Wasatch CrossFit » Our Blog http://wasatchcrossfit.com Forging Elite Fitness - Layton, Utah Wed, 02 Dec 2015 04:14:58 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Motion is Lotion http://wasatchcrossfit.com/motion-is-lotion/ http://wasatchcrossfit.com/motion-is-lotion/#comments Wed, 02 Dec 2015 04:14:58 +0000 http://wasatchcrossfit.com/?p=39349 Today many of you will be sore and with good reason! You have worked hard and as usual “hump day” is here. The choice is yours as to show up and do some good working out, shake the soreness out and do some stretching or just sit around and home and let it simmer so that on Thursday you don’t feel much better. I would encourage you to show up, practice some skill work in today’s WOD with double unders and get out of breath and a bit sweaty with the rowing. After that, spend some time doing some mobility and stretching. As you all know I am firm believer in that “motion is lotion”, so if you are sore…..MOVE!

With that being said recovery is key for today, Thursday we will be confronted by a sassy “Girl” benchmark workout……so be ready!!

: )

:30 Row (meters)
:30 Rest
:30 DU
:30 Rest
15 rounds
*score is total reps + meters done.
**workout set up should be achievable for 2 atheltes at each rower. Set Rowers so they are for :30 on/ :30 off….and that can act as your timer. The athlete on the rower tells the athlete on the rope when to start and stop.
10 min. static stretch.

:30 sled push
:30 rest
:30 DU
:30 rest
15 rounds for total reps
*reps are DU or Singles and also every 5 yards is 1 rep for the sled push*
M: 45 each side (90lb.) W:25 each side (50 lb.)


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Variance http://wasatchcrossfit.com/variance/ http://wasatchcrossfit.com/variance/#comments Mon, 30 Nov 2015 23:30:08 +0000 http://wasatchcrossfit.com/?p=39347 Today there are lots of reps to be done. Dead Lifts and Push ups, the trick is the load is pretty light and both movements are hand release (HR). Why do hand release? Well for the push up it ensures everyone knows where the bottom of a rep really is, also it forces engagement of the upper back and posterior shoulder that you will feel as the reps accumulate! For the dead lift……it simply makes it more miserable. We often use a touch and go method at the bottom that allows us to use the stretch reflex in our hamstrings to pull the bar fast off the floor into the next rep. Not to mention if you time it appropriately there is a slight “bounce” off the ground. The hand release from the bar each rep will force you to pick the bar up from a “dead stop” position each rep and you will feel quite a difference in the stimulus.



Hand Release Push Up
Hand Release Dead Lift (135/95)
21-15-9 x 3
For time.


*Rx’d push up is when quads never touch the ground. The athlete will need to squeeze their quads to make this happen, if you are breaking and lying down its fine. But you must not snake up from the quads on any reps. A scale would be to allow the quads to touch and to snake up each rep still ending with straight arms and no knee’s on the ground at the top.*
*Yes, 3 rounds of 21-15-9…..this is 135 reps of each.
**Dead Lift must be let go in the bottom each rep, so as weight is sitting on the ground the athlete opens palm and picks weight back up for next rep**

1x T2B max reps
Rest 1:00
1x T2B max reps
Score is total reps accomplished

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Back to Focus http://wasatchcrossfit.com/back-to-focus/ http://wasatchcrossfit.com/back-to-focus/#comments Sun, 29 Nov 2015 21:32:40 +0000 http://wasatchcrossfit.com/?p=39345 There are a few things in life you can be sure of……one of them is that if you are not getting better at something, you are getting worse. This equally applies to our fitness. You are either getting MORE FIT or LESS FIT…..maintaining is merely a myth. You are either getting closer to elite fitness or closer to your grave and there is a large gap between the two we all fall into but our goal is push as far as we can toward elite fitness everyday of our lives. With that being considered it is time for us to refocus after a long weekend and get back to the Gainz! (Or the desired Losses for some of us whom over ate waaay to much. haha)

