CrossFit 101 has a simple principal driving it:  First mechanics, then consistency, then intensity.  Put simply:  Good technique, then good technique most of the time, then then good technique even when the load is heavy or you’re moving fast.  Today’s strength movement is an opportunity to establish great position at the bottom of your squat.  How are you going to do that?  By hanging out in “the hole” for 3 seconds.  The athlete who can squat a heavy load with perfect technique and pause with it is the same athlete who can do heavy thrusters with perfect form.  Today mobility matters, strength matters, technique matters, and all of these things combine at the bottom of your squat.   The athlete pictured below is pause squatting over 500lbs at a bodyweight of approximately 170lbs.  The goal is to move light weight perfectly, medium weight perfectly and and heavy weight perfectly.  Have fun today!


14/July/2014 Monday WOD

Strength:  10 Minutes to establish heaviest 3 second pause front squat

WOD:  “Nicole”  – As many rounds & pullups as possible in 20 minutes

As many pullups as possible

Run 400m


Complete as many pullups as possible.  Each time you drop off of the bar run 400m.