Congrats to Carrie C for getting her CrossFit L1 certification this weekend!

Yesterday you got to choose your personal coach.  If you haven’t done that yet click here and get it handled!  CLICK HERE TO CHOOSE YOUR COACH.  Today we’re releasing our new schedule.  Here are a couple quick thoughts:  Yes this is a LOT of classes.  With the move we’ll quickly be a 400+ member CrossFit.  We are committed to maintaining our coach:athlete ratio of 1:10ish and not more than 1:15.  We also want to preserve our strong community and sense of welcome.  More classes equals more coaching for you.  We’ll never be “CrossFit aerobics” with 30 people in a class and one coach.  Next up:  What is CrossFit Unloaded?  It’s simple – complex movements will be practiced, WODs will be simple.  Any one can do it and it’s also for the people who need to build some skills and capacity before moving on to Coach Adrian’s programming.  Some people are ready their first day, some people are ready at the end of their first year.  Now you get to decide.  Last of all – we’ll still have a robust Olympic weightlifting schedule, CrossFit endurance, Sport, and speed and agility.  That schedule will follow shortly.


6/Aug/2014 Wednesday WOD  “Tabatta something fun”

10 yard shuttle sprints
Rest 2 min
Tabatta Russian twist (25/15)
Rest 2 min
Tabatta mountain climbers
Rest 2. Min
Tabatta double unders