Today I spent sometime, around watching my Raider’s get a win, food prepping for the week. I threw about 3 lb. of chicken tenderloin in the oven and baked it with seasoning for 20 minutes, bought an already prepared whole chicken from Costco, deskinned it and stripped it of all the meat and put it into tuper wear. Lastly I threw 3 apples and 4 sweet potato’s into the crock pot, let them cook…..skinned them and created a mash that I will eat from throughout the week, particularly after workouts. So all of this took a very little effort and time, and now I will have lunch for the week along with snacks. I mention this to encourage you to know it doesn’t take a ton of money or time in order to be prepared for the week. Along with what I mentioned I will use what we bought of fresh fruit (apples, oranges, rasperrbies and blackberries) and also a large bag of spinach to fuel myself for the week. If you aren’t prepared, you will never succeed especially during the holiday season. Buckle down for the next month and plan your cheat meals out for special occasions like gift exchanges, Christmas Parties and also Christmas and New Years. If you can plan out 5 days this month where you will have a good time like everyone else and not care what you eat it will give you the fortitude and will power to stay tight on your choices nutritionally the rest of the month. It sounds psycho but literally plan those days like you do everything else, it makes it real, write it on your calendar.


Front squat 5 rep max
Then: 1×5 @95%, 1×5@90%

Shouder to Over Head
Lunge (each leg)
Pull Up (C2B)
10, 10, 10…..9,9,9….8,8,8……ect.-1
For time.

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The day after…..leftovers or nah? http://wasatchcrossfit.com/the-day-after-leftovers-or-nah/ http://wasatchcrossfit.com/the-day-after-leftovers-or-nah/#comments Thu, 26 Nov 2015 19:15:56 +0000 http://wasatchcrossfit.com/?p=39343 I hope everyone got their fill…..and by fill I mean of delicious food with no concern for calories not once but twice. (unless I am the only one that takes a mere half time break from the food). Non the less, we are now back to the real world, for some of you the party will continue almost through the weekend. For those of you focused on physique and goals of leading a healthy lifestyle with balance on finding the best body for you, I’d encourage the feasting stay to Thanksgiving Day only and not the whole weekend. This means no left overs for you unless you turn some of that turkey into a lettuce wrap with some guacamole…..yum. The goal on the day after is to allow for no alcohol consumption and cut back to little of not any carbohydrates. So this means very little fruit and no high glycemic starches like bread, pasta, or grains of any kind and even avoiding the sweet potatoes. You should try to live today off of green veggies lots of water and good high quality sources of protein…….you should almost feel normal by Saturday by doing this. And of course…….COME WORKOUT ON FRIDAY. Get a sweat in, and go hard…….if you can’t make it to the gym today is a great day to spend going long and steady. Go for a long run/walk for 60 min. where you run for 15 min. walk for 5 for a few rounds, or something similar.

The gym schedule is as follows:



5:30 PM OLY

The workout is coach’s choice mixed in with some heavy pulling from the floor, put all that sugar to use by going hard and heavy!!!!!!

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Happy Thanksgiving!! http://wasatchcrossfit.com/happy-thanksgiving-3/ http://wasatchcrossfit.com/happy-thanksgiving-3/#comments Thu, 26 Nov 2015 03:33:08 +0000 http://wasatchcrossfit.com/?p=39341 Today is the day……take some time and give thanks. Be grateful for it all folks. If you are even reading this, you’ve got it pretty great in this life, so take the time and appreciate it today. Many of you don’t have work, so that leaves time for lots of freedom……..take a moment look around and watch the family from a far……or even friends, those of you celebrating with your peers and just be grateful for what those people bring you in your life! Love ya’ll and I am very appreciative for each and everyone of you that are a member of our Wasatch CrossFit family from our coaches to our athletes.

Now to what really matters, the workout for tomorrow. Haha.

Remember gang there is a cray crew coming in at 6am to slame bars and crush PR’s in the barbell club so come be a part of that!!!

