for how terrible this week has been, whatever makes you happy! See ya’ll there! Have a great weekend.



Reminder: Free Nutrition talk this Saturday at 11am. Come with questions for yourself or others. It will be very informal, mainly Q&A and I’ll Open with some general information we should all consider when fueling our bodies.



Coach’s Choice…..anyone coming at 9/10 can expect sore abs. : )

Long, sweaty, light weight, out of breath style programming……it at least seems to be the popular demand. And well I like to program them too, and personally that is my jam as well, the longer and more miserable the better, more burpee’s, more running, more thrusters and swimming, whatever most people dread or don’t like…..I like. But today you guys get what you seem to enjoy! Fight Gone Bad….but a little worse.


“Fight gone worse”
1:00 @ each station
Wall ball
Push press
Box jump




Remember folks, BBQ Friday Night at 6:00 pm and  partner workout before at 4:30 if you are interested, my wife and I will be present enjoying food and good times. Come out, bring the fam.



I will also be offering a free nutrition talk at 11:00 AM at the gym this weekend. I will be brushing up on my nutrition lecture prep for the seminars to come so would love to share some information with anyone who wants to learn or relearn good habits and some simple applicables as well as help guide some of our new athletes. If you know someone who may benefit feel free to bring them along.

Each day I am awarded a day better than yours. I don’t say this to gloat, because its really YOU that makes my day great. You see at my “work” I get to program, coach, interact, council, teach, listen to, celebrate with and morn with you amazing folks. Each of us that are blessed with opportunity to wear the “coaching” hat at some time in life get this enjoyment. Yesterday was amazing, which is where this heart filled gladness comes from, again, from nothing I did, but what I got to be a part. So many PR’s yesterday on a lift that we were doing 2 REPS OF! That is un-heard of and very infrequent. My favorite parts were when athletes filled with doubt approached the bar and due to some slight influence and encouragement from their peers absolutely smoked the set that they didn’t even think they could! Fires me up gang, no lie. Strength is one thing that most people don’t even seek as they enter the doors at Wasatch CrossFit and in fact some hate the idea of gaining size or becoming more bulky……over time, due to the influence of our great community everyone starts to see the light. Even people that come into CrossFit already “strong” are getting stronger, there is some magic behind what we do, and of course always “methods to my madness”. In short, proud of you guys, enjoy PR’s….celebrate, keep chasing performance, keep talking about CrossFit to your friends and family who don’t want to hear anymore about it and keep being an example to them of what health and wellness look like, eventually they’ll come around. Now….on to tomorrow, because you see it has a whole new test of things for you to improve on.



**practice muscle ups + progressions and scaling**

Hang squat clean x 2
Emotm x 10 (goal is to build to heaviest double without dropping bar)
Hang squat clean x 6 (245/165)
Muscle up x 12
3 rounds for time.
Scale muscle ups to 20 C2B/ pull up + 20 dip or push up

Haven’t seen many of these as of late. A day we just come in, warm up well…..and throw around some heavy weight. Sure we had the EMOTM last week that took a movement away each time you failed but you must admit that was a bit different. You will have as much rest as you need today, and the goal is to work our skills with Double Unders as well, if you are good at these, trust me 7x 1min of effort here will also add in plenty of “breathing” work. Plus those of you that were present for the first workout of the week know how much “breathing” took place already this week, on to quite a different stimulus!


Lift heavy.


Dead lift 2-2-2-2-2-2-2
Between each set max effort double unders 1:00.
Rest as needed.

**score is total weight moved + total number of double unders.

If scaling to single unders divide reps by 3!

For some reason people really enjoy these style of workouts, well…..as long as they aren’t too gruesome. Face is they were designed in order to really test the work that you could sustain in each minute over time not to necessarily water down the usual intense stimulus we get from other workouts. Today you’ll get a good dose of intensity if you can keep the weight and reps Rx’d the whole time. Give it a try, have a game plan for what you will scale to when the work is no longer bearable within each minute. Have fun!!



Emotm x 21
1. 15 power snatch (75/55)
2. 15/12 calorie row
3. 20 wall ball (20/14)
7 rounds through. Scale accordingly…..how long can you stay RX’d?

Almost there folks! Enjoy your Friday workout! Great job this week.





8 minutes of Cindy
5 pull ups
10 push ups
15 air squats

Coach’s choice.

Isn’t that a crazy concept? What if we never needed an alarm clock to wake up. We would still wake early enough to get JUST  as much done as if we did. Could you do this? If you open your eyes in the morning can you get up with excitement to pursuit it as if the alarm was telling you it is TIME TO GET UP NOW. Most of us can’t fathom this because you can’t even wake up correctly to your alarm clock. You hit the snooze button, who invented that anyway? Most people probably think some “amazing being, something like an Angel.” (because we love the snooze button). I would disagree, I think it was some awful person who has bad intent for your life and your future, they want you to stay content snuggled in bed just a touch longer, so you delay your day and pursuit of self improvement a bit longer, in hopes you will eventually just enjoy you momentary comfort enough to stay in bed all together. I”m weird in how I”m wired and choose to see most situations so I know most of you will disagree. But the snooze button is bad. As a CrossFitter you know change, progress, adaption doesn’t happen in your comfort zone, it happens outside of your comfort zone. This is the same with even the small daily decisions we make from our food choices (fuel vs. pleasure), the words we use (slander, gossip vs. thought driven, purposeful, upright) to yes, even if we choose moments of comfort by hitting the snooze button vs. the challenge to get out of bed “on time” when we intended to. And for those of you who “choose” or “plan” to hit snooze, please be more thoughtful to your spouse, I beg you, AND the sleep you even get in 5-10 min increments longer is actually more detrimental to your bodies rest than helpful. Each time you are awakened by that alarm it sends tremendous amounts stress hormones oozing through your body. Look, I need to say this to myself more than anyone, I am just as guilty as any. But let’s be better. And in fact lets take a step back again and just ask what if we didn’t need an alarm clock to be awoken? What if we pursued something so important each day that our passion woke us up? Hmmmmm. What do you say? Shall we find it? Why not now?





EMOTM until failure.
1x Snatch (Any variation)
1x Clean (Squat clean)
1x Dead Lift

**Execute 1 of each movement on the minute, once you fail the snatch you continue with only the clean and deadlift, once you fail the clean, you continue on with only the Dead lift until failure.**

95/65 is starting weight. Bars increase by 10 lb. each minute. This is a LONG EMOTM, people should pick a weight and increases that will allow them to last a minimum of 15 minutes.