Michelle, Violet, Rich and Olivia

Michelle, Violet, Rich and Olivia

What is your favorite thing about Crossfit?  I think it would be safe to say, most everyone’s number one answer would be the community.  Yes, I love our community.  It’s my home away from home, my family that’s not blood, it’s full of friends I turn to and hang out with.  Its amazing all this has come from a place I merely went to to stay healthy and look better in a swim suit.  In a time of need our community comes together, we help each other, we work together, we lean on each other, we cry together and we sweat together.  Please join your community today at 10am at Wasatch Crossfit North (825 E Highway 193) for a memorial WOD in honor of Violet, who is loved and missed dearly by one of our own, Rich Villalobos.


1/March/2014 Schedule:


Beginner Olympic Lifting 7:30am

Olympic lifting at 9am

Memorial WOD at 10am (childcare provided)

$5 donation would be appreciated