And then the main workout is at 8am sharp! It will be a treat with Amy and Danny doing the coaching and PROGRAMMING!

I have not been given clearance to give out the workout but I can share a few things: You will be in teams, and the worout is titled “The Conveyor Belt”…….and if you have one it is important for you to bring your OWN JUMP ROPE!


Have fun. Earn that pie.

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Wednesday: Let’s cheat this Holiday. http://wasatchcrossfit.com/wednesday-lets-cheat-this-holiday/ http://wasatchcrossfit.com/wednesday-lets-cheat-this-holiday/#comments Tue, 24 Nov 2015 23:30:29 +0000 http://wasatchcrossfit.com/?p=39338 image


Ok, so Wednesday is here, the night before the gluttony. For most it may even have already begun by tonight, it is the 2nd largest bar night in America only taking the back seat to new years eve. Old friends back in town, kids home from college, visiting parents at home……many use this night to get caught up with friends that they may not see on Thursday while they are with the fam. So how can you have a good time and conserve some calories and sugar toxicity? Well I have a few pointers that are simply things I’ve learned to apply over the years of just being conscious of what I have going in my body. Now by all means, don’t bother following these as to the fact that it is A HOLIDAY, you have the right to over indulge a few times a year.

1. If alcohol is a crutch and you know you’ll be out with friends try to keep the intake to hard liquor with no additives. Now this may make you feel like cowboy in an old western movie or maybe James Dean, but the fact is if you can swing it, do it. The potency is high, so you’ll still have a good time don’t worry. A glass of wine (avg. 125 cals)or a beer(150 cals avg.) (many light options) are also better idea’s than walking up and ordering any sugary filled, fruity deliciousness and could save you hundreds of calories per serving. Literally a Cosmo has like 215 cals on average and a Mai Tai has 400 cals…..whoa. Also hydrate well, it helps specifically for recovery purposes…….drink lots of water before and after, ideally during and between.

2. Protein up. We associate Thanksgiving with mainly the turkey, but that is the least of our worries. In fact if you are going to over indulge in anything it needs to be the turkey. The more you eat of the meat, the less room there is for ALL the other filler food. The concern will be the mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, all the pie, yams, corn bread dressing/stuffing, sweet potato casserole…..you get the idea…..all those carbs, sugar and sodium we will take in is what we will feel for the next few days after.

3. Snack all day. Even though it seems counter to your goals of monitoring your calories, if you eat small snacks of high quality food throughout the day while others are food prepping, eating pie and watching football it will help you. If you aren’t as ravenous when the big meal is served you will make better decisions, still having room to make your rounds and try everything but maybe skimp down on the serving size for each.

4. MAKE SOMETHING PALEO. I know, I know…..its a holiday. But honestly this is your chance to rub off on your family and friends some good habits that you have learned and potentially introduce them to something that has changed your life. Well, other than how you blab about it all the freaking time, seriously we should probably talk about exercise less with people, I think we scare them. haha. You don’t even have to tell them until they try it if you do it right, that way they aren’t already looking down upon it. It’d be great if they loved it, then you told them what it had in it and what it DIDN’T have in it, but even if they don’t love it or even want to try it……just leaves more for you! Something healthy and also deicious you won’t regret as much in the workout on Friday or Saturday.

5. BE ACTIVE. Seriously people come in and workout with the gym at 8am, get it out of the way. You will put your body in a place that will allow your feast to feel a lot better later. Even throughout the day go for a walk around the neighborhood and get some fresh air, particularly after the meal. You know you did it right if you can go for a short little stroll for 15 minutes or so before you fall into your mid day/ afternoon slumber. Dad’s get those kids outside and play something with them…..throw the football, shoot the basketball, kick the soccer ball, chase them around the yard…….talk the kids into a fun game of jumping in the leaves (but of course to have a pile they must rake them first…..see what you did there, good job). Then if you stay local come in and workout again on Friday, you won’t feel like it but you will be SOOOOOOO HAPPY you did. If you are traveling try this:

:30 on/ :30 off *Goal is get as many reps you can each interval*

Push up x 5 rounds

Air Squat x 5 rounds

Burpee x 5 rounds

Sit up x 5 rounds

20 minute workout, no warm up necessary….it will all you want it to be.


