Today is a fun day.  It’s always a great feeling to establish a new 1 rep max and the deadlift gets more weight off the ground than any other lift.  As always when establishing a max the most important things is to not hurt yourself.  This means having great form on the way up:  Lock in that midline, lean your weight back, and push the ground away hard with your heels.  The heaviest weight you can lift with a great back isn’t always the heaviest weight you can yank off the ground.  Remember to have great mechanics and if the weight is heavy we have rubber weights and floors for a reason:  drop from the top if needed.

27/June/2013 Thursday WOD

In 20 minutes establish a 1 rep max deadlift then:

5 rounds for time

2 Deadlifts @ 80%

6 Bar-facing burpees