For those of you who will be present today. Channel your inner fighter……for this benchmark workout.


3 rounds of:
“Fight Gone Bad”
Wall Ball
SDHP (75lb.)
Box Jump (All 20′)
Push Press (75 lb)
Row (Cals)
Rest 1:00
1:00 at each station.

Earn That Turkey w/ 200 Banded Good mornings + 50 weighted abmat sit ups




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Belt up or Nah? http://wasatchcrossfit.com/belt-up-or-nah/ http://wasatchcrossfit.com/belt-up-or-nah/#comments Tue, 24 Nov 2015 03:16:35 +0000 http://wasatchcrossfit.com/?p=39336 Many people utilize weight lifting belts to create a strong support for their spine in our gym. I will never say not to use a belt, it is yours to use at your pleasure. I will however ENCOURAGE the NON use of such things. “Well Coach how can I keep my spine safe when we are lifting?”, you may ask. Well, the answer is simple, used your abs and your back musculator. Training functional movements with good form is all you need as a belt when it comes to CrossFit as a lifestyle strength and conditioning tool. Some people are in the pursuit of continual PR’s and maybe a competitive performance in the sport and for that I say use those belts. Is it wrong to belt up? No. Only if you do it EVERYTIME we lift a barbell with a heavy load.

From an application stand point you should really use a belt as little as possible. In fact I’d encourage you if you use knee sleeves, or gloves, ¬†Oly Shoes or whatever else you “need” to workout to stop doing it for a period of time and force your body into a new adaption. It will only bring a better stimulus to your body throught your training. When we are maxing out and you need a belt, use if from time to time. Fact is, belts help…..they can naturally just do to the support they create add up to 10% on certain lifts for some people, kneed sleeves can also add a bit of a boost out the bottom of a squat. If you use them regualarly howevery you’re missing the point of “training for the untrainable”, we do CrossFit to be ready for anything. If you ALWAYS belt up for heavy lifts and tasks in the gym, when something presents itself in nature and you are without your belt, this is when you may very well create an injury. Moderation is a good word for many things in life, I would encourage you to put the same thing into practice when it comes for your WOD’ing tools. Less is more.


Build to 1 rep max Strict Press (8 min.)
@70% 2 max reps
(superset with max reps ring rows 2 sets)

Hang Snatch x 50 (95/65)
Row 35/28 cals
T2B x 20
For time.

Earn That Turkey w/ 7:00 bridge Hold. *accumulate*

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Heavy Thrusters http://wasatchcrossfit.com/heavy-thrusters/ http://wasatchcrossfit.com/heavy-thrusters/#comments Mon, 23 Nov 2015 00:02:45 +0000 http://wasatchcrossfit.com/?p=39334 When asked if he had to pick 1 movement in order to train with Rich Froning responded with the Thruster. Why? Well it is sucky, builds great mental toughness, of course. But more importantly you can train it light, with speed for volume, or you can train it heavy for strength. It trains the upper and lower body and also strengthens all of the muscles around the spine as well as any heavy dead lift or any sit up could. So today, we train the thruster.

Keep an eye out for your extra credit this week. It will be labeled in the form of “earn that turkey” to help you crush some calories on your way to the gluttony you will feast in on Thursday. Do yourself a favor and stay as clean as possible throughout the week. Consume no sugar, and as little salt as possible because you will get plenty on the big day. I will be posting some tips throughout the week and weeks to come on how to stay as “good” as you can throughout the holidays without turning down all the good stuff or being the jerk at the party with your “own food”. Have fun this week, we got some doozies!!


Squat Clean x 1
Thruster x 5
5 working sets.
*Goal here is to build to heavy set of 5 thrusters, trick is they must be able to clean it up. Count sets once they can retlativey “Hard”.

Wall Ball x 12
Double Under x 24
4 min. amrap
Rest 1 min.
Bar over burpee
Dead Lift (225/135)
2-4-6-8-10-12 continually climb ladder as far as possible.
8 minute amrap.

Earn that Turkey w/ 50 turkish gets up @25/18lb.**

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Friday, you made it. http://wasatchcrossfit.com/friday-you-made-it/ http://wasatchcrossfit.com/friday-you-made-it/#comments Thu, 19 Nov 2015 23:30:46 +0000 http://wasatchcrossfit.com/?p=39332 You made it! It has been a long week of long”ish” workouts and if you’ve been here each day, you’ve done a great job at persevereing through the stimulus. If you are one of our athletes whom haven’t been here everyday this week, then what a waste of money. TOTALLY kidding!! Haha.


By now you guys know that I encourage everyone to rest at least 1 day, and in fact for some of you coming in 3 days a week is an accomplishment. The big thing I want to encourage all of you to do is to create consistency in your training. Some athletes come into to train Monday-Thursday and then you don’t come in or do anything hard until Monday……yet you always complain about being sore…..well duh. You workout 4 days in a row with no break and then take 3 complete days off. Now, there is nothing wrong with the training volume, but there is a problem with the structure of the training. It would be much more productive if you came in for 2 days, rest 1 day, train for 2 days then rest 2 days. It gives you a break in the middle so you can keep the intensity high and also cuts back 1 day your sitting around consecutively. I know due to some peoples lifestyles this is how it just “has to be”, if you can control it all, don’t find yourself away from the gym or hard training for 3 consecutive days unless its vacation or some kind of planned “deload” week in your training. In my own training for most of the year I go with a 2 on-1 off-3 on-1 off schedule. Now, obviously a few of those days, particularly early in the week my training involves multiple sessions so I set up my rest so that I can stay healthy and also sustain intensity. If I trained for 5 days straight, it’d be crap…….because I’d be tired, sluggish and while I’d tell myself “I’m trying hard” fact is I benefit more from rest in the middle of the week amongst my hard training vs. going hard all week with weekend rest. My “off” day in the middle of the week is always 30-120min. of endurance work (easy pace) to move and sweat and also a massage (during the season). Sunday is usually a complete rest day, until about 6 weeks from the Games or Regionals because we compete on those days, so I then shift my rest day to Monday. ¬†Think about your current schedule, what does it look like? Could you benefit from resting more in the middle and trying to be better about getting to the gym on Friday and Saturday? It may help more than you know!!! If you are unsure, ask.

Coach’s Choice Friday:

Build to heaviest Squat Snatch Possible. (15 min.)


Coach’s Choice.

Be creative with:






As a rep scheme, can even be multiple rounds if you’s like. : )

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My favorite workout of the week. http://wasatchcrossfit.com/my-favorite-workout-of-the-week/ http://wasatchcrossfit.com/my-favorite-workout-of-the-week/#comments Thu, 19 Nov 2015 04:05:44 +0000 http://wasatchcrossfit.com/?p=39330 Today is the day! Not only the day the heat gets turned on, but also my favorite workout of the week. There is no particular reason it is today, it just literally came out that way. I think it is a solid blend of beautiful movements that challenge both body weight and barbell loading but also uniquely enough challenge your bodies ability to move fast. You see, nothing in today’s workout for many of our athletes that exhibit high levels of fitness will pose a particular problem but due to the rep scheme, length of the workout and the variation created it will create a unique stimulus. Can’t wait to see how the top scores look and how scaling even takes place and has its effect on the stimulus. Remember gang, still no band november so get some Rx’d pull ups done!!!



Build to heaviest Back Squat Possible in 12 min.


Burpee Box jump x 10 (24/20)

HSPU x 10 (kipping allowed)

C2B Pull Up x 10

Front Squat x 10 (185/125)

Dead Lift x 10 (185/125)

T2B x 10

3 rounds for time.

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